WordPress Mega Menu Block Review: Build Navigation Menus in Gutenberg

In this post, we’re taking a closer look at the WordPress Mega Menu block, a free plugin to build plain and advanced, fully responsive navigation menus in the block editor (Gutenberg).

Please note: you can take full advantage of this plugin once the full-site WordPress editing is released in core.

That means so far you can employ the plugin for placing menus of links on any page, customize their content and style, but so far you can’t fully replace your site navigation menus with this WordPress mega menu plugin.

The plugin is designed to give you more flexibility and customization tools compared to those offered with the native WordPress navigation block.

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Stratum Widgets: Advanced Accordion & Tabs Elementor Widgets

If you are looking for a handy design tool to structure large amounts of information, reduce scrolling and categorize data, feel free to present content using the Stratum Advanced Accordion and Advanced Tabs.

Stratum Elementor Addons contains 20+ advanced widgets for all purposes and business website needs, including the most popular Advanced Slider, Advanced Posts, Instagram, Price List widgets, and many more.

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How to Create a Table in WordPress (Gutenberg)

If you want to create a table in WordPress, you don’t even need any extra WordPress table plugins. Only in case you are on the Gutenberg block-based editor, though. Gutenberg offers a dedicated WordPress table block with some basic functionalities that should suffice for building many types of tables.

It was not that easy to create a responsive functional table in the Classic Editor – so if you still haven’t ditched the latter, it’s a great chance to start building your WordPress site in a more comfortable way with Gutenberg.

Let’s get to the point and assess the features of the table Gutenberg block.

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Gutenix Review: a Free Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Elementor & Gutenberg

This is the Gutenix review we’ve promised! Gutenix is a free multipurpose WordPress theme we’ve recently acquired and are eager to tell you more about its cool features.

What can you do with Gutenix? Pretty much anything!

Adapt it to your business niche, edit with the page builder of your choice, customize headers and footers, fully tweak the color scheme and typography, add sticky menus, use vertical menus, turn your blog into an astonishing online magazine, optimize for mobile and tablet devices, display a pop-up builder, build a shop with WooCommerce and get all the essentials you need to work effectively with WordPress – all in one theme.

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Stratum Widgets: The Circle Progress Bar And Counter Elementor Widgets

We have already reviewed some of the powerful Stratum Elementor widgets for creating advanced posts, sliders, and stunning Masonry galleries. Today, we’ll speak about widgets that contribute to a better visual perception of the website data.

Thanks to the Circle Progress Bar & Counter addons by Stratum, you’ll have no problems creating appealing and well-perceived visuals. In this article, we will guide you on how to maximize the customizing options of Stratum for Elementor and come up with amazing styling!
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The Best Appointment Booking Plugins for WordPress

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an appointment plugin for WordPress. And if you need a short answer to one question – no, there is no one best plugin! But there is good news, too – the vast majority of the appointment booking calendar plugins are pretty decent to help you build a self-sustainable WordPress website.

We’ll be looking at some premium WP schedule plugins to discover the full potential of solutions dedicated to this sort of business (many of them have a free version as well so make sure to check them out if you are on a tight budget).

Before we jump to the list, here are things to consider in the appointment booking plugins that will help you automate your booking-based business:

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Happy Birthday, MotoPress! Celebrating Our 8th Birthday with You

We’ve turned 8! This number means a lot to us.

In the face of COVID-19 pandemic, this year has been one the most complicated and uncertain for many of us.

But we all depend on each other so the entire MotoPress team has been doing its best to keep it up with all the plans, product updates, and releases. We’re not going to give up!

Our 8th project anniversary is a great chance to look back and mark out the most notable releases and updates. This will help you see what we are focusing on and how you can progress with us.

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6 Paid Elementor Widgets You Get for Free in Stratum Addon

With over 5+ million active users, Elementor is certainly making a stir in the multitudinous WordPress community. What makes Elementor so popular is that it offers a lot more in visual editing than its major competitors.

One of the main benefits of Elementor is free access to basic and general widgets with a smooth interface and a WYSIWYG editing mode. Although the plugin offers a Pro version with a larger number of advanced options, the majority of users remain loyal to Elementor free.

And what if we tell you there is no need to purchase a Pro version in order to get some of its premium functionality? All you need is to download Stratum – one of the most prominent free Elementor addons. It offers at least 6 widgets considered as free alternatives to the Pro ones, and those are Advanced Slider, Advanced Posts, Testimonial Carousel, Masonry Gallery, Flip Box, and Price List.

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