How to Add a Sign Up Form with Free MotoPress MailChimp widget

Great news from the MotoPress team! Newly released free WordPress MailChimp widget allows WordPress users to easily add a Sign-up form to the site and link it to one or more lists created in MailChimp account in a few clicks. No need to mess around with coding and design. MotoPress MailChimp widget gives you a free ready-made solution that essentially simplifies the process of integrating and setting a Sign-up form up to your needs.

MotoPress MailChimp widget

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Emmet – Free Clean Responsive WordPress Theme You Will Love

Emmet is a free brand new WordPress theme from MotoPress that was designed for corporate websites and portfolio websites. It has a clean responsive design that looks good on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Let us take a closer look at the theme and see what it has to offer.

free responsive WordPress theme

The design makes the process of customizing and styling your website pain-free. Emmet also has support for popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress.

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How to Create a Landing Page With MotoPress Content Editor

No matter what type of website you have, or what is the purpose of the existing one is, there is a good chance it can be enhanced by adding a landing page. A landing page will help you get more social media followers, grow your email subscriber list, sell a product or service, or elicit any other response from your visitors. Want to learn how to create a landing page and achieve these goals easily? Read further!

Landing page with WordPress

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MotoPress Slider Update Version 1.2.0

Here comes the next huge update from MotoPress team. This time we enhanced responsive MotoPress Slider plugin for WordPress. Now it is even easier to edit styles, more convenient to navigate between slides, more beautiful with new animations and other useful features. We’ll review all the items from the changelog below.

motopress slider update

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MotoPress Content Editor update version 1.6.5

Finally, we have finished working on an impressive update and released the highly anticipated 1.6.5 version of MotoPress WordPress Page Builder plugin. By updating to this version you get new widgets and features like popups, countdown timers, custom lists, group buttons, and many others. All the widgets are multipurpose and you will find them useful for sure. Let’s go down to the details.

MP content editor 1.6.5

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MotoPress Visual Builder Version 1.6.1 released

During a few last months we slowed down our work on MotoPress Visual Builder to focus on our new products – Responsive Slider for WordPress and Content Editor Addons. But we haven’t stopped it at all and now want to show you new improvements which were added to the Content Editor plugin in the updated version 1.6.1.


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