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  1. I’m looking for documentation that details the menu/order flow. If a customer is creating an Order (picking menu items) once the choices are made, how does the kitchen see the Order details?

    1. Hi John,
      Once a customer picks menu items, they proceed to their
      cart and fill in their details as well as delivery details. After the
      payment is completed, you get an email with new sale notification and
      the order can be viewed from your dashboard. There you can see the
      items, their quantity, purchase date and time, order and payment notes,
      customer and delivery details.

      1. Thx. Does the dashboard have tools to update the status of order which gets pushed to customer or food runner?

        1. Hi John,
          The standard list of order statuses includes Cooking,
          Shipping, Shipped as well as Pending, Complete, Refunded, Failed. You
          can change them manually while editing an order. There, you can add any
          order notes as well. Both order notes and status are shown on the list
          of all orders, so you do not have to open an order page to see its
          status or notes.
          By the way Restaurant Menu plugin is free and you can try to install it to your WordPress and see how it works on your site with your theme, etc.

          1. Looking for a bit more… (maybe this is in the Pro version?).

            I want to notify ‘food runners’ when the meal is finished cooking. They have some next steps to do… and I want to ping them as the status changes. Any SMS (or other) to make this type of notification (status changes)?


          2. Hi John,
            Restaurant Menu plugin is free and there is no Pro version available. This is custom solution you request however we do not provide customization offers.

    1. Hi Juan,
      We recommend to submit a request to technical support team instead of posting it here. They need access to your website to check it for you.

      1. I opened several tickets for the same issue, but I did not receive any solution.

        Shall I hope to be refound, so far?

        1. Hi,
          We are sorry for a delay. Our tech support representative replies to everybody. Check license activation and make sure you use plugin of latest version.

  2. Hi there, I am working with Motopress for the first time, and I am trying to make a button in a page that is animated when hovered, as expected by the setting ‘hover animation’ that says ‘Fade’. However, nothing happens in the frontend when I hover the button?

    1. Hi,
      You can refer to this guide on how to apply effect to image object . You can edit the code to get fade effect and apply it for button. If you have additional question you can contact our technical support team for assistance.

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