By using built-in elements you are able to organize your content. Just click ‘Add’ button at the top panel to show/hide left bar with all available tools. Thus you can click on ‘T’ icon to add title, paragraph, quote, etc.



Then drag the chosen object to to the exact place where you want to see this element. Make sure you transfer it to the highlighted area and fill it with text.

When you define the location you can adjust your text object in the most suitable way. By using the editor panel which is above the content field you are able to organize your content with ease. Drag more object from the panel to the page, check its settings and see how it is easy to build content with MotoPress.

The main advantage of the MotoPress Content Editor it the opportunity to see how the final arrangement of the text will look like right in the working area.



We want to make our product better, so will be glad to receive your feedback and improve MotoPress specially for you! Leave a message below, make your voice heard!

  • Murtuza Millwala

    How to delete the section or content box?
    There is no option of removing any section of row

    • Hi Murtuza,
      You can simply remove objects one by one by ‘X’ button at the top panel.