Create discount coupons

Please note: the use of coupons should be enabled via Accommodation → Settings → General tab → Misc → tick “Enable the use of coupons” (the option was released in Version 2.1.0).

If you want to provide guests with discount coupon codes, which they can apply on the checkout page, you should go to Bookings → Coupons → Add new.

All the settings of this menu will let you customize the coupon:

  • Create the coupon name
  • Add coupon description
  • Set the discount amount of the coupon in % (required)
  • Optionally set the expiration date
  • Optionally choose accommodation types the discount coupon is valid for
  • Optionally set check-in and check-out dates “frame” when the discount coupon is valid
  • Optionally set minimum and maximum days to stay required for the coupon to be valid
  • Optionally set the number of times the coupon can be used


The guests can apply the coupon on the checkout page when confirming and booking an accommodation:


So, when the coupon is applied, the guests pay a discounted price: