Quick Start Guide

It’s easy to start working with the plugin! Follow this quick guide:

  1. Install and activate the plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Two menus should appear: Accommodation and Bookings.
  2. Start with adding Seasons – specific time periods that can come with different pricing for rooms.
  3. Add a full list of available hotel Services.
  4. Add Accommodation types specifying their descriptions, amenities and additional services available. Here you can also add Amenities (in-room facilities, generally free), bed types and Categories of an accommodation type.
  5. Add Rates to present the same accommodations with different conditions (e.g. triple refundable vs triple non-refundable).
  6. Go to Generate accommodations menu to generate a needed number of real rooms of the same accommodation types available in your hotel establishment.
  7. Create all needed pages (you should be offered to install these pages automatically) – Search Results, Search Availability, Complete Booking, Booking Confirmation, Booking Cancellation pages with appropriate shortcodes and messages.
  8. Navigate to configure general plugin Settings and Payments.
  9. Configure Language settings.
  10. Go to Shortcodes to get the needed ones and add to the needed pages and posts.
  11. To view, add or delete your real booking requests, go to Bookings menu. In the same menu, you can also Add discount coupons, synchronize your bookings across OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) like Booking.com via iCal, and add taxes and fees.

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