Add services

Add services you offer via Services → Add new. You can add unlimited services.

services appointment booking

Service settings

The services are actual bookable slots – those can be anything from the beauty salon services to online classes.

You can add a service description and a featured image if you want to feature your services on dedicated pages. You can also add a service category to simplify and speed up the service search for your clients.

For each service, you can apply the following settings:

  • Service price (the currency sign will depend on the one you set via Settings at the beginning).
  • Custom service duration – these are bookable slots (the time slot depends on the minimum time step you set in Settings at the beginning).
  • Optional buffer times before and after the service – extra time added to the service duration – when you need to get prepared for the next booking or perform some extra actions after the booking; it applies to a particular employee and service (it’s invisible to your clients).
  • The ‘time before booking’ option allows you to set a minimum period of time required between the booking and the actual appointment (up to 31 days).
  • Assign eligible employees who can perform this service.

Since plugin version 1.3.1, you can also add a service capacity which is customizable through the following settings:

  • Minimum capacity: a minimum number of people the set service price covers (even when this parameter is set to two or more, an appointment is still eligible for one person).
  • Maximum capacity: a maximum number of people eligible for one service appointment.
  • Allow additional guests: it’s required if you want to allow customers to add extra guests (e.g. capacity 2-7 means a person can take 5 more people).
  • Multiply price: enable this option if you want the base service price to be multiplied by the number of people for one appointment. However, if, for instance, a minimum capacity is two the Allow Additional Guests option is disabled, the service price will be still multiplied by two.

appointment booking plugin wordpress settings

You can optionally exclude capacity from the list of services displayed on your site:

show service capacity block editor

Moreover, you can change the service duration, pricing and capacity based on who provides it:

custom service settings

If the service capacity is on, a client will see the “Clients” selector on the checkout page and will be able to choose the number of people for the appointment:

number of people


You can also see how many people to expect for a particular appointment in the dashboard:


If you want to create a feature-rich service page, feel free to use any third-party builders or the default WordPress block editor. For example, we improved this default service page (online course) with the help of Elementor and its addon – Stratum widgets:


Similarly to how you worked with Employees showcase, you can create a list of services (course in our case) in any preferable way with the links to individual services:


Service categories & tags

In the Service categories and tags menu, you can add categories that will simplify and speed up the search of a service via the booking wizard on your site.