Stratum Widgets: Elementor Pricing Table Widget

Among the many ways how one can display actual prices for their products or services, price tables must take pride in place. Creating an attractive Elementor pricing table for free requires only 2 simple steps: 1) installing the Elementor page builder and 2) downloading a collection of free Stratum Elementor Widgets (one of which is a Price Table widget).

With Stratum for Elementor, you are getting FREE access to 20+ advanced widgets with a special focus on elements to boost your business performance or a personal brand. Accessing Stratum allows you to use 7+ alternative Elementor PRO widgets, including the Price Table widget other ones (Advanced Slider, Advanced Posts, Testimonial Carousel, Flip Box, Masonry Gallery, Price Menu).

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The Purpose of the Elementor Price Table Widget

Unlike the recently reviewed Price List & Price Menu Elementor widgets serving as the best tools for building beautiful lists of items with prices (restaurant menus and other product lists), the goal of any price tables WordPress is a visual comparison of 2 or more similar products/service packages.
Use the preferable widget for:

  • Displaying available tariffs for easier visual comparison;
  • Urging customers to make a choice between the 2 or more options;
  • Boosting conversions (customers are more eager to make a purchase seeing the ‘most-popular, ‘hot’ offers);
  • Following the latest web trends.

Key Benefits

  • No need to pay for the advanced Price Table widget functionality (unlike the alternative widget in Elementor PRO)
  • Multiple text sections (subtitles & unlimited number of list items) for displaying ANY needed data
  • Highly-customizable CTA button (with the option of placing the button URL)
  • Regular & hover styling settings

Elementor Addons

Now let’s go deeper into the WordPress Pricing Table widget content & styling customizing options.

Price Table Elementor Widget: General Features & Settings

Content Settings


The General set of customization settings contains multiple content options for displaying as much data as possible:

  • Title & title typography
  • Subtitle & subtitle typography
  • Price text & price subtitle typography
  • Price & typography
  • Currency & currency alignment
  • Price description

Price Table Elementor Widget
Also, there come extra settings such as:

  • list of items

There are no limitations to the number of items that you may insert in the pricing table for a website. You can fill in the item text and choose the item icon from the icon collection, if necessary:
Pricing Table Addon

  • List alignment & borders

Pricing Table

  • Button settings

You can decide whether to disable the button but if you choose to keep it, you can change the alignment, alter the button caption, insert the URL, and change the border type:
Price Table Elementor Widget

Styling Options


The styling section consists of color settings for each text element for both normal and hover modes:
Price Table Elementor Widget

Advanced Settings

Apart from basic content & styling settings, you may always get the advantage of advanced functionality to give your pricing table more of a professional touch. Primarily, you can:

  • edit the background (image, one color, or gradient) for both normal and hover modes

Elementor Addon

  • set up the border type & radius & shadow for each column

Elementor Addon

  • set up positioning & responsive visibility & attributes
  • set up motion effects
  • edit custom CSS

Explore 20+ More Stratum Elementor Widgets

Stratum is certainly much more than just one price table widget, so you might want to know more about the other 20+ Stratum elements. Because the particular addon is a relatively new product on the market, it’s still going through major improvements.

Why Stratum for Elementor?

  • 20+ business-oriented widgets for FREE;
  • Inherits visual styling of your current theme;
  • Does NOT slow down your website;
  • Elementor template library integration;
  • Compatible with other Elementor addons;
  • Fully-adaptive;

Unlike similar addon collections or Elementor Pricing Table plugins, Stratum contributes to the attractive look of your price table (or any other chosen widget). The addon inherits the default styling of your currently using Elementor theme, so it automatically suggests which typography and colors you can use to make this module look organically with your overall page style.

Download Stratum free widgets and you will be able to see the plugin going through frequent boosts and watch it replace the most popular premium addons.

But first, take a look at Stratum demos of all 20+ widgets and think of your perfect widget design.
And in case the functionality of Stratum Lite will not be enough to fulfill all the design ideas, do not worry. We released the premium version of our favorite Elementor collection called Stratum PRO. You read more about the difference between Stratum Lite and Pro down the link. Overall, the premium package gives you access to a few exclusive features for each widget, including the Price Table. Even if you use Stratum Free, you will see features marked as “pro”, which you can unlock after purchasing the pro version. For as low as $19, you can enjoy the full functionality spectrum of Stratum without switching to Pro.

In the near future, it’s expected that MotoPress will release a few more widgets along with the 2 separate addon collections – Popups and MegaMenu. They will be a part of the Stratum addon series and will become a serious step further for the Stratum team of developers.

If you are interested in any of the other free Stratum widgets, read their full reviews in the blog section down the link. For more questions, concerns, and other useful information about the Stratum addon, or join our official Facebook community.

P.S. Elementor Pricing Table addon was developed by MotoPress – the company develops free and premium WordPress software for both beginners and experienced users. Along with Elementor, MotoPress created a free collection of 40+ multipurpose static & dynamic blocks for the default WordPress editor – Getwid Gutenberg Blocks.

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