Hotel Booking Payment Request

This add-on will automate your workflow of requesting and collecting rental payments from your guests, taking care of your different payment scenarios. Allow your guests to secure their bookings by paying the full or remaining balance in a certain number of days before arrival. Email the balance payment request link automatically or manually. Send custom payment requests for deposits, as well as any fixed amounts or percentages of the total booking cost for selected reservations. Always receive on-time payments without a need to handle repetitive tasks.

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Product is subject to a yearly license for support and automatic updates.

Hotel Booking Payment Request Highlights

This is an extension for the MotoPress WP hotel booking plugin.

Auto-Send Balance Due Payment Reminders

No matter the booking confirmation mode you use, it’s easy to request, process, and record payments automatically through your website.

Set up automated balance payment requests by scheduling emails: designate the number of days prior to the check-in date to send reminders.

All paid bookings will be accounted for automatically.

Send Any Payment Link Manually

Trigger and retrigger payment request emails of any type directly from the Edit Booking screen with a single click.

Above that, an automatically generated payment request link, which is unique for each reservation, can be copied manually and sent in any convenient way: a messenger, SMS, email, you name it.

Send it anytime, as many times as needed.

Customize Emails for Every Request Type

Create branded “Payment request” emails for every payment request type to send to your clients using fully customizable templates. Tags used in emails will dynamically generate amounts to be paid.

Personalize emails with even more handy macros, state your policy, including any promo info, coupons, etc. Once the payment is made by the guest, it is automatically recorded and automatic notifications are sent.

You are free to add multiple recipients of admin notifications.

hotel booking payment requestReceive Seamless Payments through Your Website

Clicking the payment request link takes your client to a secure checkout page on your website. This page clearly displays their booking details, payment history details, and the available payment options you offer.

They can then choose their preferred payment gateway from those you’ve enabled through the Hotel Booking plugin. All payment information is securely captured and stored in your database for easy record-keeping.

hotel booking payment requestTrack All Requests & Payments

Thanks to the automated log records, you can track all requests sent, automatic or manual, and payments received for every booking.

The plugin automatically records actions on each booking to help you optimize your workflow with every client. Changes of a booking status, the remaining balance, the paid amount – this add-on brings all range of tools to help you keep records effortlessly.

Get Flexible with Custom Payment Requests

Regularly adding unpaid bookings through the backoffice? Need more manual payment control? Create custom payment requests for selected bookings with these three options:

  • Deposit: Send a deposit payment request with a click (based on your deposit settings in the core plugin).
  • Percentage: Request a specific percentage of the total booking cost.
  • Fixed: Set a flat fee for guests to pay upfront.

Get the full or partial amount upfront with ease!


How the Hotel Booking Payment Request Add-on Works for Different Confirmation Modes

The Hotel Booking Request Payment add-on brings more flexibility to all booking confirmation modes. Follow-up payment reminders are sent only in case the status of a booking is “Confirmed”. If you opt for manual link sending for individual bookings, you can disable automatic payment requests via the Edit booking menu.

  • Are your bookings confirmed manually by admin?

    Once the booking request is placed by the potential guest and you change its status to “Confirmed” manually, you can send the payment request link right away at the touch of the button in the Edit booking menu using your preferred type of a payment request (balance due, deposit, or a custom amount). If you opt-out of manual sending, the payment request link will be emailed automatically in a designated time frame before the arrival date based on your add-on settings.

  • Are your bookings confirmed by customers via email?

    Bookings confirmed by customers via email are set to “Confirmed” automatically. The balance payment request link is sent automatically in a set number of days prior to check-in. You can optionally send the payment link manually with a button click for each booking using your preferred payment request type. When opting for manual links, make sure to disable automatic ones.

  • Are your bookings confirmed upon a deposit payment?

    Once a deposit payment is made, the booking is confirmed automatically. The remaining balance due request link is sent in a designated number of days before arrival automatically. You can optionally send the payment link manually with a button click for each booking. When opting for manual links, make sure to disable automatic ones.

Hotel Booking Request Payment add-on brings more flexibility to all confirmation modes. Automatic follow-up reminders are sent only in case the status of booking is “Confirmed”.


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Absolutely the best, John D comes thru for us every single time!!!

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The payment request add-on is very reliable. We highly recommend.

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36 Replies to “Hotel Booking Payment Request

    1. You can collect balance due from your clients. You will need Redsys for WooCommerce, WooCommerce and Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payments plugins.

  1. When I pick stripe as my mode of payment and enable other international form of payments as well, it forces me pick euro as the default payment method and not dollar anymore, is that by design, can I have dollar as my default payment method and still enable other international forms of payment ?

  2. Hi, so I understand that you can send a payment request emails to redirect clients to the checkout page on the website.
    Does this work if let’s say we have a deposit rate of 30%, so the customer pays 30% when he books the room, and can we send a link of the remaining 70% before the arriving date to complete the full purchase? So does this addon work with deposits?
    Other question: the link we send redirects the customer to a checkout page, does the Hotel Booking WooCommerce Payments gateways work in this situation?

    1. Hi, Yes, the plugin can be used to charge the balance due amount and guests may choose the payment gateways that are integrated from WooCommerce by means of the HB WooCommerce payments addon.

  3. Hello,

    How does the additional payment sync up with stripe?

    I can’t see the option to use stripe for this additional payment currently?


    1. Hi Rob, You simply need to enable and configure Stripe via Accommodation > Settings > Payment Gateways > Stripe.

    1. Hi Ade, Thanks for your question. We guess this solution for woocommerce can not be used with our Hotel Booking plugin even if you use HB WooCommerce payments to use payment methods from woocommerce. Currently, you may try to add a security deposit as a mandatory fee (Bookings > Taxes and Fees). It will be added to the total booking amount. After the check-out, you may submit a partial refund via the account of the payment gateway to send back the security deposit.

    1. Hi Chris, The license of the plugin is annual. The license is required to get updates and technical assistance. The expiration of the license does not affect the functionality of the plugin and you just stop getting updates and support. The license can be renewed whenever you need it.

    1. Hi Bella,
      Make sure sending emails is enabled on your server (whether PHP main function is enabled). In other words you should check if other emails can be sent from contact forms on you site. We’d also recommend to setup SMTP for better an safe email delivery.

    2. Hi Bella,
      Please make sure PHP mail function is configured on your server. Otherwise setup SMTP for delivering emails sent from WordPress.

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Release Notes

2.0.0, Mar 11 2024

  • Added the ability to create more types of payment requests: deposit-based, of any fixed amount, or a percentage of the booking value. Respectively, added new email templates for them and tags to dynamically generate payment sums and payment links.

1.2.0, Feb 27 2024

  • Added the ability to send an email notification to guests upon successful payment.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 8.2.

1.1.9, Nov 2 2021

  • New feature: added new user access capability settings.

1.1.8, Sep 13 2021

  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with displaying information incompletely in the price breakdown table.
  • Bug fix: fixed an issue when a guest was asked to pay a deposit payment amount instead of a balance payment one.

1.1.7, Sep 2 2021

  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with displaying the balance sum a guest needs to pay.

1.1.6, Aug 26 2021

  • Bug fix: fixed an issue that appeared on the Checkout page.

1.1.5, Jul 30 2021

  • Bug fix: fixed an issue with redirecting clients to the Payment Request Checkout page in the correct language if the page was translated with WPML.

1.1.4, Jun 29 2021

  • Improved compatibility with Hotel Booking Notifier plugin.

1.1.3, Feb 19 2021

  • Bug fix: fixed an issue that appeared on the plugin deactivation.

1.1.2, Feb 24 2020

  • Fixed the issue when "Payment Received" email was sent while the payment made via WooCommerce Payments addon was "On Hold".

1.1.1, Sep 3 2019

  • Improved compatibility with Hotel Booking plugin.

1.1.0, Jun 25 2019

  • Fixed the issue of displaying incorrect price in price breakdown in case of the price change.

1.0.2, Apr 3 2019

  • Improved compatibility with WPML plugin.

1.0.1, Feb 8 2019

  • Fixed the issue with the payment form.

1.0.0 - Dec 24 2018

  • Initial release