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Since the Appointment Booking plugin latest version 1.10.2, we give you access to a full pack of new features as to the service customization and overall appointment booking experiences!

For example, you are now able to increase the time before the actual appointment when clients can make a booking, add the Terms & Conditions consent checkbox, add client notes on appointment booking and make use of even more flexible features.

Let’s take a look at all the new possibilities.

Watch a video guide about the plugin version updates

In this video, Valery is telling how to add notes to reservations in the Appointment Booking plugin.

Set a longer minimum time between the booking and appointment

If you go to Appointments > Services and choose an individual service, you’ll see that the ‘Time before booking’ option now has more fields for longer periods of time.

This means you can add any time, even up to 31 days, which will be a minimum period of time between the booking and the actual appointment.

So, say, if you offer photography sessions in distant locations and need the time to get there, you might need to increase the ‘time before booking’ period to make sure you’ll get in time to the needed place.

time before booking option

Add the mandatory Terms & Conditions consent checkbox

We’ve added the ability to set the Terms & Conditions page at checkout – if you choose the page for it (you need to create it as a normal WordPress page and then select it in the drop-down menu), the consent checkbox will appear at checkout.

If you place this box, clients won’t be able to place a booking without accepting your terms and conditions.

client notes appointment booking

If it’s not checked, a client simply won’t be able to proceed and book a slot.

terms and conditions page checkout

They will be asked to accept your terms and conditions if they want to proceed and place a booking.

Clients can add custom notes

On the reservation submission page, when adding a name, email and phone number, a client can also leave their custom notes. We’ve added a dedicated textbox for that.

Since it’s not required, clients can only leave a note if they need to do that.
customer notes appointment booking

In the admin dashboard, in the Bookings menu, you can find the Bookings notes field in the Customer info section.

booking note admin dashboard

This field in the dashboard is also free to edit by the site admins, which also means you can add client notes on appointment booking from the backend at any moment.

It’s going to be easier to keep the history of communication with individual clients, especially when you have a big team of staff members.

Enjoy new experiences of working with the calendar filters

We’ve also made the experiences of working with the Bookings calendar filters more productive for you.

Before the update, the bookings calendar filters you applied might have been lost after the page refreshment/update. Now you can safely work with the calendar filters and refresh the page without worrying that you can lose your filtered results.
client notes appointment booking

As for some other updates and improvements, we’ve managed to speed up the performance of the plugin by decreasing the Google Calendar library code, fixed issues that might have appeared in the HTML email templates when you used the quotation marks or uploaded images, and some other minor changes.

Update to the latest version of the Appointment Booking plugin to get the latest features and start improving your and your client experience of working with your website and the plugin. Should you have any questions, let us know!

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