Appointment Booking Checkout Fields

The Checkout Fields add-on allows you to edit the checkout step in the MotoPress appointment booking form by adding new fields or editing the default ones (a name, email address, phone number, and customer notes).

Installation and setup

  1. Download a .zip archive with the Appointment Booking Checkout Fields add-on files.
  2. Install the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard via Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin → Browse → Install Now.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Go to Appointments → Settings → Integrations → Checkout Fields → copy and paste your license key and save the changes.
  5. To edit checkout fields, go to Appointments → Checkout Fields.

How to customize fields

Edit checkout fields in appointment booking.
To edit a field, hover you mouse over the chosen one and click ‘Edit’, then select a field type.
Checkout field types in Appointment Booking.
General settings for the field include:

  1. Add a visible field title (optional).
  2. Add a placeholder (optional).
  3. Enable or disable a field.
  4. Mark a field as required/non-required. Warning for making the email field non-required: Email address is usually important for customer references. Also, you can’t disable the email field if you allow customer account registration on your website.
  5. Add CSS classes (optional).
  6. Change the order of the fields at checkout by simply dragging and dropping the fields to the needed position.

Extra settings depend on the field type.

Field types

Checkbox field type

A checkbox with each option having a corresponding text field next to it. If you want customers to be able to select multiple options, create a new field for every new option. You can choose to display such fields checked by default.
An example of the checkbox field.

Country field type

A simple country selector, which is a dropdown menu with list of countries.
An example of the country selector field.

Date of birth field type

A handy three-field selector for choosing a birthdate (date, month, and year).
An example of the birthdate checkout field in the Appointment booking plugin.

Email field

A standard email field if you need to ask for the secondary email/ or when someone might be booking an appointment for another person.
An example of the secondary email field.

Heading field type

A heading field that can serve as a section divider for your checkout form.
An example of the heading checkout field.

Paragraph field type

This field type if normally used for displaying a longer explanatory text.
The paragraph field type.

Phone field type

Using this field, you can ask a customer to provide a secondary phone number.
Secondary email phone number.

Select field type

Give customers a few options to choose from. All options are created within one field.
An example of the Select field type.

Text field type

Enable a customer to submit a short text via the checkout form.
An example of a text field type.

Textarea field type

Allow customers to submit a longer text answer.
An example of the textarea field type.

These booking form screenshots are created with the free barbershop WordPress theme.

Where data collected through these fields is saved

This data is saved in the Bookings menu. To see or edit it, go to Appointments → Bookings → open the needed booking → scroll down to the “Checkout fields” section. You can also edit this data.

Checkout fields in the booking details.

Include this data into automated emails

If you want to include custom checkout field data in your automated customer emails, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the desired email template: Go to Appointments > Settings > Emails and select the specific customer email template you want to modify.
  2. Insert data tags: Look for the available tags listed below the template. These tags correspond to the custom checkout fields you’ve enabled in your form via the Checkout Fields menu.
  3. Copy and paste tags: Simply copy the relevant tags and paste them into your email content at the desired location.

Customer email tags.


Can I change the order of the fields?

Yes, you can easily drag and drop the fields in the Checkout Fields menu to reorder them in the checkout form.

Can I make a field mandatory?

Yes, you can mark any field as required, forcing clients to fill it out before completing the appointment booking.

Will my form work if I make all fields non-required?

Yes, you can mark all fields as non-required or completely disable them (this will hide all the fields in the checkout form). At the same time, we don’t recommend doing it for the email field since it can be used for the account registration on your site.

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