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Advertising a product online is an important strategy that helps promote your brand. It also increases the sales and your chances of being discovered.

But successfully selling your products and services is no easy task. Many businesses even rely on professional marketing services to do it. However, there are more affordable and easier ways to let potential buyers know what you’re selling. Read more to discover how your business can benefit from using these simple yet powerful advertising methods.

Obviously, we are talking about classifieds. With the development of the web industry, it’s become possible to create an attractive website with various classified ads and WordPress themes. They are a great choice not only for those who just discovered this platform. Even well-established companies can benefit from using them. Regardless of how big you are planning to sell, using such themes may prove beneficial in lots of ways.

In today’s article, we’ve prepared a carefully crafted selection of free & premium classified ad themes. In our opinion, they may be of great use to both individual sellers and professional marketers. You’ll also learn the benefits that classified ads can offer you. The diverse features and advantages of these themes will also be described. But first, let’s take a look at the top 7 list of these solutions for classified ads websites based on our selection.

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19 Best Classified Ads WordPress Themes

Once a phenomenon available only to the readers of newspapers and magazines, today classifieds are a powerful and affordable tool. They can help market not only products but also companies selling them. There are multiple advantages to using such websites, for example:

  1. Allowing you to reach your target audience;
  2. Offering an easy-to-use selling system;
  3. Letting you know your buyers better;
  4. Displaying your product with images;
  5. Saving your time and money;
  6. Generating web traffic;
  7. 24/7 availability;
  8. Not being restricted to your location.

Moreover, these opportunities are available to everyone via multiple popular classified ads websites, such as Craigslist. These platforms are used globally by individual and corporate sellers to help them easily find new customers. This approach also improves the search engine optimization techniques.
But how can classified ads WordPress themes help in that matter? Well, the benefits here are quite easy to spot. You may be planning to advertise not only your products but also provide such features to your visitors. In this case, having a customizable theme for your future website can significantly improve your profit. Luckily, there are a lot of themes from reliable developers to choose from.

Top Premium Classified Ads WordPress Themes

1. Listivo

Picture of Listivo - innovative & responsive theme for classified ads with subscription functionality in white, salmon, lightgray, darkslategray, and aliceblue color gradation.

The first item on our list of classified ads WordPress themes is Listivo. This outstanding solution is truly multifunctional when it comes to creating ad listings. Using this theme, you can effectively manage any advertisements, while also allowing your registered customers to add their ads. Thanks to the powerful keyword search, finding any ad on your site can be done in a few clicks. Moreover, with a diverse amount of layouts for the home page & listings, you’ll be able to pick the right look for your ad website.

  • Dynamic keyword search
  • Elementor page builder integration
  • Custom fields
  • Powerful & user-friendly dashboard
  • Diverse monetization options
  • SMS notification support
What’s included
  • 11 Homepage layouts
  • 6 Search and listing options
  • Time-limited ads & recurring payments
  • Intuitive map search
  • 10+ field types
  • Easy-to-customize design
  • WooCommerce payment gateways
  • Powerful search engine & auto-complete feature

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2. Classify

Image of Classify - premium and feature-rich theme for ad websites with geolocation support in white, limegreen, darkslategray, and lightcyan palette.

Classify is a flexible WordPress theme that provides a variety of useful features. As a user of an ad website, one may be looking for an extensive amount of functional advantages for their classified ads. That’s exactly what this solution delivers. It offers a variety of viewing options for classified ads. Moreover, it comes with an advanced search system that supports diverse criteria and categories. Based on the latest versions of popular web technologies, Classify gives you the best experience when it comes to creating, publishing, and managing online ads.

  • Geolocation support
  • Directory & Classified listings
  • Featured & regular ads
  • LayerSlider integration
  • Customizable user dashboard
What’s included

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3. AdForest

Illustration of AdForest - modern & multilingual theme for classifieds with monetization options in black, white, gold, and yellow pigment selection.

There are multiple classified ads WordPress themes that deliver great functionality. However, AdForest offers an extensive variety of tools for building an ad website that meets your goals and corresponds the industry standards. From being multilingual to offering a built-in messaging system, this WordPress theme provides features that will allow your site to become the top-rated classified ads resource. Its functionality can also boast monetization options. For example, this solution helps you to earn a commission from every item sold on your site. Moreover, it comes with a wide selection of pre-designed layouts, allowing you to choose the most fitting one.

  • Search & ad post form fields
  • Messaging system
  • Google Ads support
  • Powerful filters
What’s included
  • 18+ pre-designed home pages
  • Commission system
  • RTL support
  • Multiple currency options
  • 150+ shortcodes
  • Contact Form 7
  • Parallax & video backgrounds

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4. Classima

Collage of the Classima classified ads WordPress theme demo page on mobile and desktop screens.

Few classified themes offer top-tier features, extensions, and customer support to the level of Classima. It is well-optimized for speed, SEO, and user-friendliness. The theme offers multiple payment gateways, a store facility, multiple ad types, membership options, and other features linked to revenue generation and transactions.

Along with being highly customizable, Classima offers a whopping 8 homepages for multipage websites, a premium page builder, and a child theme. It offers list and grid view layouts for displaying your ads. The radius search and multiple search features make it easy for users to find exactly what they want.

  • Powerful Redux admin panel
  • Messaging system
  • Unlimited color combinations
  • SEO friendly
  • One-Click Demo Importer
  • Translation ready with WPML support
What’s included
  • 8 multipage homepages
  • 2 grid and 2 list ad views
  • 5+ ad types
  • $68+ worth of premium plugins
  • Elementor drag & drop page builder
  • Dynamic page header
  • Child theme

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5. Classiera

Snapshot of Classiera - fully adaptable & clean theme for directories with intelligent search in white, black, firebrick, gray, and mediumblue chromatic scheme.

Many companies are often looking for themes that match their brand and style. If you aim to get a cleanly designed classified ad website, the Classiera WordPress theme is just what you need. With over 17 pre-designed layouts, you can easily choose how you want your site to look. Aside from impressive visual options, you also get a vast range of functional advantages. They include varied post styles as well as advanced filters for easier ad search.

  • Intelligent search
  • Bump up ads
  • WooCommerce payment gateway
  • LayerSlider
What’s included
  • Frontend ad posting
  • Blog layout
  • List and grid ad view
  • Homepage layout manager
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Google Fonts
  • Powerful backend theme options

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6. Classiads

Depiction of ClassiAds - responsive theme for paid listings with front-end dashboard in white, steelblue, limegreen, chocolate, and midnightblue tonal composition.

Classiads is one of those classified ads WordPress themes that allows you to create a competitive advertising website. With multiple ways to monetize your ads, this solution is a great pick for any online selling business. You may also want to create a traditional or modern browsing experience in diverse categories. Thanks to this theme, you can just choose a fitting home page design and start earning right away.

  • Paid listings
  • Advanced front-end dashboard
  • 25+ ready-made home pages
  • Elementor & WP Bakery builder support
What’s included
  • Dynamic search system
  • Sticky ads
  • Pay per submit
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Social login
  • Google Maps
  • Live chat

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7. Adifier

Artwork of Adifier - customizable theme for online sellers with categories and filters in white, gray, slategray, and mediumseagreen colorway.

Not many modern websites provide total control over classifieds. From thought-out categories to easier ad promotion, they are often considered the top-notch ones. If you aim to build a similar advertising website, the Adifier WordPress theme can help with that.

Unlike many previously mentioned solutions, this theme allows you to compare ads and leave reviews. The latter is available to both buyers and sellers. Developers of Adifier also introduced a bidding system. It helps a buyer to name the right price without overpaying for the product. And of course, this solution supports multiple payment methods so that your buyers could pick the fitting one.

  • Categories and locations filter
  • OpenStreetMap integration
  • SMS & voice phone verification
  • Easy ad comparison
What’s included
  • 14+ pre-designed homepage layouts
  • Diverse ad pricing packages
  • Ads for auctions and gifts
  • Powerful AJAX search
  • RTL-ready
  • Manual/automatic ad approval
  • Ad sharing & reporting

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8. Classifieds

Illustration of Classifieds - well-designed theme for classified ads websites with multicurrency support in white, lightgray, slategray, darkslategray, and limegreen color gradation.

While all-inclusive themes may seem a good choice, sometimes it is more appropriate to go for something simpler. In this case, Classifieds is the proper solution for your site. Being one of the straightforward classified ads WordPress themes, it still offers a remarkable selection of features. Whether you’re looking for custom fields, multicurrency support, or scammer protection, this theme has it all. It also provides improved reliability and lifetime free updates.

  • Smart search
  • Author dashboard
  • Custom fields for categories
  • Ad auto expiration
What’s included
  • Multicurrency support
  • Easy ad submission
  • Multiple videos & images
  • Custom map markers
  • Scammer reporting
  • No extra payments
  • Optimized performance

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9. Lisfinity

Image of Lisfinity - informative and attractive theme for ads with WooCommerce pricing packages in dodgerblue, white, black, and slategray shade combination.

As its name suggests, Lisfinity provides nearly limitless tools for creating an informative and attractive classifieds website. According to its developers, this solution is one of the bestselling themes. This is a result of combining diverse features that you’d expect from industry-leading websites. With it, you can create any kind of classifieds and build a custom search page. Due to the Elementor Builder support, this theme simplifies the creation of unique classified ad websites for any business niche.

  • Category builder
  • WooCommerce pricing packages
  • Google Ads integration
  • Customer dashboard
What’s included
  • Progressive discounts
  • Microtransactions& ad promotions
  • Featured ads & categories
  • 5+ custom-made listing layouts
  • Category nesting
  • Customizable forms & search fields

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10. Clasifico

Picture of Clasifico - easy-to-use theme for classified ads with pre-designed dashboard in mediumpurple, white, darkslategray, and hotpink tonal scheme.

Clasifico is one of those classified ads WordPress themes that are known for its essential and easy-to-use functionality. Being compatible with Elementor Builder, it offers great customization potential. With a variety of categories and pre-designed pages, you can certainly use this solution to make an outstanding classified advertisement resource. Furthermore, its affordable price will give you a chance to build something unique without overpaying for other custom designs.

  • Location-based search
  • Multiple color schemes
  • Instant demo import
  • Category & Blog pages
What’s included
  • 6 home page designs
  • Pre-designed user dashboard
  • 3+ listing layouts
  • Contact Form 7 integration
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Easy typography customization

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11. Listify

Snapshot of Listify - effective theme for listings with page customizer in white, royalblue, gray, and darkgray color arrangement.

Classified ad websites can certainly give a great boost to your business. They also help to connect with people who want to sell products online. Still, there’s another way to pursue this goal. We are talking about listing and directory themes for WordPress.

One of the most prominent representatives of such solutions is Listify. This theme allows for easy business discovery in varied categories. Moreover, it guarantees exposure and brings the community and businesses together. Its advantages are aimed at reservations and effective review management. Moreover, this solution has everything necessary to establish a rentals listing website. Needless to say, Listify has a varied range of benefits. With its diverse homepage designs and easy location-based search, you can create an astonishing listing website in a few minutes.

  • Drag-and-drop page customizer
  • Built-in appointment planner
  • Style kits
  • Smart ad search
  • Geolocation support
What’s included
  • 3 diverse homepage demos
  • Improved performance
  • SEO-ready layout
  • Free custom-made add-ons
  • Claim/Submit a listing
  • Subscriptions
  • Paid site access

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12. Knowhere Pro

Rendering of Knowhere Pro - fully adaptable theme for classifieds with membership system in white, mediumpurple, darkviolet, tomato, and royalblue shade gradation.

Ad websites often orient towards multiple business categories. For that reason, the developers of classified ads WordPress themes deliver all the tools for covering different niches. Knowhere Pro is a theme that pursues the same goal. It has several key advantages that differentiate it from competitors.

The built-in WooCommerce membership system helps to integrate pricing plans. This way you can offer more ad-related functionality to your users. For restaurants, theatres, and museums the theme provides appointment booking compatibility. It helps with the setup and management of reservations. And the radius filter allows for easy search of the ads and offers within a desired range.

  • Advanced membership system
  • Map customization
  • Unique filters for classifieds
  • Fully functional user dashboard
What’s included

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13. Listeo

Photo of Listeo - highly responsive theme for online directories with location autocomplete in white, dimgray, gray, and firebrick color palette.

Another notable listing theme for WordPress is Listeo. It is a great choice if you need to build a trustworthy website for classifieds. Moreover, this solution is aimed at users who value their time. From an advanced search system to powerful customization options, there are lots of benefits packed with Listeo. The theme helps to build a successful marketplace. It is also oriented towards beneficial deals for website owners, buyers, and sellers. You can also add a WooCommerce payment gateway with diverse currencies and payment methods for the comfort of your visitors.

  • Dashboard for vendors and customers
  • Smart monetization options
  • Expiring listing notifications
  • Integrated form builder
What’s included
  • 6 homepage demos
  • Google Reviews
  • Multi-criteria ratings
  • Location autocomplete
  • User-first design
  • Dark & light UI mode
  • Mega menu & social login

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6 Notable Free Classified Ads WordPress Themes

14. CLClassified (FREE)

Collage of the CLClassified free WordPress theme for classified ads websites.

CLClassified is an outstanding free theme for classified websites with tens of highly competitive ad features. It allows you to earn from top ads, bump up ads, and its premade store facility – on which you can sell products. You can also utilize its membership options to generate revenue. This theme supports offline payments and PayPal as routes for receiving payment. It is also highly customizable with the WordPress Live Customizer and Gutenberg WordPress block builder support.

  • Multiple ad types
  • Highly customizable
  • Multiple earning possibilities
What’s included
  • 2 payment gateways
  • One-Click Demo Importer
  • Ajax filters
  • Child theme
  • Autocomplete search function
  • 1 grid and 1 list ad views

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15. ListingHive (FREE)

Shot of ListingHive - customizable & free theme for classified ad websites with private messaging in white, black, lightgray, and gold hue selection.

ListingHive is a clean and spacious solution built for successful online sales. The theme provides fully configurable custom fields and offers amazing customization potential. It is based on the HivePress plugin, which allows to create business directories and listings of any complexity. You can customize this theme to offer a unique experience. Being free and well-optimized makes this theme a suitable choice if you’re just getting started with classifieds.

  • Easy listing management
  • Featured listing section
  • Private messaging system
  • Powerful ad search
What’s included
  • Gutenberg integration
  • Quick setup
  • Custom fields
  • Search filters
  • Unlimited categories
  • Translation-ready
  • Intuitive UI

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16. Listdomer (FREE)

Image of Listdomer - adaptive theme for event promotion and classifieds with ad management dashboard in white, black, darkslategray, dodgerblue, and steelblue color scheme.

Listdomer is one of the clean & responsive classified ads WordPress themes. It is oriented towards event promotion as well as selling online. This theme helps your visitors find their favorite venues with just a few clicks. With a variety of pre-defined categories, you can get started right after installing it. The diverse layouts and shortcodes integrated into this solution will help you create an outstanding listing website without any extra charges. And for those who are interested in selling products online via classifieds, Listdomer provides a well-developed search system with geolocation support.

  • Ad management dashboard
  • Easy interface customization
  • Custom labels & categories
What’s included
  • 9 listing designs
  • 10+ headers & footers
  • Pre-designed blog pages
  • 5 ad search criteria
  • Shortcodes

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17. NexProperty (FREE)

Picture of NexProperty - responsive and powerful theme for real estate listings with custom-made pages in steelblue, dodgerblue, black, and white pigment arrangement.

Classified ad websites are often used for the promotion of real estate services. Our next suggestion, NexProperty, is a great option for such websites. With its help, you can effectively manage listings as well as published ads in diverse categories. Its powerful and customizable listing pages will help you sell products, services, and real estate online right away. Thanks to its easy-to-customize layout, you can transform this free theme to better suit your website and business needs.

  • 2 homepage layouts
  • Header search form
  • Booking management dashboard
What’s included
  • Front-end ad dashboard
  • 15+ custom-made pages
  • Price range search
  • Featured properties slider
  • Pricing packages

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18. Classified Ads (FREE)

Snapshot of Classified Ads - spacious & customizable theme for online ads with statistics functionality in white, firebrick, brown, and maroon tonal composition.

A simple, spacious yet quite effective theme, Classified Ads delivers just what it promises. Available in free and premium options, it comes with a bunch of features to help you develop an informative classified ad website right away. The free version of this solution provides simple yet effective customization options just like other classified ads WordPress themes. They help you learn more about creating listings and directory websites with WordPress.

  • Featured ads
  • Header & background image
  • Customizable color scheme
What’s included
  • Google Fonts
  • Statistics
  • Category search
  • Easy demo installation
  • Footer widgets

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19. Best Listing (FREE)

Photo of Best Listing free theme for classified ads websites.

Best Listing is a free & ready-made solution that was initially designed to create modern & diverse classifieds. Like many abovementioned themes, it comes with outstanding functionality for publishing and editing ads in different categories. With the integrated listing layouts, you can choose the design of your WordPress site. Moreover, you can keep your customers updated with the latest from your company thanks to the dedicated blog pages.

  • Featured listing sections
  • Blog pages
  • Author profile
  • Dashboard
What’s included
  • Grid & List directory layouts
  • Location-based categories
  • One-click listing creation
  • Easy-to-use navigation menu
  • Informative footer

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A well-developed ad website is a great way to not only develop your business but also help other sellers find buyers and potential clients. With our selection of 19 premium classified ads WordPress themes, you’ll surely find the right solution to create a memorable and successful online presence. Moreover, with their numerous unique features, you can get the best functionality for your advertising website, while also catering to the needs of your users. Here are the key takeaways listing the benefits every classified ad resource needs to have:

  1. Geolocation-based search: Many users of classified ads rely on geolocation to find the best deals and offers in their area. While this functionality is becoming more common for a variety of eCommerce & online selling websites, it is still worth noting that such a feature is a requirement for your site if it deals with online advertising.
  2. Ad categories: Using pre-defined categories in the provided themes or adding your own can be a good choice if we are talking about classified ads. Categorizing your advertisements is a great addition to a thought-out search system. These two features complement each other and improve the user experience for your clients.
  3. User dashboard: Another essential feature of this type of website is a user dashboard. It is required to manage classified ads effectively. Even though a website owner has their dedicated dashboard, providing your users with one is also recommended. It allows for better ad management and enables your registered visitors to use the whole potential of your site.
  4. Monetization & pricing: Finally, one of the key benefits every classified ad website provides is a pricing model. Some of them may even include a subscription, which delivers more advantages for your users. As an owner of such a site, you get more profit by allowing your users to purchase premium-level accounts that are available in various pricing packages. You can also power up your site by offering a paid bump-up of certain ads. Other monetization options are often included with the classified ads WordPress themes, too.

While each of the presented themes provides exactly what’s expected from a classified ad website, it’s up to you to choose an appropriate solution. Whether you aim towards a theme with a powerful search system or a fully customizable user dashboard, any of the abovementioned solutions can be your first step to establishing a memorable online space for classifieds.

Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links for third-party products. If you click a link and later make a purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission that doesn’t result in additional charges to you.


Is WordPress good for classifieds?

A classified WordPress theme is a ready-made solution built with local advertising in mind. Such themes offer a great start to many businesses and entrepreneurs. If you want to start selling online without investing a lot in eCommerce platforms, establishing a site with a classified WordPress theme can be the first step. Its multiple features are aimed at helping you create and manage ads for products and services. As a result, you get an incredibly effective way to market products and services.

What is a classified WordPress theme?

There are numerous ways to add classified ads to WordPress depending on the approach that you prefer. Some users may go for installing a specific plugin to extend the platform’s functionality. These tools also allow to create and manage ads without any troubles. However, most of the classified ads WordPress themes have this functionality available out of the box. Moreover, your website will certainly get more traffic if it has a dedicated dashboard for registered users. It usually has all the features for adding product images, setting the price, or editing the ad in real-time.

How do I add classifieds to WordPress?

While the classified ads websites built on WordPress may often differ from each other, the best plugin for creating such ads can be a difficult choice. However, you should always pay attention to the features it offers. Some plugins, such as Directorist, provide support for directories on your site with the ability to create classifieds. Others like WPAdverts are more lightweight because they offer essential advertising functionality. Besides, they are often compatible with older versions of WordPress and can be configured in a few minutes.

Many modern ad websites are also Elementor-ready. This means they can also use diverse extensions for appointments and scheduling. Using such tools is especially beneficial if your classified site provides tickets to events and concerts.

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