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Why You Should Use a Top Premium WordPress Theme

“Everything about WordPress should be free” – a common misconception among the new users of WordPress. The fact that WordPress is open-source and therefore free software has nothing to do with premium WordPress themes & templates from third-party developers. In this case, you are paying for the work done by professional developers, designers, copywriters, and…

Best WordPress Themes for SEO (Free & Paid)

We are used to the fact that any WordPress theme features a correct SEO markup by default. In reality, many providers do not optimize content to search engines. The solutions of such kind are likely to affect your site ranking and prevent you from reaching the top results. In this post, we will cover up…

Best WordPress Themes for eCommerce 2023

The 21st century is all about digitization. No matter what type of business people have, all of them are aligning towards bringing their venture online. However, the transition from brick and mortar store to an online store is not that easy. You need to have proper knowledge of the type of website you want as…

Best WordPress Themes for Artists 2023

This post is devoted to all professionals and business owners engaged in creating or popularizing art. Monetizing different forms of art is more effective with a solid online presence. WordPress offers plenty of high-quality solutions for designers, photographers, dancers, gallery owners, tattoo artists, and more. We will prove it in our list of top 20+…

20+ Best WordPress Food Blog Themes for Culinary Websites

As much as we love food and culinary recipes, we enjoy high-quality WordPress templates. For today’s selection, we prepared 20+ best WordPress food blog themes with powerful functionality and high ratings. Our collection consists of both premium and free solutions, which does not limit anyone from choosing the most suitable option.

20 Best WordPress Themes for Small Business

There exists a direct connection between the success of your small business and the online presence of your brand. Do not miss out on the opportunity to increase sales through visitors searching for your product or service online. Depending on what you sell, WordPress small business templates will help you present, describe the product/service, and…