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How to Add a Button in WordPress With or Without Shortcodes?

How to add a button in WordPress if you are not a pro developer? In this post, we’ll show you 4 options to add buttons to WordPress sites using different solutions. But first, let’s find out why Word Press buttons are must-haves for websites of any type. How Do WordPress Buttons Change The Game? Buttons…

Choose Your Best WordPress Plugin for Service Scheduling In 2023

Here to find the best WordPress plugin for service scheduling? We are here to help! Appointment booking software, plugins for service scheduling, online booking engines – no matter which name you call them, they carry out the same function. Namely, such WordPress plugins facilitate your website management, and also, make it more comfortable and functional…

How to Add Google Map to Website (Elementor & Gutenberg)?

Despite the urge of many businesses to remain entirely online-based, it still matters to have a physical location. That’s why we recommend our readers learn how to add Google Map to website on WordPress, particularly Elementor & Gutenberg. Our next tutorial is useful for both professional developers and WordPress beginners. We’ll teach you 2 most…

WordPress Booking Plugin with Payment Functionality

If you haven’t yet automated your online booking and payment system, chances are you’re wasting significant time on phone calls, emails, and manual documentation. All of it complicates the workflow, and leads to frustration and decreased productivity. Fortunately, you can take advantage of any WordPress booking plugin with a payment option.

Best Alternatives to WordPress (& Why We Better Use WP)

The latest 2022 statistic by W3Techs claims WordPress hosts 64.1% of all the websites built with any kind of CMS. Not only is it a solid leader among all existing content management systems but also among ALL site-building solutions. 43% of all websites on the Internet are based on WordPress (as of the year 2022)….

How to Add Animation to Website with One Elementor Widget?

Website animation is referred to as the most popular design trend in digital design. For this particular reason, many WordPress users are eager to learn a quick way how to add animation to a website. If you are working with Elementor and searching for the same solution, continue reading this post. But in this tutorial,…

How to Add & Edit the Elementor Content Switcher Widget?

WordPress users are always looking for new ways to optimize site space without sacrificing its content. As often as you use sliders, accordions, or tabs widgets, you may neglect other elements like content switcher. That’s why we’re devoting this post to an Elementor content switcher – one of the easiest interactive elements for your WordPress…

How To Make A Product Comparison Table With A WordPress Plugin For Free?

Product comparison tables help visualize and structure information about two or more services/products. They make a big contribution to resource usability and help customers make faster decisions on the purchase. So far, a WordPress comparison table plugin is the most effective way to build tables in the quickest time. Their functionality also works for comparing…