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translate MotoPress visual editor with Transifex

MotoPress team is excited to announce that now it’s possible for volunteers to participate in the translation of any of the MotoPress products!

Note! We are updating this post in 2017, with the product line hugely extended!

You may start the translation of any of our products and convert plugin or theme strings to your mother tongue. You’ll help others use the MotoPress products for WordPress and fully understand their possibilities. Moreover, you’d gain exposure and recognition for being listed on translations you provide!

Now, the process of translating is quite easy:

  1. Go to the Translating MotoPress Project.
  2. Log in or register an account to become a contributor
  3. Once done, you’ll get the permission to choose any of the projects in order to make your contribution
  4. If you did not see your language in the list, please email us at at [email protected].

If you feel you can be a part of our translation project just register in the described above way, choose the language you are eager to translate plugin files, and simply convert strings.

We are grateful to Andreza de Sousa Vieira who has volunteered and added the Portuguese (Brazil) translation of the MotoPress Content Editor plugin (when we were using Crowdin service) and all other folks! Lots of thanks!

Help your translation talent reach a broader public! And stay tuned 🙂

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  1. I tried to request Croatian language translation, but I don’t see it on the offered list of languages in Transifex.

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