Provide the option to NOT delete past synced bookings

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    Last week we noticed that our imported bookings were NOT being removed from the calendar and got super excited! But now, it has reverted to its original behavior. Sad.

    Robin Wiggs

    I would like to add my support to this essential feature upgrade.

    it is a fundamental part of business needs, analysis, reporting and booking to retain records of past guests who book via OTAs.

    A short-term fix would be to allow back-end creation of new bookings with dates in the past. Then we could manually enter OTA bookings prior to checkout.

    Are you able to give an indication of timeframe for this feature request?

    May thanks.

    Christos M.

    Guys come on, there are so many people asking for this feature for over one year.

    We all have paid for our plugins in order to have the sync features, please just listen to our needs at last and provide us with a solution.

    It is not THAT hard technically to implement and this feature will be much more useful than the customer login stuff you’ve been developing recently.

    Realistically pretty much no one will create an account and login just to make an one-off reservation to some hotel. However, being able to keep track of all our bookings in your platform will be a valuable feature for all of us.

    J. Davis


    Your upvotes has been added. Meanwhile you may try to use the following workaround:

    You may try to edit the following file

    You should find the function addImportTasks and then after the following line of this function $this->addTasks( $tasks ); you should add return;

    Unfortunately, there is no possibility to override it safely for updates so it can be edited manually only.

    best regards,
    J. Davis

    AM Realty

    I’d like to upvote this feature request so the system does NOT delete past imported bookings or exclude them from reports, etc. Thank you.

    J. Davis

    Your upvote has been added. Thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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