How to Create the Best Spa Website on WordPress

It’s important to stick to a niche-specific theme if you plan on opening a spa & salon website on WordPress.

Such a spa template won’t just deliver the right set of tools, it’ll also save you a lot of time on the customization routine – since it as a rule comes with loads of pre-designed blocks you might ever need.

In this tutorial, we’re about to show you major steps of creating a spa salon website on WordPress with the professional dedicated theme, the Lotus appointment spa salon WordPress theme.

The Lotus theme is designed with the right look and feel for a beauty salon WordPress site. It perfectly suits the needs of beauty, wellness, hair, nail and spa websites – and everything in between.

In addition to that, the Lotus spa WordPress theme also comes with a pack of convenient features to manage online appointments. And this is often a must-have thing to automate appointment scheduling via your site.

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10+ Best Free and Premium Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress

Customers are always seeking the best option if there is more than one package to offer. It is convenient for them to see the pros and cons of each product at a glance. Thus, your online business needs such a tool as a pricing table. It shows the main features of different items and makes the users fully informed and able to compare costs. You have to install the pricing table plugin WordPress developed and place clear and well-ordered information on your website.

Visitors can view it and find the most appropriate service, product, or plan. In this list, we want to unveil details about the best pricing table plugins for WordPress. It displays both free and paid WP plugins.

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Build a Hotel Booking Website in WordPress: Essential Plugins

We’ve been helping thousands of hotel and vacation rental businesses build their sites on WordPress for 4+ years already.

The MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress is our booking engine that enables website owners and developers to create a professional directory of accommodations, display real-time availability calendars, and offer guests direct bookings via a handy property finder form.

On this blog, for those who are already our clients, we share numerous tips, insights, and solutions related to the hotel site SEO, availability data synchronization to external platforms like, and many more things on how to create hotel booking website.

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Best WordPress LMS Themes Compared

When searching for the best LMS WordPress themes, you might not even suspect that you in the first place choose among plugins.

It’s a common practice to distribute an LMS WP theme with a plugin, the former won’t be so attractive to prospects (you) otherwise.

There is a handful of learning management system LMS plugins for WordPress dedicated to creating an online learning website, some are better optimized for the realities of the online tutoring business, others are not that gam-packed with features.

A plugin is what makes you add a course material, organize lessons, add tutors, configure user registration, tailor gamification features, assign homework, and set up monetization options, while a theme is what makes it all look eye-pleasing and professional.

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Ignore Booking Rules for Manually Added Reservations since Hotel Booking 3.9.9

Since the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress version 3.9.9, you get more control over the booking cancelation process and more flexibility of adding bookings to the dashboard manually as a website administrator.

These are actually very easy settings that employ a few button clicks. Let’s quickly walk you through the new configuration options.

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Best Lawyer WordPress Themes (Free & Premium)

There is a great demand for a professional online presence, and lawyers are not the exception. We believe that every law firm or individual legal specialist needs a solid website supported by one of the best lawyer WordPress themes. So far, it’s the best way to promote yourself or your law firm regardless of the provided services.

To create a website, there is no need to invest in expensive development because the WordPress platform offers a good selection of law templates.

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Clients Can Book Multiple Services since Appointment Booking Plugin 1.4.0

The most significant WordPress Appointment Booking plugin improvement that was rolled out with version 1.4.0 is the multiservice booking feature.

Compared to other scheduler plugins for WordPress you might have encountered, this feature is rather unique – it’s aimed at speeding up and simplifying the booking procedure of several services during one go for your clients.

We believe it will significantly improve the user experience of clients who need to book several services, the same or different, for different time slots.

For example, this will definitely benefit spa and wellness salons, hairdressing service providers and the like – when clients quite often need to order more than one treatment or service within one transaction.

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Customer Stories: Bright Property Management, Multiple Property Owner from Spain

Andy Ward, Spain, helps his friend to manage a portfolio of properties on the Costa del Sol via the Bright Property Management website.

Being at the intersection of technology and business, Andy shares a very interesting perspective on vacation rental websites and how they help manage real businesses.

They operate multiple amazing vacation rentals, such as villas, townhouses, penthouses, apartments and others using the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress bridged to AirBNB, HomeAway and other OTAs.

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Top-Ranked WordPress Plugins For Business

The world is in the process of digitization, and now every business is interested in having a website to be connected with customers worldwide.

If your business needs a creative and successful website, then your choice is WordPress. Here you can find WordPress plugins for businesses that will help you to gain profit. To develop a website, you have to take into account many details. WordPress offers multiple options you can choose from depending on the business purpose and field.

Even if you are a beginner in IT, here is a list of WordPress best plugins for the business you can set up without skills in writing code.

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How to Build a WordPress Service Website

If you operate a beauty salon, equipment repairing shop, provide consulting services, or are in any other service-based business, you most likely know that you need to build your own website to grow your clientele. Because… People are used to searching for local businesses online!

How to build a website with WordPress? How to create a service website? What do your prospects want to find out on your services website? What information do they want to be instantly clear and visible? In general, the list of essentials is as follows:

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