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When you need personal extra help with the MotoPress products, we’ve got you covered. This Extended Support service is ready to help you with the custom website configurations, style tweaks and import of the demo data.

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This service is provided by MotoPress.
    extended support

    Get the Best WordPress Extended Support for Your Website!

    We are always here for you to answer all of your questions related to plugins, addons, and themes by MotoPress. We do care about the docs and knowledge base for our products, but when you need extra help and custom tweaks, the Extended support was created just for that purpose.

    If you purchase the Pro version of any MotoPress product, you get basic support and updates by default. However, if you want to go beyond the basic support of the Premium products and need extra help, Extended Support will help you deal with more complex issues.

    What do you get with WordPress support services by MotoPress?

    • Priority support for Premium products.
    • Basic support for FREE MotoPress plugins and themes (Pro products come with basic support by default).
    • Minor customization of the MotoPress products (style and layout customization).
    • Import of the sample data.
    • Help with fixing minor bugs of third-party assets built into MotoPress products.

    The following actions are not included in this service:

    • Product customization or design services that aim at extending the product beyond the original features and functionality given in the product description.
    • Installation service.
    • Hosting services.

    The service is valid for one website. We work on the service only during business days (public holidays and weekends are non-working ones). Response time can vary as it depends on the volume of current inquiries and a kind of an issue.

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    28 Replies to “Extended Support

    1. Hello team,
      A couple of things to be changed in my Booklium theme, can this service will be the perfect one for those??? I have added my requirements below:

      1. I need to change the hotel gallery images to responsive Slider with a thumbnail like wooCommerce product gallery (http://flexslider.woothemes.com/thumbnail-controlnav.html)
      2. If I have added a rule of Min stay 7 nights, and a visitor will select a lesser night than the rule. Then a notification/alert should show-“(RULE – (Like: min stay is 7 nights, please contact to [email protected] for lesser stay))”
      3.additional service want to add As WooCommerce product upsells On check out page. So, that additional service will have other parameters as well. Like: We want to provide Car rental services, Now there should have two option- Airport pickup/Drop, After selecting the option, should ask how many people. then the price will show and calculate to the billing section.

      1. Hi, Thank you for your request. This service can be used for light layout/style customization.
        1. Do you mean you wish to replace the gallery at the top of each accommodation type page with the one you shared?
        2. By default the guest can not pick the check-out date earlier than 7 nights stay if you have added a proper booking rule. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to add this modification by terms of this service.
        3. There is no possibility to add woocommerce product upsell option by terms of this service. You may try to add a separate Service either for Airport pickup and for a drop under Hotel Booking plugin selecting Guest Choice periodicity.

    2. I would like to customize the checkout page with a 3 column (left to right) layout:
      1st column with coupon code fields and price breakdown;
      2nd column with booking details; and
      3rd column with customer information form

      Will Extended Support cover this?

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