General email settings

email settings general appointment plugin

  • Sender’s email address
  • Sender’s name (e.g. site title)

Email template

  • You can add a logo to personalize your emails (make sure to test this to find the appropriate logo size).
  • Add an email footer text.
  • Customize template parts. Some email template macros (tags) are complex ones – they can contain several submacros. In the Template Parts menu, you can personalize those submacros. For example, the {reservation_details} tag can include some extra tags like {service_name}, {reservation_date} – or any other detail to your liking.


After you are done with editing template parts, you can include them into the actual email templates.

  • Style settings include the base color, background color, body background color and body text color settings so you can better brand your emails.

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