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Hotel Booking Plugin for WordPress Now Translated into 13 Languages!

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Awesome news and a huge achievement! The backend and frontend content of the WordPress Booking system we’ve recently launched is translation ready and is professionally translated into 13 languages: Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, French and German.

We understand that managing a hotel business is hard without proper local optimization – online and offline. So, hopefully, you found your language on the list and won’t need to spend your time on translation.

Update! We are pleased to announce that professional Arabic translation is also at your disposal now! 14 languages in total 🙂

Features of the Hotel Booking Plugin

To pick up all features of the Hotel Booking plugin in seconds, check these slides:

Apart from professional translations added, let’s see how you can control language settings:

1. You may choose your main language.
2. You may translate the plugin into your language if you don’t see it in the list.
3. You may customize existing plugin texts to adjust to your hotel establishment needs.
4. You may use the plugin on a multilingual website.

As for how to make your adjustments, we have a quick language guide right inside your WordPress dashboard: go to Accommodation > Language.

wordpress hotel booking pluginThere you’ll see 3 possible ways to work with the plugin language:

1. By default, the plugin will display frontend and backend content in the language you set in Settings > General > Site Language.

wordpress hotel booking plugin

2. If you want to change texts of the plugin to be better appropriate for your hotel establishment, you can customize the POT file of the needed language:


You can translate/edit it with any program like Poedit, Loco, Pootle, etc, and then compile it to an MO file (Machine Object).

After you are done with your edits, put a new generated MO file into this folder:


Legend: {lang} is ISO-639 language code and {country} is ISO-3166 country code.

And here is a list of codes.

Example: Brazilian Portuguese file will be called motopress-hotel-booking-pt_BR.mo.

The same with English texts. So, I tried to edit the “Reserve” button of the Search Availability form and performed the following steps:

1. Opened POT file and created a new translation for en_US.
2. Made my edit.
3. Generated MO file and put to /wp-content/languages/motopress-hotel-booking/motopress-hotel-booking-en_US.mo

Here is the result:

wordpress hotel booking plugin

The file will store only your new edits, so it should not take a lot of space on your server.

3. If your website is multilingual, you can use any popular plugin like WPML to translate all your custom content (added manually, not default plugin content) and let users switch the language on the frontend. Moreover, the plugin was tested by both sides (MotoPress and WPML) and is now officially compatible with WPML plugin! Check out AlpenHouse theme demo see the language switcher for multilingual websites.

And that’s all!

Hopefully, this improvement will be helpful for many non-English websites, plus will give you more freedom in content customization.

Send your questions if there are any!

Update! Want to get this plugin with all other MotoPress plugin at an extremely low price? Check out the MotoPress Membership.

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