How to Add Custom Payment Gateway

You can integrate new payment methods into Restaurant Menu plugin using Sample Gateway addon as an example.

After installation you will get a Sample payment method under Restaurant Menu > Settings > Payment Gateways. You should modify files of the addon following the API provided by payment gateway you want to add.

Note: it requires technical knowledge on programming to connect your gateAway with Restaurant Menu plugin.

13 Replies to “How to Add Custom Payment Gateway”

    1. You may use this addon as an example to integrate API of any payment gateway if you have enough coding skills. You may also look for freelance developers who might integrate razorpay into the restaurant menu for you.

    1. Hi Regin, This addon should be used as an example to develop it further and add API of the custom payment gateway. When it is ready you will need to install it as a regular plugin via Plugins > Add Plugin > Upload

    1. Hi,
      By default there are available the following payment methods:
      – PayPal Standard
      – Test Payment (auto-complete orders)
      – Cash on delivery (process orders manually)

        1. Hello Helena,
          The plugin is ready for developers to add any payment gateway which provides API. Unfortunately we do not offer customization services.

          1. You know if you did offer tech help for people to integrate their payment gateway, you would soon build a library of gateway modules that will eventually make it easier for future users to join your network

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