A Closer Look at WordPress Scheduling Plugins

Online presence is one of the key factors of business success in today’s digital era. Moreover, the majority of customers often check online reputation of the business before making an actual purchase or visiting the company’s office.

Enabling your website users not only to gain general info on your company but to also obtain a detailed list of your services or timetable of the events you hold online would be a solid argument in your favor.

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WordPress 5.0 Finally Released: Meet Gutenberg

It’s official now: the much-anticipated WordPress 5.0 with a new Gutenberg editor in core has just been released!

Gutenberg’s uncommon block-based approach to content management definitely opens a new era in WordPress and sparks the interest of developers and users.

Let’s figure out what does the new default WordPress editor bring us and what’s so special about it.

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AMP for WordPress Plugin Review: Dominant Technology for Mobile-first Web

Using a pontifical tone of narrators at the school conferences, I should proclaim: your visibility in Google’s mobile search results, click-trough rates, user engagement and conversions hugely depend on AMP. If you are new to the term, it’s an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages project – a Google’s initiative for mobile-first web.

In plain words, AMP Project represents technology, which offers the highest website loading performance on mobile devices. Its main aim is to simplify the life of publishers, consumers, users, advertisers, creators, entrepreneurs and other web citizens by serving simplified content versions across mobile devices for the sake of speed and usability.

As a bonus, Google may reward AMP-enabled websites with higher rankings thanks to faster load times, longer sessions, more page views, better UX, to name a few. Billions of AMP pages exist today.

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25+ Best Single Property WordPress Themes

Whether you are a real estate owner or an intermediary side looking to rent out or sell a property online, you’ll find this collection of single property WordPress themes quite holistic! We’ve hand-picked the most used, regularly updated and popular website templates for real estate industry and lodging business.

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How to Check Your WordPress Hotel Website with Security Ninja Plugin

The perfect UX, speed and security are three pillars of a healthy WordPress website. In this post, we’ll be talking about one of them – security.

I believe I won’t exaggerate saying that you should be totally obsessed with the website security. In particular, if you accept online hotel booking payments, looking for the ways to improve the guest experience and, trivially, want to sleep easily at night, you should start taking care of the website security.

But if you don’t know where to start, start with a diagnostic test.

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MotoPress Hotel Booking & Divi Theme Integration: Download Free Add-on

If you belong to the ‘Divi Nation’ and plan to implement the WordPress hotel booking system by MotoPress, we’ve got awesome news for you!

MotoPress devs found the way to simplify the Divi theme customization process with regard to content generated by the Hotel Booking plugin. All you need to do to make your Divi & MotoPress workflow more easy-going is to download this lightweight free add-on from the official WordPress repository:

Hotel Booking & Divi Theme Integration Download

It was designed specifically for clients who build Divi-powered hotel and rental property WordPress websites with the companion MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking plugin for property management.

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WordPress Twenty Nineteen Demo: Testing Beta Version

As you already know, WordPress 5.0 is due for release on November, 19th, 2018. The new block-based Gutenberg editor and the Twenty Nineteen theme, which is fully based on Gutenberg, are just around the corner – they are planned to be included into the major release.

However, as Allan Cole stated recently, Twenty Nineteen remains a work in progress and it might not be ready to be rolled out along with WordPress 5.0.

We were eager to see it in the wild but failed to find a Twenty Nineteen demo. Though there are quite illustrative Twenty Nineteen theme mockups and InVision prototypes, unfortunately, we can’t so far get the feeling of how the theme operates in real time.

So why not run it ourselves? This idea brought the WordPress 2019 theme demo to life and it is now accessible to everyone for preview purposes.

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Best Free WordPress Themes. Proving Examples that They Exist

Today WordPress users are faced with, I’d go as far as saying, the overchoice of decent free themes. Moreover, before being added to the official theme storage, all the templates are carefully examined by the WordPress quality assessment team. That is why we can now be sure that any template, available for free installation, is compliant with at least basic acceptable level of quality.

So, at this juncture, we have a little left to do: choose a template that offers the widest choice of tools and stays in line with our objectives of website creation.

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20+ Ways to Increase a Vacation Rental WordPress Website Traffic

MotoPress has been serving hundreds of vacation rental homeowners and hoteliers during the past 2 years, since the first release of the WordPress reservation system for rental properties. Throughout this journey, we’ve learned lots of SEO and marketing techniques for vacation rental owners – both plain simple and complex.

So… If you are using any of our custom-crafted hotel & property rental WordPress themes or the reservation plugin alone, we are going to share those tips with you!

They are also well suited for the owners of any property management WordPress theme, so feel free to dig deeper.

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10 Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins (Free & Premium)

You are probably wondering how to put your WordPress website into the maintenance mode.

No matter your reasons for using temporary under construction banners/pages in WordPress – site downtimes or the first launch – you need an easy way to deal with the task. This is the case when full-fledged and simple WordPress coming soon plugins come in handy. They are crafted to provide you with super easy, no-brainer, no-coding and no-tinkering (almost) under construction template building experience.

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