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  1. In this Corona time, a client of my is able to open his restaurant next week. But the menu must be disinfected after every use. So we made a second website with basic theme and only your plugin and 1 page with the complete menu. This works great on a smartphone (menu.villaheidetuin.eu). (not fully filled yet) But we also need a paper one (sealed) and it has to be the same as in the order and payment system. I want to make the website the master and than export. But the export function on the Mac want to see RSS installation and this RSS installation does not open the link. So I’m stuck. Can you create a tab- or comma delimited export? Or open up this xml export so I can read and process it? Thanks. And We are happy with this plugin for it helps us to open the restaurant next week after being locked out for maar then 2 months.

    1. Hi Maarten,
      WordPress allows to generate the RSS feed for any custom post type. In order to get it just add the following ending to your site address URL /feed/?post_type={slug of custom post type} Here is an example for menu items on our demo site ( https://mprmdemo.getmotopress.com ) https://mprmdemo.getmotopress.com/feed/?post_type=mprm_menu

    1. Hello,
      You do not need to reinstall the Restaurant Menu plugin, in order to activate both Restaurant Menu and Topping plugins.
      Toppings addon is an extension for restaurant menu plugin http://www.getmotopress.com/plugins/restaurant-menu-plugin/ It is free plugin. If it is installed at your WordPress you can add Toppings by going to Dashboard>Restaurant Menu>Toppings>Add topping. Then you will be able to apply added topping to any dish individually like tags.
      Also to configure it you can go to Dashboard>Restaurant Menu>Extensions

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