Getwid Blocks: Custom Post Type Gutenberg Block

Do you want to feature WordPress custom post types in Gutenberg dynamically? Then this Getwid Post Type Gutenberg block will come in handy. It’s truly hassle-free in adding and use.

Unlike other post-related Gutenberg blocks (Post Carousel block, Post Slider block), the Custom Post Type Gutenberg block by default can be displayed in either a grid or list layout allowing you to have all selected post types always visible.

This block will help you reinforce the way you feature pre-existing content by offering the flexibility of sorting and ordering elements, including or excluding posts. You’ll also have the freedom to completely alter the layout and content of the dynamically sourced posts.

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Getwid Blocks: Post Slider Gutenberg Block

The Post Slider Gutenberg block by Getwid WordPress blocks plugin is a very simple tool for creating sliders that are sourced from your WordPress posts or pages.

The block comes bundled with pretty similar settings as you can use with the Post Carousel Gutenberg block or other post-related blocks. However, this block can’t handle a standard carousel layout and, additionally, offers you more unique settings. The custom template creator for the post slider is also available.

The block allows you to selectively display posts or pages only from a specific category or by IDs.

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Getwid Blocks: Price List Gutenberg Block

The Price List Gutenberg block by Getwid WordPress blocks enables you to create clean and stylish online restaurant menus or other content elements that fit into the template. This block encompasses a title, description, price placeholder and an optional dotted line.

The font and colors of the block will blend nicely into your WordPress theme so you’ll be really quick building pages with it.

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Twenty Twenty Demo: Live Preview of the WordPress Default Theme

WordPress 5.3 is to be released on November 12th, 2019. The WordPress Twenty Twenty theme, which was made with Gutenberg just like Twenty Nineteen, has the same target date for release. However, there is no Twenty Twenty demo so far.

Twenty Twenty, designed by Anders Norén, is based on the Chaplin theme, but you’ll unlikely see many similarities between them: the 2020 theme offers a different design approach with regard to the content width hierarchy, menus, and imagery.

Currently, the in-progress version of Twenty Twenty WordPress default theme is available only on GitHub, so if you want to try it out firsthand or at least view the frontend demo, you need to wait until it’s merged into the core.

But if you’re curious to see it right away, we’d like to share the results of our test-runs with you! We’re inviting you to see the Twenty Twenty theme on the frontend on our staging website to get a better understanding of its look and feel.

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Connect Mailchimp to WordPress Hotel Booking with Our New Integration Addon

We love Mailchimp. Here at MotoPress, we’ve been using Mailchimp for many years to send you all types of emails on product updates, discounts, surveys, and new releases (like this one!). The platform is all about improving communication with your clients, automating repetitive tasks and eventually boosting your business. So how do you connect Mailchimp to WordPress?

If Mailchimp is your go-to tool to run email marketing campaigns on your rental property website built with MotoPress Hotel Booking, there is no need to move to a different platform to automate emails for your guests who interact with the reservation plugin. If you are new to Mailchimp, you won’t look back once you try it.

Thanks to the new Hotel Booking Mailchimp Integration addon we’re introducing in this article, you can set up a deep and intuitive connection with Mailchimp, one of the most popular email marketing platforms out there.

The whole process, as usual with our addons, doesn’t require any technical background, which makes the setup and use of the addon straightforward and fun.

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Getwid Blocks: WordPress Contact Form Gutenberg Block

The Contact Form Gutenberg Block by Getwid brings a plain contact form to your WordPress website. It’s not overbloated with excessive fields and settings making it a perfect solution for implementing a bare-minimum, lightweight form for website inquiries.

In addition to the “classic” form fields available in this block, the form allows you to implement reCAPTCHA anti-spam mechanism by Google.

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Getwid Blocks: Circular Progress Bar Gutenberg Block

Circular Progress Bar Gutenberg block by Getwid WordPress Blocks, in a similar way to the Linear Progress Bar, will help you showcase progress of any activity by means of animated indicators. The block allows website owners to display progress by animating an indicator along the circular track.

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Getwid Blocks: Linear Progress Bar Gutenberg Block

Getwid allows you to create progress bars that can be used as indicators of any progress / process by means of the Progress Bar Gutenberg block.

There are two types of such indicators bundled with Getwid, linear and circular, but in this particular guide we are looking into the former.

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Getwid Blocks: Pricing Table Gutenberg Block

The Getwid Price Box is the WordPress pricing table Gutenberg block. It allows for creating responsive comparison and price tables that will blend nicely into your WordPress theme.

The table comes with several containers, so you can edit each of them independently.

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15 Top WordPress Themes for Selling Handmade Goods Online

In our today’s collection, we gathered trustworthy Craft and Handmade WordPress Themes letting you build your own Etsy-like store and start selling handmade goods or craft supplies online.

And since the eCommerce functionality is typically added to WordPress sites with WooCommerce, all the themes in this roundup are fully optimized and ready to work with this plugin.

Enjoy the collection and don’t forget to tell us if this post has helped you in choosing the right handmade store theme for your WordPress site.

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