WordPress 5.5 Update Breaks Plugins – How to Fix it with jQuery Migrate Helper?

WordPress 5.5 “Eckstine” brings a lot of awesome changes to the core. Removing the jQuery Migrate 1.x in WP 5.5. was one of the planned stages in terms of updating WordPress jQuery version.

Despite the recommendation for developers to get ready for this jQuery update by testing and updating their code, this update still has caught many developers unprepared.

The JavaScript library update has virtually broken many plugins, leaving WP users with messed-up Yoast, Social Warfare and even the Classic WordPress Editor plugins. Many users of these popular plugins have been reporting numerous issues.

Have some of your WordPress plugins stopped working properly after you’ve updated to WP 5.5.? Let’s get to the point and provide you with the solution.

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WordPress Gutenberg Addons Compared: Atomic Blocks vs. Getwid

Atomic Blocks or Getwid? Which one do you need for your next project? We decided to compare these two popular Gutenberg addons for WordPress to help you quickly grasp the differences and similarities.

Both plugins are created by reputable WordPress companies with many years of expertise under the belt. Atomic Blocks is made by StudioPress and WP Engine. Getwid (sometimes incorrectly spelled as GetWid – please do avoid this styling) is a Gutenberg addon by MotoPress.

Both plugins offer free Gutenberg blocks for different needs.

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15 Top-Rated Premium Magazine Themes for WordPress

Today we observe a great variety of choices in the sphere of WordPress Magazine Themes depending on personal requirements and special purpose of a future news resource. When you start searching for the best magazines WordPress theme, your browser will show an enormous amount of results.

How don’t you get confused in this endless list? How can you choose the one you need out of millions being advertised? We will try to make a short review of the most popular and noteworthy magazine WP themes you should pay attention to.

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Stratum Widgets: Banner & Flip Box Elementor Widgets

The Banner & Flip Box Elementor widgets by Stratum are perfect for creating interactive promo materials, announcements, and service sections on your WordPress website. Since they are completely customizable, you’ll definitely find a perfect solution for your website design.

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10 FREE Addons for Elementor: Which One to Choose?

Looking for the most generous free version among the Elementor addons? And we don’t necessarily mean the number of free widgets; that’s why we’ll look at the plugins at different angles (styling options, speed optimization, etc.). In this roundup, we are revising freemium solutions that one way or another provide a set of free Elementor widgets. What’s freemium, by the way?

It’s a sustainable pricing model that is mutually beneficial for developers and clients: you can use a free version for as long as you feel comfortable. Once you need a specific widget or advanced functionality, you can buy a premium license. Namely, it’s rarely the case that a plugin is 100% free. A free version can be a great starting point, though, regardless of a website.

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How to Set Wide or Full-width Content Alignment in Gutenberg

How to create full-width / wide-width containers in Gutenberg without coding? You might need them for headers, promo sections, and other content areas that you want to highlight. Wide and full-width content alignment in Gutenberg can also work for building visual hierarchy between sections and making some of them stand out.

You can do that for both pages and posts in WordPress.

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Best 10+ WooCommerce Food Delivery Themes for WordPress in 2020

In 2020, we are witnessing a drastic change in the business world. The tendency of “going more into digital” leads to the increased role of online tools, particularly, when it comes to eCommerce. Whether you own a grocery store, a restaurant, cafe, or catering service, building an appealing online storefront with a delivery functionality will help your business stay afloat in the great pandemic times. Luckily, you can use one of the WooCommerce food delivery themes to set up your website in the fastest and the most effortless way possible.
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Add More Conversion-boosting Gutenberg Blocks to the WooCommerce Storefront Theme

If you are on Gutenberg using the WooCommerce Storefront theme, you might have already had a chance to give a try to the dedicated WooCommerce blocks plugin. They give you a block-enabled way to represent featured WooCommerce products or categories, best-selling or top-rated products, reviews, filterable products, and many more essentials automatically sourced from your store content.

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WordPress Gutenberg Themes Built with Getwid

The moment Gutenberg was released divided all WordPress users into two camps – those who accepted it and those who rejected it after the first try. Nowadays, the borders between both these camps become vaguer as all even the most committed TinyMCE users start using Gutenberg themes for their projects. What has caused such a change?

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Stratum Widgets: Advanced Slider Elementor Widget

WordPress image slideshows are no doubt easy to build with Elementor. But in case a native free slider Elementor widget doesn’t live up to your expectations, give a try to the Stratum Advanced Elementor widget – a free counterpart I describe in what follows.

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