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Introducing Weekly, Monthly and Custom Rates in Hotel Booking WordPress Plugin

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We are happy to introduce a new way to set up and manage rates in the MotoPress WordPress plugin for hotel booking!

From now on, you can add weekly, monthly, and any other rates based on any custom length of stay. A new tiered pricing option is aimed at giving more strength to any pricing scenario of your lodging establishment. Put simply, this is a great opportunity to provide your guests with a better per-night rate for a longer stay!

The rates are easily connected with the per-guest price variables, so you can customize all of them from one screen.

Since plugin version 2.7.2, you need to set up the rates in the following way:

  1. Make sure that you’ve added all rental accommodations and created the needed seasons.
  2. Then navigate to Rates > Add New.
  3. Choose the accommodation type you are going to configure the price for and click on the “Create rate” button.

create new rate4. Create any number of rates for the chosen season.

When creating a new rate for a season, you need to add:

  • A base per-night price.
  • A new rate with a different length of stay and its corresponding per-night price.

weekly and monthly rates

You can add as many rates as you need – each with a different duration and a per-night rate.

  1. If you also want to adjust a per-guest price variables for each rate, select “Enable variable pricing” option. This will let you set extra price parameters for each rate based on a number of guests.

per guest rate wordpress booking plugin

That’s it!

Final word

As you see, you can not just add fixed weekly or monthly rates, but also base your pricing on any custom length of stay with the new plugin’s tiered pricing system. Are you ready to create new rates and tell your guests that automatic discounts for a longer stay are already available?

Check out the new settings of the WordPress booking plugin and let us know whether or not you are completely comfortable with the update. We need your feedback!

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10 Replies to “Introducing Weekly, Monthly and Custom Rates in Hotel Booking WordPress Plugin”

    1. Hi!
      I can definitely see how this feature could be beneficial, but unfortunately, it’s not something that we can offer right now. As a workaround, you can create coupons giving guests the opportunity to reserve accommodations with discounts. To turn on the use of coupons in Settings go to the Accommodation tab > Settings > General tab > Misc > tick “Enable the use of coupons”. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other ideas.

  1. Dear MotoPress team,
    Would there be the possibility to have an offer like: “Stay 7 nights, get 1 night free” (e.g. room rate of $100 = total price of $600 instead of $700)?
    It should be limited to this specific length of stay (and eventually also multiples of it, e.g. “Stay 14 nights, get 2 nights free”).
    If I set a discount starting from 7 nights with the actual system, I have two main issues:
    1. The discounted price applies to the whole stay (e.g. if I set a price of $85 starting from 7 nights, the discounted price is applied to all bookings of 7 nights and more)
    2. The exact discounted price (6/7 of the total price), would work well for the 7 nights booking, but it would also return uglier comma-values for all other bookings (e.g. 8 nights, etc.)

    Thank you in advance and have a nice day,

    1. Hi Aron,
      There is not such an option yet. You may try to use variable pricing as workaround to set lower price for longer stay periods 7 days and 14 days. If you do not wish to gift this discount for 10 nights stay you may add variable pricing for this period too.

    1. Hi,
      If you mean variable pricing that depends on the days before check-in (something like ‘early-bird’ discount) so there is not such possibility yet. Thanks for the question and idea though.

      1. Yes. Is there any possibility of it coming soon or can you recommend how it can be done. Thanks.

        1. Hi,
          This feature has not been selected for development yet. With the current functionality of the plugin, you can only create an ‘Early Bird’ season (Accommodation > Seasons), add it at the top of your rates with a different price (Accommodation > Rates). Then you will have to shift the dates of the early bird season every day to allow cheaper bookings.

    1. Hello Jamsheed,
      At the moment there is no option to display daily pricing right in the calendar. We will keep you request in our list of features and update this comment when we have any news. Thanks.

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