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MotoPress Hotel Booking 2.7.5 Released: Reviewing Major Improvements

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This is a brief overview of the latest version 2.7.5 of the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin for WordPress. It comes with several important fixes and improvements to give you more control over the plugin.

Let’s focus on improvements!

Automatically updated rate price

To deliver more pricing transparency, we’ve managed to make it possible to refresh a rate price automatically on the checkout page depending on the number of guests selected.

automatic rate update wp booking plugin

That is, if there are any per-guest price variables, guests no longer see a base rate price on the booking confirmation page – it’s automatically refreshed according to the number of guests specified in the search availability form.

More accurate prices for advanced rates

In the previous version, designating different per-night prices in the Advanced rates, you may have lacked a number of digits after comma for setting accurate pricing!

This is no longer a problem because we’ve increased that number allowing you to calculate and set 100% accurate per-night prices without rounding the values.

For example, if a base per night rate is $67 and it should be discounted for seven and more nights, you can set a precise weekly / monthly rate without rounding the value.

wordpress hotel booking rates

More precise per-night prices should work better for reporting and accountability.

Availability Calendar shortcode

We’ve added one more useful shortcode for the Availability calendar: mphb_availability_calendar. You can now insert it to the pages of the chosen accommodations to simply display available/unavailable dates.

new shortcode availability calendar

With this shortcode you can:

  • Use accommodation IDs to show the availability calendar of the specific property (go to Accommodation types list to see the ID on hover).

property id wordpress booking plugin

  • Use “monthstoshow” parameter to customize for how many months the availability should be displayed by default (set the number of rows and columns).

For example, mphb_availability_calendar id=”713″ monthstoshow=”1,2″ will display an availability calendar for the property with ID 713 for two months in one row.

wp search availability calendar

If you paste the shortcode without ID into the Accommodation type description, the calendar will show the availability of this particular accommodation (no need to insert an ID).

Moreover, to properly show your visitors that they are able to use the same date as the check-in/out date, colors in the search availability calendar will show that the day is half booked (diagonal line).

wp availability calendar

Sorting parameters for shortcodes

Depending on the type of ordering (price, order, ID, title, date, menu_order, etc.), the listing for accommodations, services, and search results can be shown according to your sorting settings. Add order to different shortcodes with ASC (from lowest to highest) and DESC (from highest to lowest values) values. You can find all these values under the “Shortcodes” menu.

For example, if you want to display properties in the search results from the highest prices to the lowest, you need to use DESC order value in the shortcode: mphb_search_results orderby=”price” order=”DESC”.

shortcode sorting-min

These are the major improvements to the base plugin.

For those of you who use WooCommerce Payments add-on for region-specific payment gateways, there are also some great updates:

  1. If you use only WooCommerce payment gateways, now you may not show a description on the checkout page. The only payment gateways designated in the WooCommerce add-on will be displayed.
  2. In a new add-on version, all prepopulated billing data is not lost when the guest is redirected to the WooCommerce checkout page. This will help you serve a better user experience for your guests.

Hopefully, these updates contributed a lot to making MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin a more robust system for rental property and hotel websites! Any thoughts? Speak your mind in the comments!

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2 Replies to “MotoPress Hotel Booking 2.7.5 Released: Reviewing Major Improvements”

  1. Hello there, I would like to know how does the recommendation system work exactly as I dont quite understand it… sometimes it shows rooms more expensive than other rooms… other times it shows different rates… is there like a description where you can tell what the algorithms put in this do?

    Thank you and keep up the good work, this will be a great plugin oneday…

    Mokhtar (purchased)

    1. Hi Mokhtar,
      The recommended section show the accommodation(s) that will match the search parameters as much as it is possible i.e. guests count for selected dates. If there is no single accommodation with requested capacity for selected dates it will suggest few accommodations to reserve.

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