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During a few last months we slowed down our work on MotoPress Visual Builder to focus on our new products – Responsive Slider for WordPress and Content Editor Addons. But we haven’t stopped it at all and now want to show you new improvements which were added to the Content Editor plugin in the updated version 1.6.1.


So what can you use in our updated WordPress drag and drop editor to edit your pages and posts visually? There are really many new features that were added to this release, we’ll stop on the most significant only:

Highly Customizable Service Box Widget

When we state that it’s highly customizable we mean really very multi-functional service box tool.

service box widget features

After adding the widget to the stage, in the Service box settings you can:

  • decide whether to make your content centered or align it to the right side
  • choose the media type of the service box by setting the font icon, image icon or wide image
  • set the size of the icon, its color, effect and background settings which could be without changes, square, rounded or circle. 
  • write the title and assign its style: from H1 till H6. Note: this parameter is very important for SEO
  • fill the service box with content or leave only an icon and a button
  • decide whether to display the button or not
  • select button text, link, alignment and even color

Updated Post Grid Widget

In the previous versions of MotoPress page builder it’ll be possible to display only recent posts and custom post types, now by using the Post Grid widget you are able to display any kind of posts: blog post, forum, topic, reply, documentation and download. We are sure, you’ll appreciate a new feature to show posts with the Custom Query option as you are allowed to choose the number of columns, style of the post, image size, and title style. It’s also possible to show the date and comments of the post or vice versa hide them. If you need you can add ‘Read more’ text or the ‘Load more’ button, so users do not miss any important information.

Improved Button widget

The button is a really significant element in each post or page. In most cases, it plays a ‘call to action’ role and should be very noticeable. Considering this fact we’ve added the ability to set an icon for the Button and the opportunity to stretch it to the full width of the page.

Additional Changes

  • added the ability to set Instagram link in Social Buttons widget
  • added the opportunity to use shortcodes in Members Content widget
  • added the possibility to show caption of the image in Image widget
  • added the ability to add addons settings in the MotoPress settings section
  • made minor bug fixes and improvements

We’ve worked hard to bring all these new features of MotoPress Visual Page Builder to you and hope you are going to enjoy and use them. We are looking forward to seeing your feedback in the comments.

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3 Replies to “MotoPress Visual Builder Version 1.6.1 released”

  1. Hi Rommel,
    Currently we have Emmet theme only. You can also play either selfhosted or third party videos using MotoPress Slider or Video Addon for MotoPress Content Editor. It allows to play videos in slider and lightbox.
    Additionally MotoPress page builder is compatible with all WordPress themes so you can search for any theme you like and use it with our visual editor.

  2. Hi Emily
    I want to create a user generated content sharing site with front end drag and drop multimedia post (primarily video i.e. self hosted or third party such as youtube) submission.
    Also, I want it to be community, viral content sharing platform. so it should have a feature of members area with editable user profile , user post archive.
    users should be able to add friends and comment on the post of other users with a simple registration

    other features such as responsive retina ready , multiple browser compatibility ..etc..

    Do you have a suitable theme for such a site with motopress content editor , which will allow me to configure and design the site such as a welcome header with text, video or parallax slider etc..
    I checked out the Emmet theme. But its video post format is not very impressive.. also i doubt if it has self hosted facility… . The video player does not full screen option as well..

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