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The Advanced Posts widget for Elementor is one of the most customizable and feature-rich widgets for dynamically sourced posts or pages of your WordPress website.

Whether you want to showcase the latest or manually selected posts in a carousel or a modern card-styled grid layout, it’s a doable task with the Advanced Posts Elementor widget by Stratum widgets.

The Purpose of the Advanced Posts Elementor Widget

The Advanced Posts Elementor widget by Stratum will help you:

  • Display latest project news (blog posts).
  • Selectively showcase popular blog posts in style anywhere on the website.

Key Benefits

Let’s highlight some of the key benefits:

  • Modern container shapes, including grid, list, carousel and Masonry styles.
  • A good pack of transition behaviors and animation effects to help users interact with your posts.
  • Customizable UI controls for the Elementor post slider.
  • The ability to selectively feature posts or pages by including or excluding the needed ones.
  • Automatic slideshows.

General Features & Settings

Layouts and Design Skins

  • List

advanced posts elementor widget list

  • Grid

  • Carousel

advanced posts elementor widget carousel

  • Masonry. Going with the Grid skin, you are free to set the number of columns and optionally use the Masonry-style grid:

advanced posts elementor widget - masonry

Display post settings

advanced posts widget elementor display settings

  • Show or hide the post image, title and content
  • Optionally set an excerpt and its length
  • Show or hide the Read more link or replace it with your custom text
  • Show or hide the needed meta fields (post author, post category, comment count, etc.)

Post filters for custom query settings

query settings

Categorize posts easily with filters (the Elementor/Query ID Settings tab).

  • Showcase posts or Elementor posts pages (so it’s not only posts that you can display in style!).
  • Decide on Elementor pagination (it helps to display the number of posts for one widget per page).
  • Order your posts by date, title, or menu order.
  • Designate ascending or descending order for posts.
  • Display only specific posts by their Elementor Query IDs.

Styling the Stratum Advanced Posts widget for Elementor

By default, the widget inherits styles (typography and colors) of your activated WordPress theme (it’s Aquentro in my case), but you can give it a completely different look.

Let’s now see how deep you can go into customization of each skin type. Each of them comes with numerous settings allowing you to change layouts, typography, motion and more.

Advanced Posts Elementor Widget – List & Grid Styles

Here are major styling settings:

List & Grid style

  • List gap that you can customize individually for different devices (desktop, tablet, phone)
  • Columns gap and rows gap for the Grid skin
  • Border type
  • Box shadow
  • Box padding and content padding
  • Box background color.

advanced posts elementor widget grid background color

Image style

  • Left or right alignment
  • Hover animation effect
  • Image size

advanced posts elementor image height full

  • Image height and width
  • Content spacing
  • Overlay settings.

list advanced posts

Title style

  • Title over image
  • Title alignment
  • Title spacing
  • Title typography and color.

Meta fields

  • Alignment, spacing, typography, color, and divider color.

list style meta fields


  • Alignment, spacing, typography, and color.

list content edits elementor widgets free

Read more

  • Alignment, spacing, typography, border type, font color, button background color.

list read more

Using Grid, you can set up to 6 columns for layout and optionally turn on Masonry style.

Advanced Posts Elementor Widget – Carousel Layout

The carousel layout of the Recent Posts widget comes with extra Carousel settings, including:

advanced posts carousel elementor widget stratum

  • The number of rows, columns and slides to scroll
  • Horizontal or vertical slider direction

  • Spacing between slides

carousel settings elementor widget

  • Navigation controls design (arrows, pagination, none)
  • Dynamic bullets
  • Keyboard and mouse-wheel control
  • Four slide effects and animation speed, including cube and the coverflow effects.

cube animation effect elementor advanced posts stratum

  • Free move mode.

You can also style the carousel widget the way you like:

  • The navigation style settings include the arrows size, spacing, color and offset styling

carousel widget elementor

  • Carousel style that includes spacing adjustments, content height and width, alignment, animation effects and speed.

The rest of the settings are quite the same as in other skins offered within the widget.

advanced posts elementor carousel title settiings

Stratum Free Elementor Widgets: Download Now

Design and display automatically sourced posts of your WordPress website with a powerful styling toolkit that comes with the widget. The Advanced Posts Elementor widget is available for free download along with other brand-new Stratum widgets by MotoPress.

Stratum Free Elementor Widgets Download

Get acquainted with all Stratum demo designs here.

In case you want to go further with extra functionality, you are welcome to purchase Stratum Pro – the extended version of the free addon. Upgrading to the premium version of Elementor Extras gives you 2 major perks: priority support and extended customization settings.

Currently, Stratum offers these PRO features of the Advanced Elementor Posts widget: pagination, list checkerboard, taxonomies, terms relation, and the “Animate on Scroll” feature. These and a few other top-notch customization options will be accessible for as little as $19. Compare Stratum PRO vs Lite versions on our website, choose the plan, and follow the installation instructions.

If you are also working with the Gutenberg WordPress block editor, make sure to check out Getwid – our huge collection of free Gutenberg blocks.

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  1. Hi guys. This plugin is closed, and can’t download it in wordpress. I need the plugin for my post, Do you know anyone else?

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