Getwid Blocks: Image Box Gutenberg Block

The Image Box Gutenberg block by Getwid WordPress Blocks is an image-focused layout pattern. It comes with image, heading and text containers. You can use it for balancing media and text content on your WordPress website as well as make image presentation more informative.

It resembles the Icon Box block by Getwid but comes with an image area instead of an icon.

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Getwid Blocks: Icon Box Gutenberg Block

Icon Box Gutenberg WordPress block by Getwid is a pre-made layout pattern that comprises heading, text and icon containers.

You may consider it a more advanced version of the Getwid Icon block since if you need to accompany icons with text, this block will let you accelerate the process.

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Hotel Booking Plugin for WordPress Version 3.7.0: New Features

The newest WP Hotel Booking plugin version 3.7.0 ships with awesome features that will surely help you improve guest satisfaction on the pre-arrival stage.

New tools are aimed at making checkout and booking processes more efficient for guests as well as simplifying business execution processes for you.

Let’s take a brief look at the main improvements and talk about how you can implement them today.

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Luviana Review: a Brand New Hotel Booking Template for WordPress

Luviana hotel booking template for WordPress is a new premium addition to the lineup of the MotoPress themes.

This new theme has an exceptional sense of the classic, luxurious hotel design. It’s crafted to make any hotel feel like a luxury hotel on the web!

It yet comes with an interfusion of usability, creativity and mobile-friendliness, so at the end tech-savvy guests will enjoy thoughtful, modern digital experiences.

Although our collection of the hotel booking and vacation rental WordPress themes is already pretty diverse, I believe none of these themes is closer to the luxury hotel and boutique concept than Luviana.

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Getwid Blocks: Google Maps Gutenberg Block

Google Maps Gutenberg block by Getwid enables you to integrate a popular web mapping service by Google with your WordPress website visually with a single block, without resorting to extra plugins or playing with code snippets.

Since it’s a third-party service integration, you’ll need to obtain an API key associated with your project to start using it with WordPress.

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How to Create a Multilingual Hotel WordPress Site with Weglot Website Translator

As an accommodation business, you are most likely right now losing clients if you do not use any intelligent website translator and your website doesn’t speak their languages.

Translating your website into several languages, however, can attract a wider audience of international travelers within a short period of time. This is the recommendation #2 in the list of effective methods of improving your vacation rental or hotel website traffic.

If you run a non-English site that doesn’t have a version translated into this “lingua franca”, you don’t even need to conduct a research to conclude that you are missing out on a huge market of travelers not only from the English-speaking countries.

If you run a website in English, though, remember that Spanish and Chinese native speakers still make the top in the “List of languages by number of native speakers”. Food for thought.

So how do you translate your WordPress website into other languages?

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Getwid Blocks: Advanced Heading Gutenberg Block

The Advanced Heading block by Getwid allows you to add text content and control its overall settings, such as font style, font family, colors and others. This block is substantially richer than the core Gutenberg Heading and Paragraph blocks.

This Getwid block comes with pre-installed Google Fonts, alignment and color settings and many more options to help you tailor one of the most significant parts of any website – typography.

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WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin Updated: The Latest Releases

In this article, we’ll touch on details on the recent releases: MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin versions 3.6.0 and 3.6.1.

We’ll be talking about how you can utilize more possibilities of Stripe, the new EU’s payment services directive for dealing with online payments, a quick and painless process to connect your bookings and availability data with Expedia and more awesome improvements.

Read on to learn why so far you won’t find a better WordPress booking plugin for hotels and vacation rentals. No brag, just fact.

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Hurrayyy! MotoPress Celebrates its 7th Birthday!

We’ve turned 7 years old!

Unbelievably, how fast the time goes, but MotoPress team, tries to keep up with it and this year of hard and dedicated work proves we succeeded in all our goals!

Firstly, we want to say a huge thank you to all our users – you are the best! Thank you for being with us, for your feedback and criticism, because only this way we can improve and develop new helpful products for you!

Today, as we celebrate our Birthday, we want to take a look back and go one more time through all our achievements. This year was fabulous for us since we:
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