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52+ Free WordPress Block Patterns & 5 Color Schemes: Massive Prime FSE Update!

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Prime FSE is our free WordPress block theme that is made to cater to various needs, from blogs to business sites, startups, and portfolios.

With the latest update v. 1.1.1, we’ve released a significant theme update that is focused on extending the theme customization capabilities with a bunch of (50+!) patterns for the block editor. This means you can create a polished design for any purpose without a need to wrack your brain around alignments, colors, and layouts.

While the theme itself has elements built with the Getwid plugin, all the pre-built patterns are created with the core WordPress blocks.

2 key updates released:

  • 52 WordPress block patterns created with the core blocks.
  • 5 preset color schemes.

To help you get the idea of what you can build with these WordPress block patterns library, let’s briefly categorize the newly released designs first.

Discover 50+ free WordPress block patterns library in Prime FSE

Access all new WordPress block patterns via the WordPress block editor > Patterns > Prime FSE

Prime FSE Patterns.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the patterns.

Call-to-action block patterns

There are a few minimalist and multi-block sections with prominent calls-to-action. A more complex one allows you to build a diverse and more informative content presentation, like this one:

Call to action WordPress block patterns.

As for simpler calls to action, they help you concentrate on a single message:

Call to action simple Prime.

Listing and features sections
Those include solutions like features and offering listings, job boards, or career listings.

Career WordPress block pattern.

Pattern combinations include designs with images, custom backgrounds and columnaized layouts.

Feature block patterns.

Hero section WordPress block patterns library
Insert beautiful and bold hero sections in just a click; with Prime FSE, you get several variations for hero sections, in up to 3-column layouts.

Hero section WordPress block pattern.

Multi-element, multipurpose hero sections are usually a difficult thing to create manually, but with Prime we’ve got you covered.

Hero section WordPress block patterns.

Team & testimonial WordPress patterns
The Prime theme comes with up to 10 patterns for a seamless creation of the team pages (with bigger and smaller images for staff members), testimonials (a slider or static blocks), and a few other people-focused blocks.

Team WordPress block pattern.

Your testimonials created with the Primse FSE WordPress block patterns will also look awesome:

Block patterns WordPress.

Posts WordPress block patterns
For dynamic content creation, we offer a range of blog post display options, so that you can embed engaging post snippets on any page on your WordPress site.

Posts WordPress block patterns.

A simplified layout without images for the latest posts is a way to go as well.

Prime FSE Simple posts.

Footer variations

There are also a few footer variations to help you create a simple or complex footer with a single pattern.

Footer WordPress block.

Portfolio and person patterns

Prime FSE has also a few new solutions for creating a simple bio section, for example:

Person WordPress block patterns.

For bigger and more complex portfolios or team pages, there are full-width WordPress block patterns.

Project FSE block.

New color schemes in the Prime FSE WordPress block theme

The default color scheme of Prime FSE uses a color palette of blue and white, which can surely serve a variety of needs and at the same time creates a sense of cleanliness and simplicity.

Color scheme Prime.

Since Prime FSE v. 1.1.1, we’ve added, however, even more pre-set color schemes to help you find a better visual match faster!

At the moment, you can choose from:

  • Default (blue).
  • Lavender.
  • Pale gray.
  • Sage.
  • Sky Blue.

See all color schemes in the wild using the theme demo, the floating ‘Styles’ menu on the right.

Where to change a color scheme in Prime FSE?

Go to WordPress > Appearance > Editor > Styles > choose a color scheme you find suitable.

Lavender color scheme.

Irregardless of what color scheme you choose, the default design of blocks makes heavy use of whitespace to help you create a sense of balance and promote less clutter.

Conclusion & helpful links

Prime FSE is the way to build beautiful, smart, and lightweight websites for free in the native WordPress site editor. No fiddling with alignments, colors, and layouts in WordPress – Prime FSE has got that covered!

The WordPress block patterns library delivered by the Prime block theme speak a unified language through their styling. Fonts, sizes, and design elements all work together to deliver a visual consistency across your website.

What’s more, they are perfectly customizable thanks to the block nature of WordPress, allowing you to combine pre-made patterns with third-party or native blocks in the editor. And the most important part, it’s a real BREEZE to insert any block patterns WordPress empowers us with and enjoy the perfectly crafted page in a few minutes.

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