12 Beginner Resources to Help You Start and Keep up with WordPress

Looking to start your WordPress journey and feeling quite perplexed? Do you want to run a blog, business website or creative portfolio on the most popular content management platform in the world? Everything is possible, in case you use these beginner WordPress resources, which help you to avoid the first confusion that starts with the or puzzle… So we are here to give you some directions.

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WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin 3.2.0: Test out New Features

The latest Hotel Booking plugin version 3.2.0 is available for download!

We’ve released new tools to help you manage the guest bookings flow easier and more effectively. Also, you are about to discover how to enable your guests to select the charges they’ll incur for extra services.

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This Block Contains Unexpected or Invalid Content: How to Fix It in Gutenberg?

Let’s get straight to it.

If you’re working in the block-based WordPress Gutenberg editor, you might have experienced this error after updating and saving changes in a previously used block:

“This block contains unexpected or invalid content”

This issue occurs when the current HTML structure of the block doesn’t correspond with the previously saved version in the block editor. You may not realize that the initial block markup or attributes were modified and you are using the old version of the block.

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Top WordPress Camping Themes for Campgrounds, RV Parks and Hiking Accommodation

Online presence for a camping business can contribute to its success in lots of ways. Website for a campground or a camping equipment store gives your customers a chance to book their stay in advance and purchase or pre-order necessary gear.

The pre-ordering option, at the same time, lets campsite owners process the incoming reservations and make sure they are able to consider all the preferences of their clients and prepare everything needed to deliver excellent service.

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HomeAway vs Airbnb: Where to List your Rental Property?

More and more hotel owners decide both on listing their properties on popular OTAs and having their own WordPress hotel website with online reservations at the same time. And since cross-linking of all the booking calendars has become fully automated with plugins like Hotel Booking by MotoPress, managing multiple channels of bookings for your hospitality business is now more easy and efficient than ever.

(If in doubt which option – OTAs or independent website – is better for your business, check this substantial comparison to gain some insights.)

Popular rental marketplaces allow getting bookings straight away without any marketing preps, so the desire of property owners to not to miss the chance is completely understandable.

That is why in this article we decided to focus on two giants of property listing – HomeAway and Airbnb – and describe them from the host’s point of view.

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Meet MotoPress Hotel Booking Blocks for Gutenberg (Version 3.1.0 Highlights)

If you switched over to Gutenberg, either as a plugin or the new WordPress core block-based editor, we have great news for you.

In the latest version 3.1.0, the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress shortcodes are available as Gutenberg blocks! We believe this integration will introduce more flexibility and a better UX for your routine of composing Hotel Booking-related content.

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Real-life Websites Built with MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin & Elementor

Since the introduction of the WordPress MotoPress Hotel Booking & Elementor free conjunction add-on, we keep receiving positive feedback from homeowners and WordPress developers. This integration indeed made it possible to take advantage of both plugins: set up a WordPress property booking system with MotoPress and make its content look beautiful with Elementor.

So if you are looking to build a WordPress vacation rental website, you have a chance to do with less fuss, using virtually any WordPress theme.

Just grab the template you find suitable, implement the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin (the setup is a half-automatic procedure), install Elementor (either free or Pro version) and, finally, to tie both plugins together for visual editing, install a free Elementor integration add-on. And that’s it.

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25 Tried and Tested WordPress Blog Themes

WordPress was initially created to serve solely as a blogging platform, so despite the fact that today it can be a home for every imaginable type of website, WordPress users still have a good reason to expect this CMS to provide them with everything necessary for the first-class blogging experience.

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How to Add a WordPress Availability Calendar

There are different cases when you might need to use a WordPress availability calendar, with or without an option to book a slot.

If we look at them from the functionality perspective, which is obviously based on your normal business routine, there are several types of availability calendar plugins that differ by purpose and features.

Based on whether you need to display availability of services or spaces, hours or dates, things boil down to two broad scenarios:

  • Availability calendar for appointments (classes and courses, salon appointments, yoga sessions, car repair service, etc.) – in this case, you’ll need to look for multipurpose WordPress appointment booking plugins.
  • Availability calendar for properties (hotel rooms, location-based properties, classrooms as spaces, etc.)

There are also plugins that are capable of covering both cases, needless to say.

The only hard-and-fast rule I believe worth mentioning is that niche-dedicated availability calendars for WordPress perform better since they are sharpened for a specific business. Therefore, it’s easier for them to keep pace with specialist tools and go hand in hand with the needs of particular business.

Since we don’t know which category you fall into, we’ll cover both.

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New! Property Reviews Addon for the WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin

We are happy to announce that we’ve broadened the bundle of extra tools for the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress! Today we are introducing the release of a dedicated property reviews system: Hotel Booking Reviews extension.

It’s not a secret that real guest reviews always help prospects pick the right property, directly influencing the decision to choose one place over another. Let alone the fact it’s a real tool to measure guest satisfaction and develop your service improvement strategies.

We’ve managed to make such an important piece of software really simple in setup & operation for MotoPress users – our new add-on offers several-clicks integration with your existing properties.

Basically, this extension automatically generates a standard review form and a five-star rating system for all accommodation types you already created with the MotoPress plugin. It’ll allow past guests to share travel experiences from your hotel rooms, villas, cabins and other accommodations publicly on your website; plus, evaluate accommodation by different criteria using a popular five-star scale. An aggregate rating from all reviews will automatically produce an average property rating, up to five starts.

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