Add Services

Before adding Accommodation types to your hotel establishment, add all available hotel services to be able to further tie them to an accommodation type. Go to Accommodation → Services → Add new.

  1. Add title and description of a service (e.g. airport-to-hotel delivery, massage, childcare).
  2. Specify details on how your guests will be charged:
    • set service price or zero for free service;
    • periodicity (Once/ Per Day/ Guest Choice):
      Once – you may select if it is a one-time service (for example airport transfer)
      Per Day – is selected to charge the guest for each day of the stay-in period (for example breakfast)
      Guest Choice – is a flexible option to let the guest select a needed number of times the service should be applied. As a rule, it is used instead of the Per Day option, when a guest needs to order the service for a different amount of days than a stay-in period.
    • the charge for Per Accommodation or Per Adult.
  3. You may also set a featured image of your service.
  4. Publish the service.


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