Stratum Widgets: Advanced Slider Elementor Widget

WordPress image slideshows are no doubt easy to build with Elementor. But in case a native free slider Elementor widget doesn’t live up to your expectations, give a try to the Stratum Advanced Elementor widget – a free counterpart I describe in what follows.

In broad strokes, there are three prudent dimensions underlying this slideshow Elementor widget by Stratum:

  • Fully responsive WordPress image sliders that look awesome even on touch-enabled devices.
  • Very lightweight for smooth performance on the frontend without bloat or animation freezes.
  • Perfectly structured slider setting to help you get productive while customizing in Elementor.

Let’s now take a look at the settings and major benefits of this slides Elementor widget.

The Purpose of the Advanced Slider Elementor Widget

You can employ it for a whatever need sliders are used:

  • Visual focus on any brand message
  • Intro sliders on the frontpage or any other page
  • Product carousels.

Key Benefits

First and foremost, this Elementor slider widget is deeply customizable, down to the smallest details, including:

  • Typography, colors, and backgrounds
  • Different types of slider direction
  • Slider navigation (pagination bullets, arrows, etc.)
  • Customizable alignment and positioning
  • Numerous animation effects (individually for text, hover and slide)
  • Intelligent image positioning
  • Customizable rotation speed
  • Multi-column slider layout.

It also has the capacity for building full-screen sliders for immersive experiences as well as fixed-width layouts – without affecting the performance of your website.

This slider widget for Elementor will smoothly blend with the native styling of your WordPress theme, helping you build stunning visuals with motion – without much manual tinkering.

Moreover, Elementor offers a great interface to work with out of the box, but with Stratum, we take it even further with the categorized content, layout, and styling settings.

General Features & Settings of the Slider Elementor Widget

A default slider container comes with four optional elements: title, subtitle, description, and a clickable button. You can design each of them individually for each slide.

Content settings

You can add unlimited slides, each with its unique:

  • Title, subtitle, and description
  • Button with a custom URL and text
  • Background image (with the customizable alignment and attachment settings)

slider elementor widget general settings

  • Custom alignment for content elements.

elementor slider widget - custom sizing

Layout settings

  • The number of slider rows and columns (up to 4)

2-column slider elementor widget

  • The number of slides to scroll
  • Horizontal or vertical slider direction
  • Navigation style: arrows and pagination, arrows, pagination, none.

navigation, pagination style elementor slider

  • Pagination style (bullets, numbers, scrollbar, progress bar)

elementor slider widget -pagination style scrollbar

  • Turn on/off: dynamic bullets, keyboard controls, mousewheel control, autoplay, infinite loop
  • Set spacing between slides (visible on animation)
  • Six slide effects

elementor slider widget -cube animation effect

  • Animation speed.

slider carousel settings elementor

Navigation style

  • Arrows: positioning, size, spacing, offset, color.
  • Bullets: size, spacing, color; optional square bullets.

arrows bullets layouts elementor slider widget by stratum

Style settings

  • Slide image size
  • Paddings
  • Height and content width

slider style settings height width elementor

  • Horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Hover and text animation effects
  • Overlay color
  • Customization alignment, spacing, typography, and colors individually for enabled content elements (title, description, etc.)

slider typography elementor slides widget

slider title italics slides widget elementor

  • Button settings: the same as for other content elements, plus extra border and color settings:

slider elementor widget button color

Stratum Elementor Widgets: Free Download

Although this Stratum Slider widget doesn’t offer any revolutionary slider-related technology, it significantly furthers the aims of the default Elementor slides widget for WordPress.

You’ll find this widget very helpful when you need to go with a different design for each slide, deeply customize typography and background settings, and create a variety of multi-column layouts.

Take a look at the collection of the ever-unfolding Elementor addons by Stratum:

Stratum Free Elementor Widgets Download

Access Stratum demo designs here by the link.

Along with Stratum Free, you can switch to Stratum Pro and enjoy the variety of additional elements for relatively low pricing – only $19 for a single site. All the premium features are available for viewing in Stratum Free, they are marked as “pro”. You can download Stratum Lite for free and then make up your mind depending on your design needs.

Get more information on Stratum Pro vs Lite down the link. Along with extended functionality, you are also getting a priority MotoPress support. Overall, we offer one of the best Elementor addons deals, which includes advanced widgets + relatively low price for exclusive functionality.

For the Gutenberg block editor alternative, check out Getwid sliders.

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