20 Best Free Gutenberg WordPress Themes

WordPress 5.0 was probably the most transformative update in the history of this CMS.

And no matter whether you’ve already embraced the changes or are still on the fence about upgrading to 5.0 and beyond, it’s worth keeping a wary eye on Gutenberg and its related products because the block-based editing is, in all likelihood, the inevitable future of WordPress.

To help you stay in the know, we decided to start with the very fundamentals and gathered a collection of both freshly released and already well-established WordPress templates that have two things in common: they are free and fully compatible with the new Block Editor.

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15 Best Free and Premium Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress (2019)

Considering that the vast majority of people are visuals, it’s no wonder that almost entirely image-centric Instagram has landed among the world’s most popular social media outlets.

Surely, marketers and business owners can conveniently benefit from Instagram’s potential through influencer marketing, sponsored posting or similar strategies that turned out to work perfectly on this platform and made content promotion look and feel a lot less salesy.

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50+ Best Premium WordPress Themes 2019

When it comes to choosing a premium theme for WordPress, rest assured you’ll be spoiled for choice: popular theme marketplaces, as well as standalone developer agencies, offer lots and lots of premium templates suitable for the realization of any internet project.

Among the undoubted advantages of taking a premium theme as a basis of your fresh WordPress website is the ability to receive technical support and consistent updates for your template to keep pace with all the changes and new developments in the WordPress core.

Additionally, premium templates commonly offer extensive libraries of pre-designed content sections, homepage variations or full website demos that can be taken as a foundation for your own uniquely designed site or used “as is”.

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Meet Getwid Base: Multipurpose Free WordPress Gutenberg Theme

Joining the thriving market of the custom WordPress block plugins for Gutenberg, we released the Getwid WordPress blocks add-on just a few weeks ago. Although it’s still in beta, we’re working hard to make it a (maximum) one-stop solution for WordPress users and go beyond generic block plugins.

Currently Getwid is one of the biggest libraries of extra blocks for Gutenberg. And it costs you nothing to take advantage of it.

Furthermore, we’re moving in the direction of helping you get the most out of Getwid (and Gutenberg) by creating and delivering custom Gutenberg themes. And the first one is already available for download!

Today we are excited to introduce Getwid Base – a flexible and clean-looking WordPress theme for the Gutenberg era.

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Choosing a WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin from the List of the Best Ones

Do you have a website or blog and want to enhance it with an online shop? Or maybe you are looking for the best solution to build a WordPress eCommerce site from scratch?

The good thing is that no matter which of the two goals you have, you’ll need one single tool to start selling on WordPress – a shopping cart plugin.

From the general point of view, all the eCommerce related plugins on WordPress can be divided into two types: the complete solutions for building online shops from A to Z and the plugins providing some specific functions (e.g., letting you create simple product lists without the actual selling functionality.)

In this article, we’ll go through the plugins of both categories.

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Meet Getwid: WordPress Gutenberg Blocks by MotoPress

Probably the fiercest Gutenberg blocks competition is in full swing. We are observing the rise of Gutenberg add-on plugins that are quickly growing in popularity.

However, I believe this time there is one important thing that unites all the block providers – and it’s the Gutenberg editor itself. The editing environment of Gutenberg made it much easier to combine different blocks from different companies and use them together with the core blocks, literally on one page. The matter of styling, performance and development approaches in general still differ, of course, but at least you as a WordPress user can benefit from this freedom of choice and flexibility.

Now the most interesting part! With years of crafting WordPress content building tools under the belt, MotoPress has also made its contribution!

Today we are introducing Getwid – a free Gutenberg blocks plugin that ships with the bundle of extra complex and simple blocks for all types of websites.

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How to Create a Pet Hotel Website on WordPress

WordPress has proved to be a fantastic, multidimensional solution for all types of hotel and holiday rental websites.

But if you are in the pet boarding industry, are WordPress solutions that suitable as well?

How does a traditional rental property website differ from a pet boarding hotel you are most likely planning to start? A lot of questions!

The short answer is that there is no tangible difference at the functionality aspect (but you’ll have a chance to make your own conclusions!).

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Top 15 WordPress Contact Form Plugins for Every Need and Budget

One of the easiest ways to get in touch and effectively communicate with your customers online is adding a contact form to your website: the clients will be able to reach you out directly and preserve a certain amount of privacy at the same time.

What’s more, contact forms let you interact with your website visitors without having to actually reveal your email address or other personal data that significantly reduces risk of spam attacks.

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How to Create a Boat Rental WordPress Website for Small Business

If you hire out water vehicles, such as boats, kayaks, powerboats, fishing charters, yachts, canoes and similar, a boat rental WordPress website is going to save you hours of time of your business routine.

Needless to say, this is an irreplaceable method to increase brand awareness in your local area, automate your bookings or streamline communication with your renters.

We’re not going to tell you how to start a boat rental business, of course. It’s your niche. But we can help you outline the main steps of creating a WordPress website, no matter whether you’re just starting out or already have years of experience under your belt.

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12 Beginner Resources to Help You Start and Keep up with WordPress

Looking to start your WordPress journey and feeling quite perplexed? Do you want to run a blog, business website or creative portfolio on the most popular content management platform in the world? Everything is possible, in case you use these beginner WordPress resources, which help you to avoid the first confusion that starts with the or puzzle… So we are here to give you some directions.

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