MotoPress plugins are under GPL license: Why it’s important to make your products open source

Success in software comes from solving a real need for the users, innovation, and ongoing developer-customer cooperation in the way that is transparent. All of these features have found their implementation in open source as a development and production model. The open source nature of WordPress offers a lot of essential tools and creates unprecedented competitive conditions within the developers community.

We are glad to remind you that all MotoPress products are also GPLed intellectual property. Such an open source scheme indicates that anyone is able to modify the core code and re-release the product as absolutely different one. And as the source code is open to everyone it’s really convenient for other developers to add bug fixes and contribute some important changes.

It helps ensure true open standards and the progress of the code, which are essential for user-developer collaboration.

The entire world of the IT industry considers this free software license as one of extreme importance, as it provides advanced technology benefits to the whole world and warrants a lot of freedoms: to run, study, customize and share the software.

There is a number of reasons why we’ve licensed MotoPress products under GPL:

Open source technology is based on the real open standards. The source code and documentations, roadmaps, objectives, goals of a project are available to the public.

Adaptation for many various aims. Users’ tweaks to source code can be easily implemented into their own projects. That’s one of the best approaches to create a highly competitive product as its quality is constantly increasing with every new improvement. Everyone can have a hand in modifying the product for the better.

A proven high quality and innovativeness. There are a lot of examples when an open source model resulted in flexible, powerful, stable and secure software (e.g. Linux OS, Apache web server, Mozilla’s projects, etc.).

Community-based approach of communication across the web. Sharing and exchanging of information is one of the core values of the open source movement. The usefulness of such a community is very often a key concern. Such production model provides perfect conditions for implementation of communities’ creativity into significant projects.

The future of IT industry. Mainly open source technology is now used for various widespread web, mobile and cloud solutions. This is the factor that opens global perspectives for the future strategies and functionality of open source.

Speak your mind in comments if you’ve already been successful in using open source solutions for your business needs.