To make the addon work for your needs, configure it via → Restaurant Menu → Settings → Extensions tab→ Delivery Settings.


Follow these steps:

  1. Turn on delivery services – this will display the notification at checkout letting customers know that their order can be delivered.


  1. For chargeable deliveries, set the price in the appropriate field or put 0 if it’s free (the price will be shown in the currency set via Restaurant Menu → Settings → General tab → Currency Settings.)
  2. Check the box if the order is taxable (the tax fee must be included in the total delivery cost).
  3. If you provide free delivery for a specific amount of order, specify a minimum order amount for a free delivery to be eligible.
  4. If pickup options are available, Enable pickup and fill in the appropriate fields (address to pick up from, etc.).


  1. Allow customers to choose the time of delivery/pickup at checkout. If enabled, set the minimum time interval for delivery/pickup.


If you go to Restaurant menu → Orders, you can view all orders and their statuses (pending, complete, failed, cooking, shipping, etc.), the address left for delivery, the amount of the order, and other details in quick preview:


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