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8 Best WordPress Slider Plugins Compared

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Don’t have enough time to assess and compare the variety of responsive slider plugins? No worries, we’ve done that job for you!  In this post, we try to provide you with a quick and effective comparison of some best WordPress slideshow gallery plugins, which are used by thousands of individuals and businesses.

The comparison table presents all the needed features people usually need when they choose the WordPress image slider. So, we are answering your questions like:

will this slider work with WooCommerce?

can I create a WordPress posts feed slider with it?

will this WordPress slider swipe well on mobiles and tablets?

is it possible to use a few WordPress slider plugins on a website?

add yours here.

Here is your helpful collection!

Master Slider

wordpress responsiveMaster slider is one of the most popular freemium WordPress slideshow plugins. You’ll work with a drag-and-drop interface, which works the right way for all content layers. This slider WordPress comes with multiple interactive transitions, Parallax effects, ability to add a video background and more. Swipe navigation and image hotspots are also supported. This demonstration tool performs pretty much any actions you expect from slider for WordPress.

Is it your solution? Yes, if you need a full-blown slider with the biggest and most professional collection of pre-made slider templates and an extremely user-friendly dashboard.

MotoPress Responsive Slider

motoMotoPress Content Editor is a lightweight WordPress slider with loads of cool features: animated layers, video slideshow, visual style builder, multiple animation effects, integration with MotoPress Content Editor plugin and more. Slider WordPress plugin by MotoPress will be an all-in-one solution for creating vivid animations and promoting various types of products or services you have.

Is it your solution? Yes, if you need a highly feature-rich free plugin which includes WooCommerce product slider and blog posts slider; plus, individually editable transitions for all layers (content modules).

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a popular premium WordPress slider plugin, which comes with all needed features to provide you with complete customization flexibility and freedom for your imagination: variety of templates, block layer animation, free object library with font icons, background images, stunning 3D Parallax effects, drag-and-drop slide builder and many more. At first sight, this slider plugin WP has a rich set of features that really corresponds to the reality once you try it.

Is it your solution? Yes, if you need a reputable slider WordPress solution with a gazillion of modern features and free addons to build a cool slideshow gallery of any type.

Soliquity Slider

soliloquy wp responsiveThis is another nice plugin to build a WordPress slideshow gallery – customize your slides with drag-and-drop functionality, edit pre-designed slider templates, all sorts of responsive slides. With this WP slider plugin you may even protect your images preventing from direct downloads. The only biggest disadvantage is that the personal license for $19 is very limited and doesn’t even include support.

Is it your solution? Yes, if in addition to all essential features, you also need ability to use your custom CSS. Plus, you are ready to pay up to $100 for all the ultimate bundle of slider features.

Essential WordPress Slider Features Compared #1

FeatureMaster SliderMotoPress SliderSlider RevolutionSoliquity Slider
Pre-made slideshow templatesMultipleNoYesYes
WooCommerce compatible (product slider)Yes (pro)Yes (free)Yes (pro)Yes (addon included into Developer pack)
Posts SliderYes (pro)Yes (free)Yes (pro)Yes
Swipe navigationYesYesYesYes
Drag-and-drop interfaceYesYesYesYes
Video slidesYesYesYesYes
Responsive layersYesYesYesYes
Free versionYes

Master Slider Free Download


MotoPress Slider Free Download


Soliloquy Slider Free Download

Nivo Slider

nivoNivo slider is a simple and lightweight classic WordPress image slider. For example, with this responsive slider WordPress you can construct an awesome carousel slider using categories or native WordPress post types to power your slides. Nivo Slider will also automatically crop your images (in Pro version).

Is it your solution? Yes, if you need an easily manageable WordPress slider without all crazy bells and whistles. Providing a simple slider WordPress is the purpose of your search, surely pay attention to this one.


layer slider premiumLayer Slider is a popular WordPress multipurpose slideshow plugin. It provides a drag-and-drop interface which a play for non-tech users, tons of cool templates and perfect user experience for users of all modern devices. With this WordPress photo slider plugin, you can easily feature pictures and apply extraordinary effects to them.

Is it your solution? Yes, if you want to pepper your slider with such fancy features as interactive play-by-scroll slides, origami slider transitions and layer pop-ups (all these are premium features) to guarantee a wow effect.

WP1 Slider

Mp1 slider

WP1 Slider is another awesome plugin for building multipurpose WordPress slideshows. It comes packaged with all the essential features you need to build a visually attractive and SEO lightweight responsive slider. This one of the best free slider plugins for WordPress supports all types of sliders like WooCommerce, Facebook or Instagram image galleries, SoundCloud audio slider, social media slides, full-width, and auto-width sliders, and any other you can only dream about.

Is it your solution? Yes, if you need a professional WordPress slider with countless features and ability to create a very specific slider at a very affordable price.

Meta Slider

meta responsive slider wp

Meta Slider is a cool WordPress plugin with a live slide editor and intelligent image cropping feature. It’s not overloaded with a ton of options, but all the essentials are there: animated layer slider, thumbnail navigation, video slider, posts feed slider, and more. Meta is a WordPress responsive slider, so you may be confident that all the sliders will be correctly rendered on various devices.

Is it your solution? Yes, if you need a simple WordPress slider for an image, video or posts slideshow.

Essential WordPress Slider Features Compared #2

FeatureNivo SliderLayerSliderWP1 SliderMeta Slider
Pre-made slideshow templatesYes (pro)Yes (pro)Yes (pro)No
WooCommerce compatible (product slider)NoYesYes (pro)Yes
Posts SliderYes (pro)YesYes (pro)Yes (pro)
Swipe navigationNoYesYesYes
Drag-and-drop interfaceNoYesYes (partly)Yes (party)
Video slidesNoYesYes (pro)Yes (pro)
Responsive layersYesYesYesYes
Free versionYes

Nivo Slider Free Download


WP1 Slider Free Download


Meta Slider Free Download

We did not test the performance of the slider because this is what will be different in different environments.

So, hopefully, this quick WordPress slider plugins comparison will serve you as a nice helper! Don’t forget to bookmark the post and share your ideas in the comments. Choose the one from these best sliders for WordPress and create unique & stylish sliders that will amuse your website visitors.

Disclosure: this page contains external affiliate links and we may be paid a commission if you buy the products featured above. The thoughts on this page are our own and have not been based on the payment.

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