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Why is traveling so popular? And why is the hotel business so profitable, whether it’s small or large? Because you can relax and stay in the best hotel in a chosen place. But how can people make sure that they will get into the room they wish and live there as long as they want? They book it online in advance. So, the demand for an online hotel reservation system is growing day by day.

This article focuses on the key moments on how to efficiently use an online reservation system with ease, its advantages, and how to improve the guest experience and build loyal relationships with your clients.

Essentials of the Perfect Online Reservation System

Let’s come closer to one of the most frequently searched requests “hotel online reservation system what should be included”. The answer can be unveiled through 5 essential elements of every hotel reservation system according to the investigation of the main customers’ requirements.

Online Payments

payments in reservation system online

The convenient process of payments will single out your online hotel reservation system among the competitors on the market. The world has to keep up with the times so your guests will definitely appreciate the opportunity to make payments online. If to use the WordPress hotel reservation plugin, they will be allowed to pay online, pay a deposit, or after arrival. The choice of the payment method depends on your guest’s desire.

Automated Interaction with Guests


The huge advantage of this feature is that guests can get email confirmations after the booking is made. If it is supported by the online reservation system hotel provides, you won’t have to call them and explain all the booking details.

Plus, you can inform the guests about the upcoming events, promotions, or discounts in your rental accommodation. Therefore, automated communication is the way to make you noticeable in their mailbox.

Central Channel Management


Your online travel reservation system has to be ready in case the guest opts for the online travel agent to make a booking. The synchronization of the data from the online platforms including Airbnb, Booking, TripAdvisor, etc. prevents double booking or overbooking. Using channel management leads to the automated import of the bookings and the availability of information from such platforms.

Fast & Easy Rates Management


Seasonal pricing is one more method to increase the profit from your rental property. For example, there are so-called busy periods when you can get more income by implementing higher rates. Consequently, the online reservation system you develop must include the option of flexible rates based on different criteria. In addition, it will be beneficial in keeping guests engaged to employ discount coupons with customizable conditions.

Highly Skilled Support Team

It is necessary to be permanently in touch with your guests. So, our next recommendation is to organize 24/7 support working on the questions asked by guests. The support team has to give solutions to the issues emerging at any time. This feature is a good strategy to make the guests stay on the website of your hotel and book your property without hassle.

Main Advantages of Hotel Reservation System

After the short explanation on how to create online reservation system, you are likely to become convinced of its efficiency and advantages. The fundamental objectives of the hotel reservation system include:

The faster process of booking

With the online hotel reservation system, guests don’t have to call managers, wait till they answer, and only then make a booking. Instead, they are provided with an opportunity to make a reservation and get a confirmation email in a few minutes. The online system will send all the necessary information to the guest whereas the hotel representatives receive the personal data.


Your rental accommodations can be of interest to guests from different states. The more translations the website offers, the more countries and their residents it can cover. The filling of the documents in the native language is not a problem for the online travel reservation system.

Round-the-clock access

The online hotel reservation system is especially handy when it comes to after-hours booking or lag time. It manages the booking process on its own without the help of the hotel administrators. The only task is to enter the availability data into the system.

The Top-Rated Online Hotel Reservation System


If you are looking for all the features listed above, we’re glad to introduce the WordPress Hotel Booking Plugin. You can use it to build a successful website for your rental property business. The list of features of this premium plugin is even wider since it is constantly updated. It comes also with multiple hotel booking addons, an initial configuration service, and tools for developers.

Check out the Hotel booking plugin demo to test them and make sure of the plugin powerful toolkit.

For instance, the Hotel Booking plugin offers a mobile-friendly design and customizable filters for a more comfortable user experience. Then, the option of multiple bookings made in one timeslot is available as well. The payment gateways include built-in PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, or Beanstream/Bambora systems.

A dedicated Hotel Booking mobile app lets you manage your bookings on the phone or any other device. You can download it for free on App Store or Google Play and connect it to your WordPress website.

Of course, you can ask about the free online hotel reservation system. And this plugin has also a free version – Hotel Booking Lite but it lacks synchronization with OTAs and a few more features in comparison with a premium one. We advise you to explore the difference between paid and free versions and make sure that the Hotel Booking Plugin gives you more power in the creation of a perfect online reservation system.

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