Build a WordPress Clothing Store Site with Laveri & WooCommerce

How to build a WordPress clothing store site? It might seem really daunting to build an online store website, especially when you’re just getting started.

But from our experience, it doesn’t take that huge time, effort, and money resource if you are on WordPress.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at our brand-new fashion store WordPress theme, Laveri. We’ll try to highlight its main functionality and design features of this temlate to help you see whether it’s something you are looking to use for your online presence as a clothing store site.

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Best WordPress Themes for SEO (Free & Paid)

We are used to the fact that any WordPress theme features a correct SEO markup by default. In reality, many providers do not optimize content to search engines. The solutions of such kind are likely to affect your site ranking and prevent you from reaching the top results. In this post, we will cover up top SEO-friendly templates that are best indexed by search engines. 

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Hotel Booking Plugin 3.9.7: Visualize Your Sales with the New Revenue Chart

Since MotoPress Hotel Booking version 3.9.7, you have access to the improved Reports menu you can find via WP dashboard > Bookings > Reports.

An upgraded version of this menu is now divided into two tabs: Reports & Export. The Export menu is the same – it allows you to easily generate and download bookings data in a CSV format.

The new tab, Reports, will help you see all your sales and bookings within a chosen period of time in a graphical representation.

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Best WordPress Themes for eCommerce 2021

The 21st century is all about digitization. No matter what type of business people have, all of them are aligning towards bringing their venture online. However, the transition from brick and mortar store to an online store is not that easy. You need to have proper knowledge of the type of website you want as the needs of each website are different. To help you out, we compiled a list of best WordPress themes for eCommerce suitable for different business niches.

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Stratum Widgets: Table Elementor Widget

Since version 1.3.7, the Stratum Elementor widgets library is offered with the Advanced Table widget you can download for free.

Although there are numerous ways to create a table in WordPress, you don’t need to search for third-party plugins if you are on Elementor.

Unfortunately, there is no table widget among the free basic Elementor widgets, but with the Stratum Elementor table widget, you can build custom responsive tables visually without any special tech skills.

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Best WordPress Gallery Plugins 2021 (Free & Premium)

We all know, the default WordPress settings allow creating image galleries via shortcodes. At the same time, we realize core settings are never enough. Shortcodes can’t make a half of what best WordPress gallery plugins are capable of – both free and premium ones.

If you are in search of powerful gallery options with multiple display options, albums, lightboxes, and support of various media content, this post is for you. We collected 15 WordPress best gallery plugins with advanced grids and many other pro options.

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Stratum Widgets: Content Switcher Elementor Widget

Since version 1.3.7, Stratum offers a free Toggle and Content Switcher widget for Elementor.

A content switcher allows you to organize content, especially large amounts of it, on a page in a compact way. This will allow the site visitors, for example, to see the difference between content pieces or better navigate through rather large amounts of information.

This widget is perfect for creating a custom content switcher in Elementor without any code tweaks, via the familiar Elementor’s interface.

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Best WordPress Themes for Artists 2021

This post is devoted to all professionals and business owners engaged in creating or popularizing art. Monetizing different forms of art is more effective with a solid online presence. WordPress offers plenty of high-quality solutions for designers, photographers, dancers, gallery owners, tattoo artists, and more. We will prove it in our list of top 20+ WordPress art themes.

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Best Wine Themes for WordPress 2021

Being advocates of beautiful designs and great website functionality, we try to keep our readers updated on the best WordPress themes & templates. Our goal for this selection was to find the best wine theme, which offers the easiest customization, universal layouts, and WooCommerce features on top.

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