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Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins Compared

In this post, we’re taking a closer look at some popular WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugins. So if you think it’s high time (it is!) to switch to a more native WordPress page builder that extends the functionality of Gutenberg, we are here to help you find the right match for your needs. It all boils down to your particular type of website after all.

Please note: we’re going to list only those Gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress that are bundles of extra blocks for different content creation purposes, similar to WordPress page builders like Elementor, but more WordPress-native. So we’re not going to look into a one plugin=one block sort of functionality or adapted ones from popular WordPress companies like WooCommerce blocks.

We’ve given a brief test-run to each Gutenberg plugin in this round-up to get some hands-on experience and share it with you. We’ll also highlight the pros and cons of these Gutenberg blocks plugins as well as organize some paramount features in the checklist so you can compare the most essential things.

Let’s get going.

Getwid Gutenberg Blocks

banners twenty twenty

The blocks that come with the Getwid Gutenberg WordPress plugin are a perfect match for different kinds of websites – from portfolios and business websites to aspiring blogs. Comparing the number of available free blocks with other block libraries, you’ll notice that Getwid is among those that offer the biggest choice of content elements.

Probably the best thing about this plugin is that it’s able to play smoothly with the styles of any WordPress theme helping you keep a better visual consistency and do less work.


pre made templates getwid

  • Very lightweight blocks to keep your performance metrics high.
  • A powerful Section block that allows you to create complex layouts with any elements thanks to WordPress block filter that widens the settings.

settings ui getwid blocks

  • Integrated Instagram block (quite a rare thing; no need for extra plugins).

Instagram block Gutenberg Getwid plugin by MotoPress

  • A few third-party integration blocks, such as for Google Maps and Mailchimp.
  • Draggable block borders for custom alignments and sizing (margins and paddings).

paddings draggable getwid

  • Support for full-width and wide layouts.

wide screen layout gutenberg

  • Adjustable spacing for different devices.

gutenberg blocks plugins

getwid image stack gallery

  • Easy inline editing with tons of settings within each block.
  • Quite a unique Image Hotspost block to place animated markers over images to make them more informative.

image hotspot

  • Pre-set color gradients for background.

gradient changes

  • A multipurpose Banner block for promotion purposes.

banner block getwid

  • Four post dedicated blocks to showcase your posts or custom post types in a slider, grid, list, archive, or a custom layout.

post archive grid

  • The content Divider block to add fancy separators:

dividers block twenty twenty

  • You can turn off blocks you don’t need in this plugin.


  • Limited styling options for some blocks.
Getwid Checklist

The number of free blocks: 40

Powerful blocks: Section, Advanced Heading, Banner, Price Box, Slider-focused blocks

Blocks demo: Getwid Demo

Custom starter theme for this WordPress Gutenberg plugin/ recommended theme: Getwid Base theme

Interplay with Twenty Nineteen: 9 out of 10. Read more with examples

Customization: advanced

Pro version: no

Ongoing development: actively developed; focus on both releasing new blocks and improving existing blocks.


coblocks featured

CoBlocks is quite a popular library of custom Gutenberg blocks for any sort of website since its collection is very diverse. Initially built by ThemeBeans, the plugin (together with ThemeBeans) was later acquired by GoDaddy, which means you can have a piece of mind that the product won’t die away any time soon.

It also probably offers more unique blocks than any other competitor: for example, Click to tweet block, Gif block, Contact form block with the built-in reCaptcha, etc. All of them are packed with CoBlocks Gutenberg blocks plugins for free.


  • Good layout controls with a pre-set column width.

coblocks row block

  • Integrated Contact form.
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • A unique Media Card block that allows you to showcase a combo of media and text content in a fancy format. It also offers great alignment controls and plays well with other core and custom Gutenberg blocks. It can be performed owning to WordPress block filter that extands the settings within the block.

coblocks media card

  • A fully customizable Masonry gallery.

coblocks masonry gallery

  • A good level of typography control for many blocks.
  • Useful guides.
  • Very lightweight (the plugin folder size is less than 1 MB).
  • A block manager that allows you to turn off the blocks you don’t need.


  • No proper demo.
CoBlocks Checklist

The number of free blocks: 31

Powerful blocks: Media Card, Stacked, Masonry Gallery, Row.

Blocks demo: no

Custom starter theme for this plugin / recommended theme: Go theme

Interplay with Twenty Nineteen: 9 out of 10

Customization: advanced

Pro version: no

Ongoing development: actively developed; focus on both releasing new blocks and improving existing blocks.

Kadence Blocks

kadence blocks plugin

Kadence Blocks was one of the first add-on libraries for Gutenberg, so naturally it’s grown to one of the most popular block plugins so far; for a reason.

Unlike many other Gutenberg blocks plugins, Kadence Blocks allows for starting with a pre-made layout structure of your choice (pretty much Elementor’s approach, if you are familiar with it).

kadence raw layout

Another unique thing is that the free plugin comes packaged with the library of pre-made layouts, so if you need to build a professional page quickly with Gutenberg, this is the opportunity.

kadence pre-built designs

It takes care of all the hard work of creating and managing layouts. All this makes this plugin one of the best choices for building and controlling flexible and diverse layouts created either from scratch or with a template.

They have a very handy and explicit blocks demo, where you can not only preview demo examples but also immediately get the idea of the settings of each block.


  • No-registration backend demo to perform quick tests in the wild.
  • Colored Kadence Blocks icons, which allow you to visually separate them from other core and custom blocks.

kadence icons

  • One of the most feature-rich Advanced heading blocks, which allows you to optionally load Google Fonts on the frontend to improve performance.

kadence blocks advanced heading

  • Custom layout choice for the Testimonials block with the ability to go really deep into customization.

kadence testimonials block

Compare: with some other Gutenberg block plugins you’ll need to at first add columns and only after that insert testimonials.

  • Handy inline text editing.
  • Draggable column borders for two-column layouts.

kadence draggable borders

  • An ability to change the layout of the already created content sections in clicks.

kadence layout change

  • They provide a settings panel to apply default configuration for each block as well as enable or disable any block.
  • Dashboard tutorials.
  • Despite a huge number of features, the plugin is surprisingly lightweight.


  • Overwhelming design settings for some blocks, which, if misused, may lead to design inconsistency.
  • You may experience some issues with the pre-made library layouts in Twenty Nineteen (especially complex ones with multiple columns) since their backend version doesn’t always match the frontend.
  • A small number of free blocks.
  • No dedicated theme.
Kadence Blocks Checklist

The number of free blocks: 12

Powerful blocks: Row Layout, Advanced Button, Advanced Heading, Testimonials

Blocks demo: Kadence demo

Custom starter theme for this WP Gutenberg plugin / recommended theme: no

Interplay with Twenty Nineteen: 7 out of 10

Customization: advanced

Pro version: Pro version covers more blocks and premium support

Ongoing development: regularly updated; focus on enhancing current blocks.

ZeGuten Gutenberg Blocks

section zeguten blocks

ZeGuten is primarily advertised as simple Gutenberg blocks, aiming to give you a bunch of lightweight professional blocks for constructing the most common website content sections and giving a fancier look to your blog or portfolio.

Some prominent features of the ZeGuten Gutenberg addon include well-organized settings panels for blocks, decent styling options for the vast majority of blocks, a really cool marketing-focused Blurb block, a unique Image Comparison block, advanced layout control for posts, to name just a few advantages.

I believe this awesome Gutenberg addon toolchain is ready to foremost bring unique content designs to portfolios, landing pages, and blogs. For example, employing the dedicated Blurb, Animated Box and Banner blocks by ZeGuten, you’ll manage to create dynamic, good-looking promo content sections that are impossible to reach in the current version of Gutenberg (and even with some other Gutenberg addons).

ZeGuten is a premium Gutenberg plugin offered at a humble cost that covers the blocks and tech support.


  • Easy columns management with the Section block (including spacing adjustment between columns).
  • Multipurpose Section backgrounds, including background videos, gradient, and image.
  • A good bunch of settings in the Posts block, including advanced layouts (grid, chess, masonry, carousel, listing), sorting, comments count, typography, column gap, to name a few.

posts zeguten blocks

  • Google Maps integration with support for location markers and map styles, custom text blocks, and the ability to hide Google branding.

advanced maps block zeguten

  • Advanced Countdown timer block with the tunable typography, spacing, and sizing.
  • Support for the text shadow in the Heading block.
  • A multipurpose Blurb block to promote your offerings (products, services, events, posts, etc.) in an inspiring manner.

blurbs block zeguten

  • The Image Comparison block to aid designers, photographers, and marketers in creating comparison-based content (quite a unique thing among the Gutenberg blocks plugins).


  • The Animated Box block with awesome animated layouts to promote your products or services.

animated box zeguten


  • No out-of-the-box design templates styled for ZeGuten.
  • No free version.
ZeGuten Checklist

The number of blocks: 14 (8 more blocks coming soon)

Powerful blocks: Section, Blurbs, Posts, Animated box

Blocks demo: ZeGuten Blocks demo

Custom starter theme for this plugin / recommended theme: Gutenix theme

Interplay with Twenty Nineteen: 9 out of 10

Customization: advanced

Pro version: ZeGuten is a premium plugin ($15)

Ongoing development: actively developed; focus on releasing new blocks.

Gutenberg Blocks  – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

ultimate addons for gutenberg

So far this is one of the most popular Gutenberg addon plugins by the creators of the Astra theme. The plugin comes with a really generous library of traditional and unique blocks, each with an extensive customization panel.

To familiarize yourself with the plugin, you’ll be able to preview live demo examples or download a free version to play up with the blocks.

The free plugin ships with a huge library of ready-to-use, professionally-designed website pages for any purpose, but they’re tied to the Astra theme, which is one of the most popular WordPress theme known for great compatibility with different WordPress page builders.astra gutenberg designs


  • The list of WordPress Gutenberg custom blocks is really huge.
  • In an attempt to improve the UX and performance, you can deactivate blocks you are not going to use.

ultimate addons deactivate blocks

  • Extensive knowledge base.
  • Lots of blocks to enhance your posts (Post timeline, Post grid, etc.), which is awesome for bloggers.
  • Unique blocks for a deep Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms styling.

ultimate blocks contact form 7 styler

  • All blocks come with advanced typography options (Font family, Font weight, etc.)

ultimate addon testiomonias

  • Distinctive block icons.
  • Deep spacing customization for the Section block.

ultimate block spacing



  • Pre-made designs are tied to the Astra theme.
  • Limited layout controls.
Ultimate Addons for Gutenerg Checklist

The number of free blocks: 22

Powerful blocks: Info box, Milti buttons, Contact Form 7 Styler, Testimonials, Marketing Button

Blocks demo: Ultimate Addons

Custom starter theme for this plugin / recommended theme: Astra unlocks access to pre-made designs via free Astra starter sites plugin

Interplay with Twenty Nineteen: 8 out of 10

Customization: advanced

Pro version: no, but you may consider Pro Astra designs

Ongoing development: regularly updated; focus on releasing new blocks and enhancing current blocks.


stackable addon

The Stackable Gutenberg WordPress plugin is so far among the Gutenberg block addon leaders with more than 20 thousand active installations; it also offers one of the biggest numbers of the free Gutenberg blocks.

The main concept of the plugin upon release was to provide you with a maximum straightforward toolkit, not overloaded with excessive features. Over time, however, the developers extended the customization abilities of the plugin in response to user feedback. So far you can enjoy deeper customization capabilities, including typography and style choice, for each block. Starting from version 2.3.0, they included a design library, offering 73 free designs and pre-set sections, which solves design limitations we experienced in the first releases.


  • Design library.


  • Several predefined styles for every block, including a good choice of buttons designs.

button stackable

  • You can use video backgrounds in a free version.

gutenberg blocks plugins video background

stackable premium

  • Depending on your needs, you may consider the following features either as advantage or disadvantage: plain and simple designs, typography settings for each block.
  • You can enable/disable blocks selectively.

stackable gutenberg blocks plugins

  • A good intro walkthrough upon installation.
  • Affordable premium version.


  • Some features are available only in a premium version (e.g. advanced column spacing, image hover effects).
  • The free plugin package is close to 7 MB in size.
Stackable Checklist

The number of free blocks: 24

Powerful blocks / Unique blocks: Header block, Video popup, Separator, Container

Blocks demo: Stackable Blocks Demo

Custom starter theme for this plugin / recommended theme: free Stackable theme

Interplay with Twenty Nineteen: 7 out of 10

Customization: advanced

Pro version: $35 for one website; the same number of blocks as in the Pro version but also covers premium layouts, advanced styling, guided custom CSS for individual blocks, one year of support and updates.

Ongoing development: actively updated; focus on enhancing current capabilities.

Atomic Blocks

atomic gutenberg blocks plugins

The Atomic Blocks WordPress content block plugin has been around for some time now, so it’s quite popular. Since Atomic Blocks was acquired by WP Engine, it’s clear that the plugin will unlikely face the destiny of those ones that were created hastily just to jump on the bandwagon.

The collection of blocks is very similar to the rest of the plugins in this collection but also has such rare blocks as Email Newsletter and Pricing Column.


  • A handy columnized layouts block – it lets you easily start with the needed number of columns and a preferable layout for this column.

gutenberg blocks plugins column layout

  • Support for wide and full-width layouts.
  • Inline block editing.
  • Several button styles.

gutenberg blocks plugins button settings

  • Explicit articles and tutorials.
  • Compared to other similar blocks, it has many more styles for social sharing buttons (but it didn’t inherit styles from my test Twenty Nineteen theme and applied its own ones).

gutenberg blocks plugins social share buttons

  • Unique opt-in Mailchimp Newsletter features.
  • The Revolution Pro Theme built with Atomic & Gutenberg in cooperation with the StudioPress team.


  • Relatively small library of blocks so you may lack some essential blocks.
  • Limited typography settings.
Atomic Blocks Checklist

The number of free blocks: 15

Powerful blocks / Unique blocks: Section and Layout, AB Sharing, AB Advanced Columns, Email Newsletter, AB Post and Page Grid,  AB Container

Blocks demo: Atomic Blocks Demo

Custom starter theme made for this plugin: free Atomic Blocks heme

Interplay with Twenty Nineteen: 7 out of 10

Customization: middle

Pro version: no

Ongoing development: actively updated; focus on enhancing current blocks.

Editor Blocks for Gutenberg

gutenberg blocks plugins

Update: this plugin seems to be abandoned.

Editor Blocks is a go-to solution for some basic content improvements, business brochure websites and content-rich posts.

Most of the blocks are very simple, without any deep configuration features (there is only a ‘Wrapper’ block that allows for deeper layout customization).


  • Lightweight, straightforward and handy blocks.
  • A handy Wrapper block with advanced spacing options.

gutenberg blocks plugins wrapper

  • A deeply flexible Testimonials block.
  • “EB”-marked blocks to easily distinguish them from others.
  • An ability to disable unused blocks.


  • Not enough layout settings.
  • Very basic block settings.
  • No font choice for titles, headings and general text content.
  • No built-in icons.
  • No responsive editing.
Editor Blocks for Gutenberg Checklist

The number of free blocks: 12

Powerful blocks: Wrapper, Vertical and Horizontal feature blocks

Blocks demo: Editor Blocks Demo

Custom starter theme for this plugin / recommended theme: Editor Blocks theme

Interplay with Twenty Nineteen: 7 out of 10

Customization: middle

Pro version: no

Ongoing development: Abandoned

Ultimate Blocks

ultimate blocks gutenberg blocks plugins

This is a relatively fresh WordPress blocks library for Gutenebrg, but it is being actively developed so it looks quite attractive. The list of free blocks is rather unique since you can add such blocks as a table of content, review, content filter, star rating and others that are not standard in the other Gutenberg addons.

Since this WordPress content block plugin is mainly focused on the post enhancements, it has it all to build good-looking, multipurpose blog posts and website pages.


  • You can enable / disable the blocks.

ultimate blocks enable

  • Useful hints for some blocks that are going to help you control design better.

gutenberg blocks plugins testimonials

  • Easy inline editing.
  • Quite a holistic call-to-action block.

gutenberg blocks plugins call to action

  • A built-in Click-to-tweet block.
  • The Button block comes with a good bunch of options.

gutenberg blocks plugins button

  • The Countdown block, which is quite a rare thing, lets you add simple timers, but the styles are very limited.

gutenberg blocks plugins countdown timer

  • A free backend demo with some slick examples you can customize right away.
  • Colored block icons to be distinguished from other Gutenberg blocks.


  • Limited layout options.
  • No rich media support.
  • No powerful top-level blocks, such as containers or sections.
  • No font choice for text-related content.
Ultimate Blocks Checklist

The number of free blocks: 20

Powerful blocks: Call to action, Button, Tabbed Content, Content Filter, Table of contents, Star rating (manually managed).

Blocks demo: Ultimate Blocks Demo

Custom starter theme for this plugin / recommended theme: no

Interplay with Twenty Nineteen: 7 out of 10

Customization: middle

Pro version: no

Ongoing development: actively updated, focus on improvements.

Otter Blocks

gutenberg blocks plugins

Otter Blocks enables you to go really deep into the layout and style customization for almost every block, so if you need an advanced WordPress design toolkit, Otter was made for you. Although the number of available blocks is smaller compared to others, the customization capabilities and overall design approach are one of the most prominent things.

Otter meets you with a step-by-step guide that helps you get started faster and easier with the Block Editor and Otter Blocks by configuring major settings.

gutenberg blocks plugins guide


  • Prebuilt layouts for a professional website structure.

otter blocks section layou

  • A library of several pre-designed pages for different purposes.

otter library gutenberg blocks plugins

  • A structured configuration panel for the layout, styles and advanced styles.

otter layouts gutenberg blocks plugins

  • A fully customizible Font Awesome icon block.
  • A good set of animation options for all blocks.
  • Great typography settings.
  • Integrated Google Maps.


  • Limited number of blocks.
  • No dedicated starter theme.
Otter Blocks Checklist

The number of free blocks: 13

Powerful blocks: Section, Service, Advanced Heading

Blocks demo: Otter Blocks Demo

Custom starter theme for this plugin / recommended theme: no

Interplay with Twenty Nineteen: 7 out of 10

Customization: advanced

Pro version: no

Ongoing development: actively updated, focus on improvements.

Final word on the Best Free Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress

So let’s briefly summarize our observations by highlighting the key differences of the WordPress block addons.

Getwid, Kadence Blocks, Atomic Blocks and the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Gutenberg blocks plugins are ideal for a deep layout control and agile customization; they come with many essential options of proprietary page builders like Elementor. Getwid also offers one of the biggest collections of the lightweight blocks and a perfect interplay with any WordPress theme.

Stackable is bundled with a big number of blocks and, furthermore, offers one of the most affordable and feature-rich premium versions.

CoBlocks offers the biggest number of unique blocks and a very though-out customization panel.

Ultimate Blocks and Editor Blocks are both great solutions for bloggers who want to make their posts more visually appealing.

Otter Blocks is a neat and feature-rich solution for all types of websites. It’s supplied with both perfect layout controls, a collection of pre-made layouts and an extensive customization panel.

Now you can WordPress even without the Classic Editor. And here comes the best part – the new block editor allows for a smooth interplay between all these and any other Gutenberg blocks plugins, so you can combine custom blocks with the core blocks to get the most out of each of them. If you can share your experience of working with any of these plugins, we’ll be happy!

16 Replies to “Best WordPress Gutenberg Blocks Plugins Compared”

  1. Did you get a chance to look the new plugin Qubely? I would love to hear your thoughts on that. They have about 165 pre-made templates and a wide range of blocks and sections. I wonder if it would slow down the site like stackable being 7mb in size.

    1. Hi there! I’ve heard of Qubely, looks like a good alternative to the Gutenberg addons in this list. We’ll think about reviewing it for the next post update.

  2. So with all of these Block library plugins, is it bad to have multiple on your site? As in does it start to weigh it down/make your site slower?

    Also it seems many of these plugins have similar/repeat blocks, is there a way to disable blocks that are duplicate functionality?

    Lastly, it seems that many of these plugins allow you to change font families and stuff for each individual block, which I would think would cause design inconsistencies. Shouldn’t font families/sizes, etc be controlled by the theme?

    1. Hi Ronald! Yes, the plugins have repeat blocks so you can choose just a few ones that suit your needs. What makes your site slower in the first place is poor hosting and low-quality plugins/themes rather than the number of plugins. You can also disable unneeded blocks via the Block Manager in Gutenberg.

      You are right, a theme must dictate styles to blocks to keep design consistency. But in the end, it all boils down to the user needs: people start complaining when they don’t have enough functionalities like access to fonts. So in the user-oriented scenario, developers give users the freedom of choice. The freedom and responsibility go hand in hand so users become responsible for what they do. Developers have to either adapt to the user needs (i.e. add a font/size selector) in order to stay competitive or rebel (to leave styles only up to the theme) and risk to lose their piece of the pie. Moreover, Getwid does both things – it inherits the theme fonts/sizes by default but at the same time some blocks give users an option to alter defaults if required.

  3. Great review. I’m currently only using Elementor and OceanWP, but would like to try Brizy and some of the mentioned block plugins mentioned in this article. I do have a comment / question for anyone who can share their thoughts on…

    My concern with using non popular plugins is the potential for them to become obsolete in a couple of years. What happens if that were to happen? Would this mean websites created using an obsolete plugin would no longer be updated and editable? When I say “obsolete” I mean, the company offering the plugin ends up shutting up shop because they’re not obtaining a strong enough user base to justify continuing.

    I’ve used themes in the past that ended up becoming no longer supported by the authors. This is a common problem on sites like ThemeForest, where theme authors remove themes from their shop or stop updating them while they put all of their focus into their latest and top selling themes. This results in non advanced developers having to change up their entire website because they’re not able to maintain security and updates on their own.

    This is a huge concern for me and makes me reluctant to try any themes or plugins that are not very popular. I’d love others thoughts on this. Thank you.

    1. Great point! Sticking to popular solutions gives you more peace of mind, but nobody is immune to the cases you described. Even big players sometimes shut down their plugins and themes.

    1. Hi Aaron! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience! Would you share a few main reasons why you prefer these particular Gutenberg addons?

    1. Hi Onur, thanks for the suggestion! The plugin is very promising; I particularly liked the capabilities of the Wrapper block (although adding Gutenberg columns into it yet seems a bit buggy) and the advanced setting for buttons.

  4. Nice review! Within a week of playing around with Gutenberg last fall, I narrowed down my favorites to Kadence, Atomic, and UAG. Looks like we’re in agreement here.

    That said, I’m definitely going to try the others.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience! You should definitely try to play with the Section block by Getwid and give a try to Otter templates.

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