Plugin Update

Automatic plugin update

  1. Log in to your WordPress.
  2. Go to the Plugins section and then to Installed Plugins.
  3. Find MotoPress WordPress Page Builder in the list of plugins.
  4. You can check the installed plugin version under the plugin description e.g. 1.4.8.
  5. You can check the current plugin version on our website in Changelog section.
  6. The update is available only when the License Key is activated. Go to your WordPress then go to MotoPress and pass to the License page and check whether it is valid and activated.
  7. If the License is not entered, you should type and activate it. You can find your License Key in the message you received after the plugin purchase or in your account on our website My Account
  8. After the License has been activated you’ll see the available update as in any other WordPress plugin. You can find a message about the update under the Plugins section or under the Dashboard and Updates section.
  9. If you see that an update is available you should follow WordPress guides for updating the plugin.

Manual plugin update

You can download and install the plugin manually. You can find the latest plugin version in your account on our website here My Account Log into your account using the login data that was delivered to your email after the plugin purchase. If you can not find your password you can reset it following the link Lost Password You should use your email that was used while purchasing the plugin.

Note: If your current plugin version is earlier than the latest version in changelog, you need to update your plugin to the latest version.

You can watch this video tutorial about plugin update process.

6 Replies to “Plugin Update”

  1. Yea…this doesn’t work when the plugin can’t auto-update. Please include instructions on manually updating the plugin.

    1. Hi Ryan,
      You can uninstall current plugin and then install one latest version. Or you can contact our support team for assistance.

      1. If current plugin is uninstalled (to then upload current version), will current bookings, settings, etc be erased?

        1. This guide is about our other plugin – Content Editor. As for the Hotel Booking plugin so the re-installation of the plugin should not affect the content. If you purchased the Hotel Booking plugin on our site (as a stand-alone plugin) you may activate the license and get an automatic update.
          Note: it is always recommended to backup the website before any plugin/theme or WordPress update.

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