Create Advanced Search

All the attributes that were created can be used in the search forms to allow advanced search. For this, you will need to use the slugs of your attributes. The slugs are displayed in the Accommodation tab → Attributes (the Slug column). In order to add the custom attributes in a search form:

  1. added with a shortcode, specify the attributes parameter in its shortcode with comma separated slugs like:
    [mphb_availability_search attributes=”comma separated slugs of your attributes”]
    Ex. [mphb_availability_search attributes=”location,price-range”].
  2. added with a widget, go to the widget settings and specify the comma-separated slugs of your attributes in the Attributes field.

Each attribute will be displayed as an additional search field in the search availability form. The fields are displayed in the order of attribute slugs in the shortcode/widget. These search fields are not required and some of them can be left empty for broader search. If a term is not assigned to any accommodation type, it will not appear in the search availability form.