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Meet real customers of the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin! We love to share examples of real-life websites created with our solutions to help you get a better idea of whether this is something you are looking for and how it works for other people’s businesses and different client’s purposes.

For example, we already have a few collections:

WordPress websites powered by Hotel Booking

And even more, micro-niche website examples based on time-proven page builders:

WordPress websites built with Hotel Booking and Elementor

WordPress websites built with Hotel Booking and Divi

While these examples can be really informative, we definitely want to learn more about real people and hear real stories behind these beautiful projects. And what can give a better insight into these stories than a video?

With this post, we’d like to start collecting MotoPress testimonial videos and reviews – and we encourage you to contact us and send your testimonials as well!

But let’s get to the stories.

Andy is the first who opens the “Video testimonials” category and shares his experience (thank you, Andy, for that!). And here goes the first testimonial.

A Single Villa Website Created with Aquentro

A short overview of the video: in this video, Andy, a developer from South Africa, is sharing his journey of firstly failing to find a suitable single property booking WordPress theme on Envato and then successfully going with the Aquetro theme by MotoPress.

WordPress theme used: Aquentro theme

Check out Andy’s website.

We’ve just started this project of MotoPress testimonials so we plan to make it a living post, that is, to update it once we have a new testimonial. This is open for homeowners and WordPress developers who built websites with MotoPress solutions so don’t hesitate to share your video story. This will surely bring your project more exposure and other bonuses!

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2 Replies to “Customer Spotlight: MotoPress Testimonial Videos (Send Yours!)”

  1. Excellent, thx!!!
    A few notes though:
    1) You don’t necessarily need to do it with a shaking camera. It definitely spoils the experience
    2) Like in many video testimonials I have seen this one contains NO info as to WHEN it was done. In this post:
    I show why adding the time to your video (by words or visually) is important to improve its credibility and effectiveness.
    Also, if I was to make this video, I would emphasize the name of the software he used in the end: I would add the so called Call for Action addressed to the person who is watching it. Something like:
    Use Aquentro theme and be happy!

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