Direct bank transfer

The Direct bank transfer method is used when online payment is not required.

For bookings applied via this method, the booking status is Confirmed, while the payment status is On Hold. This means that the accommodation is booked but there is still no information about the payment.

Once the booking is paid outside the Hotel Booking plugin, you must manually change the payment status to Completed.

Note that there is the dedicated ‘Instructions’ field for adding payment instructions that will specify the payment process for guests. For example, “Transfer the payment to XXXX. Place your booking number in notes”.

Your guest will see these instructions on the final checkout page and after the booking submission, the booking confirmation email is sent to the customer.
direct bank transfer

Note that you can also duplicate your payment instructions in the email templates for customers by using a dedicated %payment_instructions% macro.

payment instructions hotel booking

Setup and configuration

Go to Accommodation > Settings > Payment gateways > Direct Bank Transfer tab.

To use this method on your website, enable it and provide the text content for the Description and Instructions fields.

  • Enable direct bank transfer
  • Designate instructions explaining how guests must pay.


Feel free to enable Stripe, PayPal and other popular methods for automated online payments.