Release of MotoPress 1.5.0 – Introducing New Style Manager

MotoPress updated version 1.5.0

After almost a month of development MotoPress team released the Content Editor version 1.5.0 with many new features and improvements.
Without a doubt this release is the really expecting update. Taking users’ feedback into consideration we’ve rolled out these exciting MotoPress capabilities for you:

  • new approach to style objects
  • new style manager for rows and columns
  • object styles has been transferred to ‘Styles’ tab
  • added new ‘Social buttons’ object to link to social profiles

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Headway Themes & MotoPress Plugin: Structure Your Content Visually

HeadwayThemes MotoPress

You understand how powerful Headway framework is when you start customizing your website with no more than the click of a mouse. Whether you are a WordPress newbie, creative designer or professional developer this helpful tool will help you to speed up your work and build an engaging website.

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Effective Content Management with MotoPress Widgets

MotoPress Content Editor Widgets

Our Team is constantly working on some new tools and upcoming releases. And we are glad to introduce enhanced MotoPress WordPress Page Builder which includes useful spell-checker, new Posts Grid and Accordion widgets. The updated version of the plugin also enables you to control the Excerpt and More tag in your post and makes it possible to set custom CSS class to each object.

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How to Extend MotoPress Content Editor: Visual Builder for WordPress

WordPress builder MotoPress

You need only four easy steps to extend MotoPress with your own elements.

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to extend MotoPress Content Editor with your widgets. It will guide you on how to create the plugin which enables to add the new “Testimonial Object” to the Visual Builder. While writing this plugin we will use MotoPress Documentation and WordPress coding standards.

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MotoPress Content Editor Updated Version 1.4.3

MotoPress Content Editor version 1.4.3 is available. This update includes chart widget release and minor bugfixes.

Chart Widget is an awesome solution for your business. It’s a great built-in element to present the information in a graphic format. Such a kind of aid will make your informational pages more engaging and understandable. MotoPress enables the creation of charts without writing a single line of code.

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MotoPress Quick Videos: How to work with the plugin

MotoPress Content Editor provides easy to utilize interface which enables to customize the content blocks by dragging and dropping. In other words, what you see is what you get. MotoPress users can structure their content by using built-in elements: text, image, slider, button, space, custom code, and much more. If your WordPress theme is responsive websites made with MotoPress will look spectacular on any desktop or mobile device.

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How to obtain MotoPress License Key

This article affects those who bought the MotoPress Content Editor plugin before the 22-d of January 2014.

MotoPress Team has released new License Plans with vast features and extended options for users and developers. This Content Editor update (version 1.3.3) is intended to give you more editing opportunities and transfer your account to the new MotoPress system.

After the release on January 22, 2014 (version 1.3.3 ) to update the plugin you need to specify your License Key in plugin settings.

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