Quick start guide

This quick guide will help you get started easily:

  1. Start by going to the Settings menu to configure basic plugin parameters, such as currency, a default time slot for bookings, etc.
  2. Add Employees via the Employees menu.
  3. Add a database of locations via the Locations menu (e.g. cities, areas, shops, rooms, etc.).
  4. Create schedules for individual employees via the Schedules menu (e.g. add working hours, lunchtimes, days off, etc.).
  5. Add and customize the list of services you offer (e.g. classes, doctor appointments, fitness training, etc.) via the Services menu.
  6. Categorize services by Tags and Categories via the respective menus.
  7. Set up email notifications.
  8. Add a shortcode to display a booking wizard on your site.
  9. Get and edit bookings on the admin dashboard.

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