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Top Free WordPress Timeline Plugins for Elementor & the Block Editor

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WordPress timeline plugins are a great way to showcase your development journey in chronological order, no matter whether you are a designer or teacher. Some other common scenarios for using timelines include:

  • Roadmap
  • The stages of a project
  • Company/brand history
  • Resume/work experience
  • Guides

There are a few awesome solutions on the WordPress market you can use for free to create a timeline page; they give you some key tools for creating a simple event timeline.

When you need more design alternatives and content types, premium solutions might be the only way to get that customization freedom. We’ve also included a few best WordPress timeline plugins offered for a fee at the end of this list.

Let’s take a closer look at these plugins.

Best Free WordPress Plugins for Timeline Showcase

WordPress Timeline Block by Getwid

timeline block getwid wordpress

Getwid is a go-to free site building toolkit for the block editor used by 30K WordPressers. The timeline block comes packed with the whole bundle.

That means you access the block only by downloading the bundle of blocks, but don’t worry, Getwid lets you disable unneeded blocks, so you can use only this one with peace in mind.

So how good is it? The timeline WordPress block by Getwid allows you to create a vertical timeline (will look good on mobiles), where each container can be filled in with any other WordPress block – text, images, headings, icons, etc.

You can also animate blocks on scroll, change the background color and customize alignments so that the timeline block looks good no matter the content type you add inside the timeline events/entries. Visually it might look like a timeline slider.

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Timeline Express

wp timeline express

This is a popular WordPress timeline plugin which despite being free doesn’t limit you in any key features. This plugin allows you to display ordinary timeline entries with custom images, icons, text and dates.

As for the settings, you can display or hide timeline dates, the read more link, and change the order of events. The plugin supports animation effects to make your timeline more dynamic and engaging.

The pro version allows you to go much deeper into the styling and create a rather unique timeline for Twitter feeds, insert Youtube videos into timeline entries, create single-column timelines and more.

Timeline Widget for Elementor by Stratum

elementor timeline

If you are looking for a simple Elementor timeline widget, the one by Stratum may come in handy. Stratum is a bundle of extra free Elementor widgets, so once you download it, just find the timeline widget in the list and add it to the page.

Unlike some other top free timeline WordPress plugins, this one allows you to create vertical and horizontal timelines. The widget offers top, bottom, and chess-styled layouts to start with – so you can create a stunning timeline look in a few clicks. It’s really easy to work in Elementor, especially with its AI tools:

As for the timeline cards and other elements, they are fully customizable – you can change pointers (icon and text), scrollbar’s color, height and radius; and apply animation effects. There are many more styling settings as for the typography, alignments and other elements you can tweak.

Post Timeline for WordPress

post timeline plugin

This WordPress timeline stories plugin allows you to create vertical animated timelines in WordPress for free. Although the pro version of this plugin is the most generous – there are tons of templates and settings – this one delivers a pretty good bunch of the bare-minimum tools.

For example, it allows you to customize post heading in timeline entries, enable slide navigation and smooth animation effects, customize colors for each timeline post, auto highlight active navigation and more.

By the way, if you want to use a post timeline block in the WordPress block editor, to literally insert site posts in the timeline out of the box, you can download the Ultimate addons for Gutenberg plugin, it offers this block for free.

Timeline Showcase Widget by Qi Addons

Screenshot of the Timeline widget by the Qi Elementor addons.he
Elementor users looking for a timeline display solution that is both interactive and visually advanced may look no further than Qi Addons for Elementor. This rich collection packs fully customizable 100+ free and premium widgets for Elementor, with Timeline Showcase among the free ones.

Simply insert the widget anywhere in your pages or posts and then quickly and easily customize not just the content but all the visual aspects of the element, too. From a stern, minimalist look to a hip retro design, you can set the timeline to fit your style, palette and branding perfectly. You can pick between vertical and horizontal timelines and add additional text and images to the timeline stages to complete the informational value. All the elements are customizable, from colors and icons to typography and, of course, behavior.

Although free, the Timeline Showcase widget shines both in functionality or style. And what’s best, along with it you also get a great selection of other widgets from Qi Addons for purposes ranging from showcase and infographic to typography, eCommerce and much more.

Cool Timeline

cool timeline

Cool Timeline is one of the most popular free WordPress timeline plugins – it has it all when it comes to both customization settings and design. The plugin supports horizontal and vertical timelines allowing you to display events in chronological order for different types of content.

The plugin creators also created a timeline block for Gutenberg so you can use Cool Timeline without effort in the native WordPress block editor environment. This block comes with several cool styles, including one-sided, compact and minimal.

In any of them, it’s easy to tweak colors, sizing of the event cards, show or hide read mores and actually hack quite deeply into each piece of the timeline. Your WordPress unique timelines will look and function well on any mobile device.

Elementor Timeline Widget Addon

elementor timeline widget

This cool WP plugin is designed specifically for adding WordPress timelines in Elementor. It’s a really cool free timeline plugin that allows for adding horizontal, vertical, and one-sided timelines, wherein you can customize colors, icons, texts, dates, typography, fonts, imagery, etc. You can even use pagination for your timeline with this sort of plugin. You can check cool timeline photos in the demo.

The plugin is used by thousands of WordPress users so you can definitely use it on your Elementor site without efforts.

Timeline and History Slider

timeline and history slider

This plugin slightly differs from the others in this list since it allows you to slide a number of posts in a timeline view. You can customize a lot of things in this type of slider-timeline: designate how many posts to show, choose designs, set up speed and animation effects, and optionally add lazy loading effects.

The plugin supports the new WordPress block editor so you should have no issues of using it with Gutenberg.

That’s it for the free timeline plugins. If you’d like to see where there is anything for you in premium event WordPress plugins, that is, whether they offer features you might be particularly interested in, check out a small list of the best premium timeline WordPress plugins below.

Premium Timeline WordPress plugins

Cool Timeline Pro

cool timeline pro

This is the Pro version of the plugin we’ve listed in the list of free ones. So do you need to go Pro? In addition to many cool settings and timeline designs available only in this version, timeline widgets for Elementor and WPBakery are supported in the Pro version only as well.

There are many more patterns and designs supported in the Pro version, for example, step-by-step, minimal, one-sided, post timeline and more.

As for some other stunning settings we can highlight are a variety of content types you can use (a video, slider), custom color for every story, show custom labels instead of dates, show filters in a timeline, use FontAwesome icons or your custom ones, and employ more diverse animation effects.

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Everest Timeline

everest timeline plugin

Everest Timeline is a popular plugin with users, its main benefits are definitely awesome polished designs for your timelines, there are around 50 of them you can employ.

Among them, the plugin supports horizontal and vertical timelines, one-sided, Twitter-based, WooCommerce-based, carousel, navigation and more. With this timeline WordPress plugin, you definitely won’t need to waste time on polishing the design by yourself.

Another thing which makes this plugin stand out is the number of content types supported, including images, slider, YouTube, Vimeo, HTML video and Soundcloud files. You can use all of them inside your timeline entries.

Furthermore, the plugin allows you to integrate various filter features, social sharing buttons, Facebook/Twitter feed, and the lightbox functionality.

WP Timeline

wp timeline

WP Timeline is the most used premium WordPress timeline plugin – it features tons of different designs to give you an idea of what you can achieve with this plugin; there are around 50 layouts offered with dark and light modes (horizontal, vertical, side-by-side, etc.).

You can edit every piece of your timeline – colors, typography, icons, animation effects and much more. The plugin supports different third-party builders allowing you to use it with Elementor, WPBakery, Gutenberg and more.

Which WordPress timeline plugins to choose?

You have a pretty decent choice of free WordPress timeline plugins for the block editor, Elementor and other builders and can create cool timeline graphics. A free one can suffice if you need something rather simple, with support for text and image content. If you, however, are looking for more advanced designs and support for more content types, you might need to look through the premium WordPress timeline plugins. What is the best timeline plugin for you?

Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links for third-party products. If you click a link and later make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission that doesn’t result in additional charges to you.


What is a timeline WP plugin?

A timeline WordPress plugin helps you create a vertical or horizontal line of events organized in a chronological order.

Can I create a timeline without plugins?

Yes, you can use Gutenberg WordPress blocks for this purpose – they are usually offered by Gutenberg addons, such as Getwid or UAG.

How can I add a timeline in Elementor?

For this, you need to use any Elementor addon that offers a timeline widget. The Stratum Elementor addon allows you to create and customize a timeline in Elementor for free.

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