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Build a Hotel Booking Website in WordPress: Essential Plugins

We’ve been helping thousands of hotel and vacation rental businesses build their sites on WordPress for 4+ years already.

The MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress is our booking engine that enables website owners and developers to create a professional directory of accommodations, display real-time availability calendars, and offer guests direct bookings via a handy property finder form.

On this blog, for those who are already our clients, we share numerous tips, insights, and solutions related to the hotel site SEO, availability data synchronization to external platforms like, and many more things on how to create hotel booking website.

If you’re now looking to assess the process of creating a site with a WordPress plugin book, here are a few helpful guides on how to start a hotel booking website, where we focus on different types of properties:

How to Build a B&B WordPress Website

How to Create a Boat Rental WordPress Website

How to Create a Hotel Booking Website in WordPress

How to Create a WordPress Camping Website

These are rather step-by-step hotel site tutorials that tell you more how to make a hotel booking website using settings of the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin and specifics of the rental businesses and theme designs crafted for various industries.

In this article, however, we want to focus on specialist addons, dedicated extra tools that aim to extend the default core functionality of the Hotel Booking plugin.

We’ll systemize the list highlighting the main purpose of the listed extensions and their pricing – this should help you see the best and most cost-effective ways to obtain them for your site.

If you’re already on Hotel Booking, this roundup will help you quickly look through the available functionalities that might significantly boost your bookings and simplify the daily routines.

If you are new to the plugin, this list in the first place will help you calculate the cost to create a hotel site on WordPress.

Let’s, of course, start with the core plugin, Hotel Booking, and then proceed with the optional addons.

*Prices are subject to change

*Prices are per year/one website

*Membership price is per year/unlimited sites

Hotel Booking – core plugin, $89

The Hotel Booking plugin is the essential core plugin sometimes called WordPress plugin book that is a rental property management system, a booking engine, and a channel manager. You get all in one, with no extra property or booking commissions.

You can install it on any WordPress theme and use it for any number of properties and bookings. You can study all the features on the product page. It’s also worth mentioning that there are many ready-made design solutions with the visual styling adjusted to the plugin.

WooCommerce Payments – local payment gateways, $99

This is a top popular WooCommerce extension to Hotel Booking among those who accept payments online. If PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, or Beanstream/Bambora are not the option for you (they are free with the core plugin), this extension is great for bridging other methods without effort.

WooCommerce allows you to connect hundreds of other payment methods – and this addon ensures you can do it in clicks, without a need to code anything.

Payment Request – automatic payment requests before arrival, $89

The Payment Request addon proved to be a super handy solution for those who accept partial/deposit payments and then want the system to request the rest of the payment automatically from guests. Or, you can also request the full payment later after the booking is confirmed without a payment at all.

This will allow your guests to secure their bookings before arrival and automate your workflow of sending requests and collecting payments before guest’s arrival. Optionally you can send the payment links even manually upon a guest request – via WhatsApp, for example.

Mailchimp Integration – connect hotel site emails to Mailchimp, $59

The Mailchimp addon is made for those who automate their business emails associated with the site using one of the top popular solutions, Mailchimp.

This addon allows you to automatically subscribe guests who book accommodations through your website to the chosen audiences in Mailchimp. It makes it easy to send targeted emails via the email service you’re already familiar with.

Notifier – send any sort of automated emails, $59

The Hotel Booking Notifier addon allows you to set up and send emails about keys, lockboxes, house rules, dining facilities, etc. to the guest addresses associated with specific properties and actions. You can set the system to send emails before or after the arrival/departure dates.

It doesn’t rely on any third-party service so you can basically create your own rules of sending emails tied specifically to actions possible with Hotel Booking. You are free to personalize automatic emails based on the accommodation types.

Checkout Fields – customize default checkout fields, $79

The Checkout Fields addon for Hotel Booking makes it easy to collect extra information about your guests on the checkout page, for example, give them space to request a time of arrival change.

You can edit labels of the current fields or add new custom ones using text, checkbox, email, or any other type of field. You may also change the order of the fields and customize the overall field styling.

PDF Invoices – send emails with PDF invoices attached, $89

The PDF Invoices addon allows you to automatically send invoices in pdfs containing property, service, tax, and fee charges to your guests. In addition to the generated data, you are free to further brand your emails, e.g, add a logo or company information.

As a website admin, you can also view or download a PDF invoice from the website dashboard.

Reviews – allow guests to leave reviews, $49

Reviews you can add with the Reviews addon is what adds trust to your hospitality business. The extension enables guests to evaluate the property they stayed in by different criteria.

The system of reviews easily integrates with the native WordPress commenting system empowering you to go through all submissions via a usual interface.

Elementor Integration – edit the plugin with Elementor, free

It’s a simple free Elementor addon that allows you to build a hotel booking website in WordPress with the Hotel Booking plugin in a much easier way than with shortcodes.

Thanks to this integration addon, you can add a booking form, calendars and accommodations to the needed pages via Elementor widgets.

Divi Integration – build a hotel booking website with Divi, free

The Divi addon also simplifies your work of editing the plugin-generated content.

Hotel Booking shortcodes are transformed into Divi modules and you give much more tools to manipulate the content on the page.

Hotel Booking Styles – edit the form styling, free

Hotel Booking Styles

The Hotel Booking styles addon solves such daily tasks of working with the Hotel Booking plugin content as making the property search form horizontal, customizing field labels, working on the form layout and more.

Usually, you might need this addon if you use third-party hotel WordPress themes with our plugin.

MotoPress Membership – core plugin+all addons, $249

benefits motopress memebrship

MotoPress Membership is not just about Hotel Booking and its addons. Any membership plan includes, but is not limited to this bundle of Hotel booking solutions: the core plugin + ALL addons.

The average package of essential plugins consists of the Hotel Booking, WooCommerce and Payment Request addons, which in total is slightly more expansive than the membership package.

Both lifetime and annual plans allow you to download any MotoPress product for free (we’ve got plenty of WooCommerce designs, page builders, appointment booking, and loads of other niche products in the lineup). So opting for Membership, you get the entire package of Hotel Booking tools, themes + all other plugins and themes you can find on the site. And as you can see, it’s much more cost-effective to go with Membership if you plan to use extra addons for Hotel Booking.

Services to build a hotel booking website

Optional services are not part of the Membership package.

Here are some extra services you might find useful when you create a hotel booking WordPress website:

  1. Hotel Booking Initial Configuration – if you want our team to set up the plugin for you.
  2. Extended Support – you’ll be our top priority of assistance.

Let’s sum up: How to  build a hotel booking website in WordPress

You can build a hotel booking website with a different range of tools. From our experience, hotel site owners usually get the package of the core Hotel Booking plugin, plus the WooCommerce and Payment Request addons. Looks like this is a commodity package for many business owners.

Depending on the needs, there are also variations of addons in a check. If you do need a plugin, a few addons, and even a theme, the Membership package is going to save you a good sum of money.

If you are a developer building a site for a client, a Membership package is definitely going to cover all your needs, plus, you’ll get many more useful tools for other WordPress projects.

Hotel Booking

MotoPress Membership

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