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The Stratum Flip Box Elementor widget & Banner widget are perfect for creating:

Since they are completely customizable, you’ll definitely find a perfect solution for your website design.

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How You Can Use the Flip Box and Banner Elementor Widgets

The main purpose of these widgets is to help you add more visual and iconography content to boost your text messages. For example, feel free to use any of these widgets to highlight specific services, projects, events, etc.

Stratum Flip Box Demo

Stratum Banner Demo

Key Benefits

You may use the native Elementor Flip box widget within the Pro version – but the need to pay no longer holds you back on building something cool since the Stratum Flip Box widget is a free solution!

Another important benefit of the Elementor Flip box widget is that you can completely customize the front side and backside creating two meaningful messages within one website section.

Among the other great things are:

  • Six animation effects
  • Fully customizable spacing and alignment
  • Icons and different graphic elements
  • All the range of typography settings for the title and background.

As for the Banner Elementor widget, it comes with quite a similar set of settings in terms of styling; additionally, it allows you to use video backgrounds and comes with a pack of animation effects.

General Settings & Features of the Flip Box Widget for Elementor

Within the General Settings tab, you can:

  • Select a flip animation effect (slide, flip, zoom in, zoom out, fade, push).

elementor animation effect

You can put a few boxes into columns and use different animation effects for them:

elementor flip box widget columns push effect animation

  • Set up height and border radius.

elementor height border radius

The frontside settings

elementor flip box widget columns

For the content settings, you have the following options:

  • Choose a graphic element: an icon, image, or none:

flipbox elementor widget image

If you go with an icon, you have a choice of designs for it: stacked or framed and a square or a circle shape.

elementor flipbox widget front side icon

  • Title and description.

For the background settings, you can choose:

  • A classic background (an image or color)

flipbox elementor widget color background

flipbox background image

elementor flip box widget transparent background-min

  • Gradient background.

background gradient elementor flipbox widget

The backside settings

  • Title and description will serve you as a content part

flipbox elementor backside

  • Background settings are the same as for the front side.

Styling the Flip Box Widget

You have decent options here! Let’s list the main ones:

  • Select paddings, alignment, and vertical direction for the content of the widget

elementor flipbox widget style alignment

  • Border settings (standard border types) with the customizable width and color

elementor flipbox widget border type1

  • More Icon settings (the size, padding, rotation and radius)

elementor flipbox widget icon settings

For example, you can put the focus on the  icon by significantly enlarging it:

elementor flip box widget big icon

  • Individual settings (typography, spacing, and color) for the title and description

elementor flipbox widget typography

For the backside styling, you’re provided with the same settings for available elements, including typography and color settings:

flipbox widgt typography backside

The Banner Elementor Widget

The content part of the Elementor Banner widget by Stratum includes title and description settings. For the background, you can use either an image:

elementor banner widget image

…or a video (it’s also possible to upload a video from a URL):

elementor banner widget video

Styling the Banner Elementor Widget

The widget allows you to customize:

  • The banner height and padding
  • The animation effect on hover

elementor banner widget style animation image

  • Text animation effect
  • Title alignment and typography

banner title typography

  • Title width
  • Text alignment
  • Description typography
  • Description width
  • Horizontal & vertical alignment
  • Title color and text color.

banner elementor widget color change

To add more motion effects and decoration elements, you can use the Advanced Elementor settings:

banner advanced settings border

Download Stratum free Elementor Widgets

You have a great chance to create a powerful promo section on your Elementor WordPress website for free with the dedicated Stratum widgets. Get them with the rest of the useful widgets here:

Stratum Free Elementor Widgets Download

In case you feel like your design demands much more of what Stratum Lite has to offer, MotoPress has developed Stratum PRO – the premium version of the addon with extra customization options available along with Stratum free Elementor add ons. Stratum PRO brings your Elementor customization experience to a higher level, and all of it comes for the relatively low annually-billed price – $19 for a single site.

You can take a look at Stratum Free vs Pro comparison, and most importantly, view the Stratum demo for each widget separately.

To download more Gutenberg blocks, check out Getwid – a customization booster for the block editor.

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