Add Accommodation Types

In this menu you add accommodation types available in your hotel establishment. Note: “Accommodations” are real accommodations, and “Accommodation types” are only their types (e.g. you can have a double room “Accommodation type” and 10 real “Accommodations” of this type).

Go to Accommodation → Accommodation types → Add Accommodation Type.

  1. Add title, description and a short description (excerpt).
  2. Add total accommodation capacity (size, maximum number of adults and children).


Do you need to turn on the “Capacity” option?

The “Capacity” option prioritizes the total number of sleeps rather than strictly differentiates the number of adults and children. For example:

“Capacity” disabled (empty): 6 adults, 3 children means a property can accommodate strictly up to 6 adults and up to 3 children.


“Capacity” enabled (value set): For example, “Capacity” – 6, “Adults” – 6, “Children” – 5. In this case, 6 adults, 5 children means a property can accommodate any variation up to 6 guests: 1 adult and 5 children, or 2 adults and 4 children, etc.


Important: A minimum parameter of 1 “Adult” is required. A property can’t be booked for “Children” alone.

If you don’t need the number of adults and children to be flexible, don’t configure this option.

Use it to allow dynamic change of the number of adults or children based on the guest’s preferences. At checkout, the number of children changes dynamically based on the chosen number of adults and vice versa so that in result the choice meets the “Capacity” requirement.

  1. Add view (e.g. seaside, city view) and bed types in this accommodation type.
  2. Add bed types – you’ll be redirected to the Settings menu, where you’ll need to specify your bed types > click Add Bed Type button > scroll down and save changes.
  3. Tick “allow comments” if you want to enable comments under the accommodation types.
  4. Select services that your hotel can provide for this accommodation type.
  5. Add accommodation Amenities and categories right from this menu or go to add new ones (from Accommodation → Categories / Amenities).
  6. Add photo gallery and featured image if needed.
  7. Publish the changes.

If you have many real rooms of this accommodation type, you can simply generate the needed number of them while staying in this menu: click Generate accommodation under description field.


Here is an example of accommodation types listed on the dashboard: