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The customers’ help in improving the product is priceless. This time your feedback and recommendations encouraged our team to implement one new useful option into recently released a free Restaurant Menu plugin for WordPress – a powerful tool to build stunning unlimited menus and sell your food and drinks online.

Restaurant Menu Plugin for WordPress: Flat List View

A fresh update is one more alternative of the restaurant menu view modes: new Simple List View, which helps you present the menu items in a plain carefully crafted list without images including only necessary details.

Main List and Grid view modes have the main emphasis on images. We understand that for some restaurant owners it can be hard to deal with taking photos of all menu items, or this solution simply doesn’t fit the site design. This situation changed thanks to a new update. From now on the restaurant and cafe owners can set Simple List View mode of the restaurant menu items and feature a clutter-free list of the menu items with prices and other optional elements.

Let’s illustrate it with example. Instead of a standard List view with images like the following example:

List View mode

… you can choose your menu to appear in a clean way setting Simple List View:

clean list view

So, how can you set this mode? Very easy. You are free to apply it within the shortcode of the restaurant menu plugin.

To do this, please add a new Post/Page > Choose Restaurant Menu icon in the TinyMCE > in the shortcode window opened set Show menu Items in the Shortcode Type > in the View Mode set Simple List. In the same window you can also set a Price position: dotted line and price on the right, price on the left, or price next to the title and tick all other needed options you want to show next to the title of the menu item (e.g. tags, ingredients, etc.). Just like on the screen shot below:


You can also set a category image (it should not necessarily be your product image) and get the following more customized list of your propositions (each menu item can be clickable, so your website visitors are able to see more info about individual menu items):

Example of clean list view

MotoPress Restaurant Menu Plugin: Download For Free

We try hard to make your online restaurant with MotoPress Restaurant Menu plugin spicier and hope that this update will significantly ease and speed up your customization work! And what menu style is more suitable for your online restaurant? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Very nice plugin, but there are bullets before the title, the dottet line and the price.
    Is there a way to set the li style to none?

    Thanks in advance

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