Add Rates

Rates are very important for your entire hotel management process. They are directly connected with prices for accommodation types depending on whether or not a particular accommodation type is supplied with extra benefits. The choice of rates (a list of rates) will be visible for a site visitor under a selected accommodation type.

This is how you should set up the rate for a particular accommodation type (go to Accommodation → Rates → Add New):

  1. Specify a rate title (e.g. triple standard non-refundable, triple standard with breakfast included, etc.).
  2. Choose an accommodation type from the drop-down menu.
  3. Set season prices of this accommodation type: choose an earlier added season and specify its price. You can add as many seasons with different prices as you want.
  4. Write a description of this rate specifying the most important information for your guests (e.g. refundable, non-refundable).


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