Meet Elementor Timetable Widget for the Event Schedule Plugin

If you’ve been using our free Timetable & Event Schedule plugin for WordPress for quite some time now, we have awesome news for those of you on Elementor! Since version 2.3.15, you can add a timetable to your site and control its look via the visual Elementor interface. We’ve added a dedicated Elementor timetable widget that eliminates the need to use shortcodes.

To get access to the widget, you need to have both plugins installed and activated: Elementor and Timetable & Event Schedule.

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WordPress Themes with Appointment Booking Calendars

If you are looking for WordPress themes with appointment booking calendars, or WordPress appointment book templates as many call them, this is the right place to find one.

The theme itself is just a mere design; what makes it an appointment booking solution is the plugin it’s supplied with. And in this time and day, most themes that state a specific kind of functionality offer that plugin bundled for free or at least state the design compatibility with a specific plugin.

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Hotel Booking for Elementor: How to Create an Elementor Hotel Site

Want to set up an accommodation booking site with Elementor? To display your properties (villas, cabins, hotel rooms, etc.) with the availability and pricing range and enable guests to book those online? Why not!

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Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg vs. Getwid WordPress Blocks

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg or Getwid? Which Gutenberg addon deserves to become your go-to solution in your WordPress site building routine? Both WordPress block addons are free, so you can take any for a spin.

Although the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg plugin installations outperform those of Getwid by ten times so far, both plugins are very popular with users and hold an approval rating in the vast majority of reviews.

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Getwid Blocks: Anchor Gutenberg Block

The Anchor Gutenberg block by Getwid WordPress blocks allows you to create anchor links for performing quick jumps from one part of the page to another (internal links).

The core Heading Gutenberg block also allows you to create anchors in WordPress, but it works for heading destinations only.

The Anchor block by Getwid is, however, more flexible – it can help you place anchors next to any content element (galleries, sliders, banners, etc.), not limiting you to just headings. That is, you can link one button to another button, etc.

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Meet Medmix: Elementor Medical WordPress Theme for Doctor Appointments

What makes a good doctor appointment template? A clean-looking design that gives a feeling of an expert and trusted service, must-have website essentials like the contact information, services, practitioners, etc. What else?

A clinic booking system that just works can be a real game changer for a medicare site. Quite often this is the central part of the site, if not the main reason for going online. It helps you accept bookings and centralize all the client-doctor communication, with maximum automation.

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How To Build a WordPress Mega Menu with Elementor and Stratum

The default WordPress navigation menu, which is styled up by your theme, allows you to use pages, posts, categories and URLs as menu items. This means you are rather limited as to what you can customize in the menu – one of the central parts of your site that helps you get the most out of your online presence.

For different types of sites this limitation might mean different things: worse product presentation for ecommerce stores, fewer chances to better highlight top posts for blogs and magazines, etc.

This is when mega menu plugins for WordPress come into play.

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15 Best Education WordPress Themes

In this collection of the best education WordPress themes, we’re reviewing general theme features and the niches these themes are mostly aimed at. For example, here you’ll find solutions for schools, training centers, solo mentors/teachers, or all-around course-optimized themes for remote learning.

Some of the WordPress education themes in this collection come with dedicated LMS plugins, appointment booking apps, forums, page builders and event WordPress calendars. These plugins will help you build and sell courses just like on the Udemy website, enable students to enroll in chosen courses, schedule events and webinars, organize video conferences or turn your site into the course and tutor booking platform.

Let’s not waste time and get down to business.

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Hotel Booking 3.9.3: Add Booking Notes & Resend Confirmation Emails

In the latest version 3.9.3 of the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress, we’ve added a few more awesome features to help you improve and centralize communication with the staff members on individual bookings and perform some routine tasks quicker.

Let’s see how it works in your plugin dashboard!
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Twenty Twenty-One Theme Examples with Getwid Blocks

The Twenty Twenty-One theme embraces the fundamentals of the block editor’s anatomy. In simple terms, just like any official WP theme predecessor, this theme is made to work smoothly in Gutenberg.

If you take a look at its demo, you’ll see that it’s a perfect canvas for a portfolio or personal website.

Alongside the development of the block editor came the rise of the block editor addons. These addons offer many more blocks that are not offered by the native WordPress builder.

And in this post, we’re about to discover how the 2021 theme plays with one of them, Getwid, our WordPress blocks library that holds an approval rating of 94% based on 64 reviews and is so far used by 30,000+ people on their WordPress sites. Woohoo!

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