Stratum Widgets: Advanced Slider Elementor Widget

WordPress image slideshows are no doubt easy to build with Elementor. But in case a native free slider Elementor widget doesn’t live up to your expectations, give a try to the Stratum Advanced Elementor widget – a free counterpart I describe in what follows.

In broad strokes, there are three prudent dimensions underlying this slideshow Elementor widget by Stratum:

  • Fully responsive WordPress image sliders that look awesome even on touch-enabled devices.
  • Very lightweight for smooth performance on the frontend without bloat or animation freezes.
  • Perfectly structured slider setting to help you get productive while customizing in Elementor.

Let’s now take a look at the settings and major benefits of this slides Elementor widget.

The Purpose of the Advanced Slider Elementor Widget

You can employ it for a whatever need sliders are used:

  • Visual focus on any brand message
  • Intro sliders on the frontpage or any other page
  • Product carousels.

Key Benefits

First and foremost, this Elementor slider widget is deeply customizable, down to the smallest details, including:

  • Typography, colors, and backgrounds
  • Different types of slider direction
  • Slider navigation (pagination bullets, arrows, etc.)
  • Customizable alignment and positioning
  • Numerous animation effects (individually for text, hover and slide)
  • Intelligent image positioning
  • Customizable rotation speed
  • Multi-column slider layout.

It also has the capacity for building full-screen sliders for immersive experiences as well as fixed-width layouts – without affecting the performance of your website.

This slider widget for Elementor will smoothly blend with the native styling of your WordPress theme, helping you build stunning visuals with motion – without much manual tinkering.

Moreover, Elementor offers a great interface to work with out of the box, but with Stratum, we take it even further with the categorized content, layout, and styling settings.

General Features & Settings of the Slider Elementor Widget

A default slider container comes with four optional elements: title, subtitle, description, and a clickable button. You can design each of them individually for each slide.

Content settings

You can add unlimited slides, each with its unique:

  • Title, subtitle, and description
  • Button with a custom URL and text
  • Background image (with the customizable alignment and attachment settings)

slider elementor widget general settings

  • Custom alignment for content elements.

elementor slider widget - custom sizing

Layout settings

  • The number of slider rows and columns (up to 4)

2-column slider elementor widget

  • The number of slides to scroll
  • Horizontal or vertical slider direction
  • Navigation style: arrows and pagination, arrows, pagination, none.

navigation, pagination style elementor slider

  • Pagination style (bullets, numbers, scrollbar, progress bar)

elementor slider widget -pagination style scrollbar

  • Turn on/off: dynamic bullets, keyboard controls, mousewheel control, autoplay, infinite loop
  • Set spacing between slides (visible on animation)
  • Six slide effects

elementor slider widget -cube animation effect

  • Animation speed.

slider carousel settings elementor

Navigation style

  • Arrows: positioning, size, spacing, offset, color.
  • Bullets: size, spacing, color; optional square bullets.

arrows bullets layouts elementor slider widget by stratum

Style settings

  • Slide image size
  • Paddings
  • Height and content width

slider style settings height width elementor

  • Horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Hover and text animation effects
  • Overlay color
  • Customization alignment, spacing, typography, and colors individually for enabled content elements (title, description, etc.)

slider typography elementor slides widget

slider title italics slides widget elementor

  • Button settings: the same as for other content elements, plus extra border and color settings:

slider elementor widget button color

Stratum Elementor Widgets: Free Download

Although this Stratum Slider widget doesn’t offer any revolutionary slider-related technology, it significantly furthers the aims of the default Elementor slides widget for WordPress.

You’ll find this widget very helpful when you need to go with a different design for each slide, deeply customize typography and background settings, and create a variety of multi-column layouts.

Take a look at the collection of the ever-unfolding Elementor addons by Stratum:

Stratum Free Elementor Widgets Download

For the Gutenberg block editor alternative, check out Getwid sliders.

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