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Setting up an Online Food Delivery WordPress Website: Plugins for Your Restaurant Menu

If you are looking to integrate online food delivery WordPress services for your cafe, restaurant, or shop, we’re going to show you how to do just that with a few WordPress food ordering system plugins.

Before we go any further, let’s outline the main things you’ll have at your disposal with the sort of functionality we’re going to review:

  • A custom database of offerings you can showcase in the needed way with prices, parameters, and images on your website.
  • E-commerce tools to enable shoppers to order online.
  • Delivery tools to allow customers to use delivery or pickup services when ordering online from you.

To make it all work on your WordPress website, you need two plugins from the MotoPress WordPress food ordering system toolchain:

  1. MotoPress Restaurant Menu – the core plugin for building a menu and setting up e-commerce tools. It’s free (no kidding).
  2. The Delivery addon for Restaurant Menu – it enables delivery settings for any menu item. A premium extension that will cost you $34.

As you can see, you have a great chance to cut down on operational and website building expenses.

For the purpose of this post, we’ll try to focus primarily on the delivery settings.

If you need a step-by-step guide on how to set up a WordPress cafe menu with the core MotoPress Restaurant Menu plugin, there are a few resources for your reference:

  1. Step-by-step docs.
  2. Blog guides:

Wanna skip all that stuff? If you need a very quick guide on how to make a restaurant menu on WordPress with the core plugin, here is a brief outline to help you get the idea:

  1. Add menu items with the full description.

restaurant menu items

2. Add unlimited custom ingredients, tags, images and optionally assign your menu item to the needed category.

ingredients motopress restaurant menu

3. Optionally create a list of nutrition facts and a portion size.

portion size restaurant menu

4. Add a product price.

5. You may also give a more custom look to categories by adding icons, descriptions, etc. and assign menu items to them.

motopress restaurant menu category

6. Configure e-commerce settings (set up currency, offer PayPal Standard or COD payment methods, add payment method icons, enable or disable guest checkout, add tax rates, create a privacy policy page, etc.). The plugin also gives you a chance to test payments before moving online with the up-and-running website.

payment motopress

The free Menu Cart will also come in handy for displaying the shopping icon in the navigation bar.

7. Add menus to the page. As for design, the Restaurant Menu plugin provides the theme-reliant patterns of behavior meaning the visual styling of your content should blend nicely with the WordPress theme of your choice.

We are quite flexible here – you can stay on your current theme or go with any dedicated restaurant web templates.

Also, the plugin will help you choose different variations of the list or grid layouts, with the focus on a category or menu item. For example:

  • Menu items categorized:

category menu item

  • List:

menu items list

  • Simple list:

simple list mp restaurant menu

Orders and customer details are stored in the admin dashboard. Well, that’s it! Not that much work to do to display your WordPress restaurant menu on the site and enable the food ordering system.

This was a quick bird’s-eye view, so let’s proceed with the online food delivery WordPress extension.

How to set up online delivery services for your food menu on WordPress

The MotoPress Food Delivery addon for WordPress will help you operate in a more agile way and serve your customers better. Again, this is an extension to the MP Restaurant plugin we’ve just described; the addon won’t work without it.

There are almost no technicalities to be explained, the things are quite self-explanatory. All the settings can be configured via the Extensions tab in the MotoPress Restaurant Menu:

extensions delivery

The extension is made to be smoothly integrated with the main plugin and comes with the following tools:

  • Orders can be delivered or collected from your cafe or restaurant (customers can choose a delivery or pickup option at checkout).
  • Orders can be delivered at specific times (customers can choose the exact time of delivery; you can set a minimum time interval from the time of purchase, though).
  • Delivery fee.
  • A minimum order amount for free shipping.
  • Taxes included into the delivery charges.
  • The ability to edit orders upon customer’s request (add or delete menu items).
  • You can allow customers to monitor your progress thanks to specific order statuses (cooking, shipping, complete, etc.).

By “Enabling delivery”, you’ll make the corresponding notice appear at checkout:

motopress restaurant menu food delivery wordpress

Customers can choose the way to get their orders. If they opt for the pickup services, you can include a notice with your opening hours:

motopress delivery addon pickup option

You can state these details in General Settings of the Delivery extension:

general settings

If a shopper chooses delivery, they can select the needed time:

choose delivery time

As for online payments, customers can pay online via PayPal or in cash when the order is delivered.

You as a website admin also want to receive all new order notifications with the delivery details stated in the email. For this, don’t forget to include the needed Delivery addon associated tags into the admin / customer email templates to make sure that the information submitted on delivery will also be duplicated:

delivery tags

You can include delivery cost and general delivery information by simply copying and pasting the tags into the templates.

For admin emails: Restaurant Menu > Settings > Emails > New Sale Notifications

For customer emails: Restaurant Menu > Settings > Emails > Purchase Receipt.

All the delivery details are available for a quick preview in your MotoPress Restaurant Menu > Orders.

Voila! You integrate the online food delivery WordPress services on your site and can start selling.

Integrate the Toppings extension to the food ordering plugin, sell more

Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to increase the sum of each check! Enable customers to add extras related to their orders (toppings to the pizza, side dishes for the main order, etc.).

toppings online food delivery wordpress plugin

One more MotoPress Restaurant Menu-native addon that will add this functionality is available as a paid extension: the Toppings addon.

This is a great solution for those who want to create restaurant website, such as a pizza ordering system on WordPress, fast food ordering systems and the like.

Final word: Improve your online ordering services with the WordPress Food Delivery plugin by MotoPress

Although the MotoPress Restaurant Menu plugin for WordPress is a well-equipped solution, it will unlikely replace a dedicated scalable online restaurant management software with tons of integrations.

But if you need something rather plain and simple you can set up yourself with minimum effort and budget, this is the right menu and website builder for restaurants.

Here is the toolchain of plugins that must be installed and activated:

  1. MotoPress Restaurant Menu.
  2. Delivery addon for Restaurant Menu.

You can set up a virtual space for managing your orders from the comfort of your home… or cafe! Most importantly, you don’t need to spend ages on this.

We’d love to hear your questions, so fire away.

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