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MotoPress Visual Page Builder was updated a few days ago with a new feature that enables to drag and drop content elements in a more handy and quick way. Now while replacing objects in the working field, users can see tips and highlighted area which simplifies the work with MotoPress Content builder and make the process of editing more effective.

Drag and Drop WordPress plugin

MotoPress enhancement: improved Drag and Drop functionality

Now it’s possible to do all changes even faster than before. If you are not already using MotoPress Content editor, we highly recommend it. You’ll be surprised with a great bunch of options in one plugin.

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13 Replies to “MotoPress Content Editor Updated Version 1.1”

  1. Since I installed Content Editor, pages created by Optimize Press 2 video doesn’t display, specially Youtube.

  2. This is a game changer plugin! You should know lots of people (like me!) are waiting for new versions of it (as well as new licenses!) so continue your great work!

  3. Having identical issues here.

    Got excited by the walkthrough, and customer service remarks, bought the plugin, installed the plugin, and all I get as well (in Chrome) are spinning gears.

    And yes, I have created a support ticket early this morning. I’m itching to get started with this puppy, and I’m guessing with all the new purchasers from today’s marketing campaign, support must simply be very busy at this time.

  4. I just bought this plugin and after trying it using both Chrome and Safari browsers I am not seeing anything new with the exception a a blue rectangular box “MotoPress Content Editor” in the editor. Clicking on the button produces a page with animated gears. After a while the page goes back to the wp editor, but nothing has changed. What did I pay for???????

  5. What is wrong with Internet explorer? Are you forcing everybody to use Firefox?? Why not tell us before we buy that you do not support IE??

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