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Drag-and-drop WordPress Page Builder will help you create a better website with any theme. You can design pages, posts or custom post types visually on the frontend - with tons of content modules and styling options. Quick and fun editing, no shortcode lock-in effect, user-friendly toolkit.

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Build WordPress pages visually by adding and editing built-in website elements with ease. With no programming skills and code you can add and customize text, buttons, images and picture galleries, embed videos, insert custom code etc and fully control your website appearance.




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MotoPress add-ons allow you to easily extend the functionality of Drag and Drop WordPress editor, quickly integrate it with a variety of 3d party services and provide great opportunities for website editing. You are also able to take the advantage of our WordPress Slider which adds additional functionality to your website and enrich it with engaging media files.

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Drag and Drop WordPress themes coupled with advanced functionality and beautiful responsive design. Thanks to the built-in MotoPress visual builder you are able to edit the existing and new content, what gives you a full control over your site.

Numerous shortcodes and cool widgets help you to manage your website like never before.

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  • Just gets better

    We’ve been using MotoPress Visual Editor for nearly three years, and it just keeps getting better. Regular updates, new features, but best of all is the support. They don’t give up, and are clearly focused of finding solutions, even if it was a fault with your site (damn you, bossy firewall!). Pretty much every other WP plugin I’ve used, when I’ve had an issue, has very quickly blamed it on another plugin. But these guys never say no, and have a real can-do attitude, and so I’m sure will continue to grow loyalty, allowing them to grow their product, and that means they’ll be sticking around – which to me is very important when so many plugins I’ve used have faded away. Well done guys!

  • Great Editor.

    I used the editor Pro, with the Emmet Theme and several plugins for
    No Problems at all. Everything works as it should be.
    Best of all: The Support Team.

    Thank you for all of your help, which often was more than you needed to do.

    Great Job.

  • I like it

    I like the editor. The usability is great. Simple to use. Very helpfull support team.

  • New version just released is Great!!

    The latest upgrade of MotoPress is awesome!! User interface is very easy to learn and the row and column control now is great when creating responsive content to your site. This is by far the best plugin for anyone working with a wordpress site. The value of time saved in developing a site with this plugin far outweighs the cost. I would not be without it and the customer service that I have experienced with the MotoPress team is equally awesome!!

  • Brilliant Customer Service for a Brilliant Product

    Have enjoyed using Content Editor on a number of websites until I found that it wasn’t working on a site that used a theme I had designed a few years ago with a package from A********. I contacted customer support, telling them that I had tested all the other plugins (no problems) and tried different themes (worked OK). They asked me for a copy of my theme and soon found that it was down to an out-of-date jquery; they provided me with a correct copy of functions.php which I installed into my theme and….BINGO, it worked!! Now considering going for one of the paid-for versions…..

  • excellent

    ottimo plugin.
    Mi piace!

  • Great Plugin, Great Support

    Plugin works well and is easy to use. Support for the product was great as well.

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    202 Replies to “MotoPress Content Editor

    1. Theme (Enfold WordPress)

      Upgrade from PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.3

      Error message:

      ……/wp-content/plugins/motopress-content-editor/includes/ce/shortcode/ShortcodeCommon.php on line 781

      unfortunately motopress content-editor still does not work with php 7.3

      many thanks for a timely update

      best regards

      1. Hi Tobias,
        Content Editor is not compatible with PHP 7.3 version yet. We’d recommend to install 7.2 version back till the next plugin update where we’ll make it compatible.
        We are sorry for temporary inconveniences.

      1. Hi Rogene,
        Thanks for your question. There is no option to crate season with infinite end date. You can simply create season for a few years e.g. till 2025.

    2. Sorry for newb question as I’m just trying to do what’s economically best/correct. I maintain 2 wordpress sites for my own work. What is the best or only way I should most effectively upgrade to this version? Thank you in advance for your anticipated help. 🙂

      1. Hi Scott,
        I see you have an active Business license of Content Editor plugin. It allows to use plugin at 5 websites. If there is somehow installed Lite or Personal (for 1 site) license you should remove it from your site. Then go to your MotoPress account and download latest Business version of plugin and install it to your site(s). Then copy license key from your account at paste in plugin settings at your WordPress site(s). Feel free to contact us if you have any additional question or need our assistance.

    3. If I buy the unlimited websites MotoPress editor and addons Developer Bundle for a year, will I be able to use them on new websites after the year license is finished?

      1. Hi Rayhaan,
        Thank you for your question. Yes, you can use plugins after license expiration however you should be advised that download links are closed once the license expires. You stop getting updated versions of plugins and technical assistance. You can also renew whole bundle license or each product license separately when you need this. By purchasing Developer Bundle you get Content Editor unlimited + all premium addons.

        1. I mean if I have the plugin files on my machine and my license expires, can I still upload it to sites I create after the membership expiration?

          1. Hi Rayhaan,
            Yes, you can install the downloaded files and use them after expiration, but you will not be able to activate it or get updates. Also, we cannot guarantee for how long an outdated version of the plugin will work with future WordPress updates.

    4. When i try to update the content editor I get this message: Update Failed: Download mislukt. cURL error 35: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure.
      What’s wrong? What can I do to solve this?

    5. Hello…Motopress editor has been working fine until wordpress updated to 4.9.1..notice i cannot move, edit or change any content using the mouse…Notice that when I try to insert a new image all i get is the move icon for the muouse and it doesnt clear until i close the editor and page. Can you advise if there is any issues recently ?

      1. Hi Greg,
        MotoPress Content Editor has been tested with WordPress 4.9.1. Make sure that you are using the latest version of our plugin – 2.5.1. If it is so and the problem persists, please, submit a ticket to our support team.

    6. HI there,

      I am really tired to load the page for editing I am facing this following error. “An internal error occurred during loading Content Editor. Please submit this data to support team.” But the page is only loading ….. How can I load the page for editing content ? Please help …

      1. Hi Sohel,
        There might be numerous reasons of the error – out of date plugin/WordPress version, third party plugin conflict etc. We have a support team to submit such requests to. Please submit a request and our agents will take a closer look at it.

    7. If I buy the personal bundle, do I have to pay the bundle again the next year, or as i have all the addons (one time payment) I only have to pay the Personal?

      And something else.

      If I don’t pay the next year but I return with you another year or months after, do I loose the Addons, or ill still have them?


      1. Hello Daniel,
        There is license for a whole bundle and for each plugin individually. Thus you can renew whole bundle or certain plugins with 50% discount. The license is required for getting automatic updates and technical assistance.
        If the license expires the plugin download link expires too. You can use plugin and renew it whenever you want – to get latest version or technical assistance.

    8. Hello, Can you help me?

      Because the background that uses the motopress editor in video, can not be visualized in a mobile?

    9. If a premium WP site is built using another front end editor such as VC, is MotoPress still compatible? Would it break or create problems with that editor?

      1. Hello Will,
        Yes, you can use MotoPress for adding new content to your website. Installation of MotoPress plugin won’t affect created content.
        If you mean that you want to use MotoPress Visual Builder to edit content created with another builder, then you’ll need either to re-build that content or edit it in a way it was added.

    10. Hello, a client of mine contacted me to solve a problem but I’m not familiar with motopress. A designer has installed 2 plugins : motopress content editor (v 1.5.8) but there is also installed a motopress content editor LITE (v 2.2.0). The lite editor does not want to activate and generates an error “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare motopressCECustomCSS()” , while the older version however works fine if activated. There is a lite license key installed which is valid till september 2017.

      Which plugin should we use ? The older version or the newer 2.2.0 or is there something else going on ?

      1. Hello Alex,
        You use out of date Lite license. You should remove it from your WordPress and install one from (2.2.0). It does not require license activation any more.
        If you like the plugins and want to use all the features you can upgrade to Pro version selecting one of the license plans above.

      1. Hi,
        As far as I understand there layer conflict and you need to modify z-index value of your menu. But we need access to your WordPress to test it. Could you email us so we’d check the request for you?

    11. Hello Motopress,
      I have a problem with the plugin MotoPress Content Editor Lite. When i want to edit a Page, the button “Open Visual Builder” are disabled.
      What i can do? Help me please.
      Thank you very much, your plugin are very complet.

      1. Hello,
        Make sure TinyMCE is not damaged at your WordPress installation. You can also try to deactivate all plugins except Visual Builder and test it. Thus you may find out of date plugin which causes an issue.
        If it’s not helpful you can email us and we’ll take a closer look at it.

    12. Hello, we are testing several editor, and your are very cool 🙂

      Do you have documentation to create our widget ?

      Because we have specific needs, like pick audio directly in media library. Add custom box.

      Do you want my email ?

    13. Hello Jakob,

      We are completely frustrated you
      found Visual Builder difficult to use. It is intuitive and simple in
      usage. If you want to customize some element you might need to add CSS
      or contact us for assistance. But we do our best to make it easier with
      each update. So you can email us the list of features you would like to
      see in the editor if you have some ideas. This will help us to move in
      right direction.

      Additionally we provide lite version of plugin which
      can be downloaded for free. Thus you can test the plugin with your
      theme, plugins and whole WordPress installation before purchasing Pro
      version. Also you can contact our support team before the purchase
      when you have any questions. They will answer all your question in
      regards to our products.

      As for license renewal aspect so
      it is required in case you need the latest version of plugin and
      technical assistance. If you don’t need it you may not renew the
      license. You can see all the information before the purchase we do not
      hide it.
      We appreciate criticism when it is constructive as we always eager to develop and improve our plugins.

    14. Hi, thanks for this powerful editor! my life became more easy after installing this 😉 now I need to make tabs – more than 2 – it seems possible only in a pro version.. should I purchase it for $29? (the plugin was installed wth theme54731 by template monster)

      1. Hi,
        I’ve checked your page and Google Map looks properly there. If you have any technical questions you can contact our support team providing license key and admin access to your WordPress.
        Have a nice day.

      1. Hi,
        Make sure you use latest version of plugin. Currently it is 2.0.2. If you have technical difficulties while using MotoPress Content Editor you can submit a request to our support team.

    15. Hi, just like Artemis (see comment below) I purchased a theme through templatemonster; shortly after I received a license key for both the Content Editor and the Slider, but after entering both license keys, the page still tells me the license is inactive. Contrary to Artemis post, I do not have any Lite version installed? I just have the version installed which came with the theme. Any help would be appreciated!

      – Rinck

      1. Hi Rinck,
        Probably you need to reset activation for your license keys at your MotoPress account. You should better refer to our documentation or contact our support team. They will assist you with pleasure.

    16. This plugin seems amazing, but sadly its not working after I bought it 🙁 it’s taking so long to get a response back from the technician (two days) that I’m like a sitting duck waiting until I’m told what to do. 🙁

        1. Yes It’s the updated plugin. I really need this fixed or the problem solved asap. I’m getting an reply back from you all once a day, which really sucks. 🙁

      1. Hi Ben,

        We would recommend to check the license activation to make sure you use latest version of plugin. If the plugin is up to date you can also contact our support team for assistance.

    17. My Motopress is error:

      ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined.

      Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/46.0.2490.86 Safari/537.36

      Platform: Win32


      1. Hi Tann,
        MotoPress Content Editor is compatible with all the themes. If you have content that was created without MotoPress you will need to edit it with default WordPress editor and use MotoPress for building new content.
        Also you are able to rebuild the previously created content visually with MotoPress Page Builder.

    18. Can I incorporate other plugin features in pages created with Motopress? i.e. if I install a countdown plugin for example, can i incorporate the (shortcode for the) countdown clock into the page that Im creating with Motopress or can I only choose from the design, function and style options the Motopress toolbox offers me?

      1. Hi, there are few options you can use with external widgets:

        1. Add widget to the builder. There are few examples and API available in our docs
        2. If your widget (like countdown) uses shortcode then you can add shortcode via WordPress Text widget
        3. If you know css-class your widget uses for stylization then you can past this class in the Style field of the Style tab

        Let me know if I should explain anything more

    19. After new WordPress update (4.3) lightbox is not appear anymore (magnific popup). Images opening in new bookmark right now.

      1. We did not manage to reproduce the issue you have described. Lightbox feature is functioning normally on our side. Could you contact our support team providing details to test the issue on your website?

    20. I just purchased the plugin a couple of days ago, had no problem with the installation or the basic workings. I have 2 questions. 1. I know I will have to update to the business or developer license soon, do I just pay the difference between the two? 2. Do I need to install the “cherry frame” plugin? And If I want to purchase one fo themes, is there a different rate because I already have the plug in. Thanks for any reply.

      1. Hi Godfrey,

        Yes, If you want to upgrade your license, you should simply pay the difference between license plans.Contact us with the details to which license you would like to upgrade.

        Cherry-framework plugin is the basic plugin of cherry-themes so you will need to install it with these themes only. Price of the theme won’t be reduced even if you already have the plugin.

    21. Hi, I am having problems with MotoPress, it just keeps spinning around in circles when I try to edit a page. Could anyone help me with why this is happening please?

    22. What are the differences between the Lite and Pro versions? Is there a list I can see? Currently have the Lite version, but was looking at upgrading to Pro.

      1. Hi Tori,

        Thank you for your question.
        You can buy the plugin once and use it as long as you like, even when the year has passed the plugin will continue working, you only won’t get updates and support. Plugin renewal is 50%off of the full price.

    23. I’ve got a Bootstrap 3 based theme, I’d like to add Moto Content Editor (which appears to say it’s based on Bootstrap) but not duplicate all the grid CSS. Can the Moto Editor work with an already-included Bootstrap CSS?

    24. Why the Motopress Not work in WordPress 4.1 I update my WP but it display message “MotoPress uses jQuery and jQuery UI with WordPress. Minimum jQuery version – 1.8.3. Minimum jQuery UI version – 1.9.2. Please update WordPress to version 3.5 or higher.”

    25. Is there any way to add images served over https via MotoPress? I don’t want to force HTTPS for the whole website, so I’m using CCS-HTTPS to force HTTPS for certain portions. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any way to selectively use HTTPS for media on the page.

    26. I purchased a template and came with motopress lite and I came across this problem, a shame of support, not can both take to solve a problem.

      1. Hi Ariel Carlos, after release of WordPress 4.1 we’ve collided with some compatibility issues. Firstly, we’ve fixed these issues in a pro plugin version, as MotoPress customers have priority support. And the Lite version was updated a few hours ago, you can update your plugin now.

    27. Is Motopress Content Editor Lite compatible with WordPress 4.1? I’ve just purchase a template from template monster where they recommended your plugin. Attempting to use the lite version to get a feel complains that “MotoPress uses jQuery and jQuery UI with WordPress. Minimum jQuery version – 1.8.3. Minimum jQuery UI version – 1.9.2. Please update WordPress to version 3.5 or higher.” I’ve checked my jQuery and jQuery UI versions and they are 1.11.1 and 1.11.2 respectively.

      1. Hi Sabur7!
        Thank you for your question. After release of WordPress 4.1 we’ve collided with some compatibility issues.
        They were fixed in our Pro (Full) plugin versions and will be fixed in a Lite
        version in a few days. Stay tuned.

        1. Hi! Except WordPress compatibility issue there is also a compatibility issue with Headway Themes – I have that issue on the several sites as well as one other user reported it in Headway Themes Facebook Group. I reported it yesterday – we can’t start MotoPress at all.

          1. +1 for Ivica’s problem. I just purchased Moto last night and installed it on my test site. I’m running WordPress 4.1, and Headway 3.7.11. Content Editor won’t load at all. Thanks!

            1. Hi Ben, thank you for your interest in our product. All issues were fixed in version 1.5.6 which was released after the release of WordPress 4.1. Now everything works perfectly.

          2. Hi Ivica! All issues were fixed in version 1.5.6 which was released after the release of WordPress 4.1. Now everything works perfectly. Thank you for using MotoPress!

    28. I have been using motopress lite (free) which I downloaded and have used in my theme. It has been implemented throughout my site. I decided today to upgrade today to the pro version for more features. When I follow all the instructions provided to install my new pro version and upload zipped file i get told ‘destination folder already exists’. Ok. I think something is confused, maybe I need to remove the Lite before it can upload the Pro. Buuuut, I can not remove it as it is being used on a live site and refuses to be deleted. Am I going crazy? Please help!

      1. Hi Chris, you are absolutely right, to start using the full version of the plugin you need to delete the lite one. Our support team has already responded you and the answer to your question is in your ticket, check it please. Thank you.

    29. It`s a great plug-in – but I absolutely don`t get it run with my theme! Are there any “starter-themes” for free I can use to create my own homepage/ style with Motopress?
      By the way: Will there be the possibility to change the fonts?

    30. Great article! MotoPress Content Editor replaces the default WordPress builder and
      enables to create any post structure. Its intuitive drag and drop
      functionality allows users to manage text, add built-in content elements
      and without HTML tags fully customize your article.
      MotoPress Content Editor works with any WordPress theme and includes
      24/7 support.
      Thanks for posting!

    31. Extremely disappointed with the lack of ability to export the created page as a functional template for use with a theme. This means that I cannot create custom pages with custom loops using this system, which makes it EXTREMELY LIMITED. Has absolutely nothing on Visual Composer.

      1. Thank you for your feedback, could you contact our support team and describe your issue in detail so we can solve it and you can use the plugin the way you need.

    32. I found an issue with the plugin. Not a major one but an issue. When you throw a Post Grid to Decending it shows the new post first. When you check off “Show Pagination” the link to post shows “Newest Post”. The link should say “Older Post” not “Newest Post” And when you set the Post Grid to Ascending then it is correct to show the “Newest Post” link.

      Well it’s fustrating when you building a custom blog and you want the new post at the top and the link to the older post says “Newest Post” which is totally wrong.

      Great plugin but just that one fatal flaw that keeps me from a full purchase.

      1. Hi Jose,
        A huge thank you for letting us know about this issue, as only user’s feedback helps us to make MotoPress better. We’ll fix it as quicker as possible. And all posts will be shown in the right order 🙂

        Wish you a great day and inspiration in your work!

    33. is this plugin compatible with the Jarida theme? And can I turn it off once installed if I prefer the original set up i.e. pre motopress content editor download

      1. Hi Matthew, MotoPress is compatible with any WordPress theme which is made following the WordPress standards. If you decide to turn off the plugin, you can deactivate it and continue working without it.

    34. Hi, I a´m about to create my first own theme but motopress doesn´t open there (only running gears). What is the minimum requirement in a theme to run motopress?

    35. I have tried this on a few sites of mine so far and I continue to get: “You are about to edit the content created with the default WordPress Editor. It is available as a single block and will be edited using the default WordPress Editor”
      Can’t edit anything with MotoPress. Any Help?

    36. This is a editor well done, i have my own cms for internal website, is this available for normal custom cms also?

      1. Hi Thinus, thank you for your thoughts about MotoPress. It was made specially for WordPress and works only with this CMS, so can’t be used with other content management systems.

    37. I bought a business licence, but how do I get an account log in? All I have is the code for activating it on my site. Now I need support, but don’t know how to register to get this.

    38. What’s the difference between Content Editor and Layout Editor? We can’t use Content Editor the way we want to – it won’t move images to exactly where we want them on the page.

      1. Hello Rosemary,

        The main difference between plugins is that Content Editor is a paid plugin and our team provides support for it, the Layout Editor is a free plugin, we do not support it. And of course, Content Editor works with all WordPress themes and Layout editor only with themes made specially for the plugin.
        Concerning the placement of the images on the page, have a look at the quick videos about how to work with the plugin:

    39. As a WordPress developer, this is one of the most impressive plugins i’ve come across in a long time. I was wondering, would it be possible to allow the ‘loops’ to target categories and so on?

      At the moment they just show most recent posts of different types, but it would be great to be able to also select from taxonomies or terms.

        1. That’s very good news to me!

          I know sometimes allowing too much control can be a bad thing with regards to content editors, but as it can pull through a loop of posts already, being able to control the ones it does pull through would make it all the sweeter.

    40. I bought a WordPress template via MonsterTemplate. It asked if I would like to purchase MotoPress also. So, of course I purchased it. I can now access my WordPress dashboard and everything. However, when I try to use MotoPress for the website, it says I cannot use the “Pro” features. I purchased the Personal version of MotoPress, which means I did purchase the Pro version of MotoPress. Yet, it still does not let me use it to its full extent. I even plugged in the License Key in the Dashboard area, under MotoPress>License. It says the status is “Inactive,” but when I do click “Activate License” it does not Activate and stays “Inactive.” How do I fix this?! I have a MotoPress account and eveything. Do I have to download MotoPress as a Zip file or something? I already have it as a Plug-in in my WordPress dashboard… Should I delete it and re-install?

      Please HELP!

      1. Hi Artemis, thank you for your question.
        To start using the Pro version of the plugin, you just need to remove the Lite version, download plugin zip from your MotoPress account and install it. After that, you can use the content editor to its full extent.

        1. What do you mean doesn’t support IE.
          Are my IE visitors not going to see the pages correctly, or am I, the administrator, not going to be able to edit the content correctly in the back-end?

    41. Can the content editor create a custom header section? I am referring to the complete space often referred to as the above the fold; approx. 950px by 650px. I am desiring the ability to also change the layout of the menu, header, logo, etc… in this section. In other words: determine whether it is content/menu or menu/content, add video or audio files, optin, etc…. make it a capture page if I wanted. Thanks!, Joseph

    42. We would like to offer it as a part of our commercial software. Is there any call back home check somewhere in the software that may prevent multiple installations or shall we go ahead and buy it?

    43. “MotoPress Content Editor is suitable for any WP theme” Is this a 100% tested and confirmed statement?
      What about fully Parallax pages, Ajax and e-commerce pages like woo-commerce build theme? Tested?

    44. Hi,

      I really like the look of Motopress, and would be interested in integrating it into a custom CMS that I’m building (outside of WordPress), is a non-wordpress licence something that you’re considering?


    45. Hi,

      I bought motopress a few days ago. How can i get my hands on the updates?

      Also, I would like to configure motopress such that my users cannot set their font settings from there… just alignments, bold, list so on… EXCEPT fonts settings

      1. Same here. The plugin looks great but I need a multi site license… We are just a mum and dad small business but have split each thing we do into 8 separate wordpress sites/domains.. Would like to use this plugin across all the sites please at a reasonable cost… Thanks

        1. Hi Artyone,
          We are going to release the multi-site license and developer licence next week. You could choose one which will surely meet all your requirements. Stay tuned to know the details!

    46. MotoPress does look very impressive. What is the SEO impact of using MotoPress on a WordPress site if any?

      Does the plugin add additional style sheets and/or use inline styles? Is javascript also required on the front end? If so does the impact of adding these have a significant impact on page load times?

      1. Hi Graeme!Glad you are interested in MotoPress!
        Content Editor has no impact on SEO. The plugin adds additional style sheet and requires javascript on the front end, css and js are minimized, so won’t have influence on page load time.

    47. I’m confused about Layout Editor and Content Editor. I just bought Content Editor, so I don’t need Layout Editor, correct? Is Content Editor like Layout Editor only it works for all WP themes? Whereas, Layout Editor only works for MotoPress themes? I don’t want to install anything I don’t really need.

      1. Hi webflunky,

        Thank you for your question.
        Content Editor works with any WordPress theme, so you do not need to modify your theme to use the plugin and you do not need to install the Layout Editor to make the Content editor work.

        If you need the plugin to create the appearance of your webpage, you can download the Layout Editor absolutely for free, but it will work only with themes made specially for this plugin.

        Hope, it helps.

      2. If you combine the two plugins what you get is Dreamweaver. The names basically say it all, Layout Editor allows you to create your own template layout, header to footer and everything in between
        (sidebars and body) and Content Editor allows you to organize the content within the Theme Layout.

    48. I am also having problems with WPML. I disable all plugins and one by one activated them… it worked fine with all but WPML.

      The editor is stuck on the activation screen (the sprockets animation).
      Once I disable WPML and reload the ‘New Post’ page it all works again.

    49. I agree with others, would really like to see a multi-site/use license (sorta like WPtouch Pro does?) or be capable of purchasing multiple licenses at once would be nice. Do you guys have a mailing list?

    50. Hi. Tried to run your Moto on my website, but it shown, my Theme isn’t supported by MotoPress. Why? Isn’t it because I don’t have your Content Editor?

      1. You see this message because Layout Editor is compatible with themes made specifically for this plugin. You can check the documentation about how to change WordPress theme into MotoPress theme or download free sample theme.
        Content Editor is compatible with any WordPress theme.

    51. Hi guys, awesome work! The only thing missing is “compability with WPMultilingual” plugin,.. 🙁
      Let me know if you are gonna add compability in a near future!

      1. Hi James,
        MotoPress Content Editor works only with a single WordPress website now. At the current moment we are working on making it multisite compatible and are almost in the final stage of discussions. It’ll be released as soon as possible

        1. Hi and thanks for your reply. I’m currently in the early stages of setting up a WordPress multisite and would be very interested in adding this feature to my site.

      1. Hi Victor,

        Thank you for your interest in MotoPress Content Editor.

        Concerning your questions, at the current moment we aren’t going to make the plugin work on the frontend. Affiliate program is in our plans, but meanwhile we can’t share some exact data about it

        Stay tuned to know more about MotoPress:) And follow us on Twitter to see the updates.

    52. Moto, shit awesome!!!! My Moto Ninja love has never left your revolutionary commitment, since MotoCMS. I have moved onto WordPress and have awaited your presence to grace WordPress and myself, your team is amazing!!

      1st question: License agreement for your plugin. I need a developer license if available or not covered by the price available at checkout.

      2nd Question: Any preview/sample of documentation on extending shortcodes?

      3rd Question: Any affiliate selling options available or to come?

      Best regards champs!!

      1. Hi Noahj!

        Thank you for your comment and for the questions!

        1. MotoPress Content Editor has only the Regular License at the current moment. It grants a non-exclusive non-transferable permission to use MotoPress Content Editor in one single WordPress website and prohibits the distribution of source files.

        Concerning the developer license, it will be available soon. MotoPress users will be notified about updates and all license details.

        2. The tutorial about shortcodes usage is on its way. You will be guided through the whole process of adding your own shortcodes to extend the MotoPress Content Editor.

        3. MotoPress Team is working on the affiliate program right now, you will be able to take its advantages in a short period of time.

        We really care about our clients, so will try to make all updates and changes as quick as possible.

        Thank you for being with MotoPress.

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    Release Notes

    3.0.4, Nov 12 2018

    • Improved compatibility with NextGen Gallery plugin and PHP 7.2.

    3.0.3, Jul 30 2018

    • Rolled back the left content modules panel requested by users.
    • Fixed an issue with displaying a csv file format in a table.

    3.0.2, Jul 6 2018

    • Fixed the bug with the first accordion element that was open even when not chosen.
    • Categorized widgets in the panel of adding the widget.
    • Implemented a new duplicate element option for such widgets as accordion, tabs, etc. Now you can duplicate custom set elements and just change their content.
    • Fixed the license page.

    3.0.1, Jun 27 2018

    • Bug fix: fixed an issue with the Embed widget not rendering shortcodes.

    3.0.0, Jun 21 2018

    • This is a major update with a new builder interface and features. We recommend you to back up your site before updating the plugin.
    • New builder interface.
    • Faster builder loading time.
    • Tablet and mobile website editing in real time.
    • Revisions to view and restore previous content updates.
    • Drag & drop + Click to Add options to move the content objects around easier and more accurate.
    • The ability to save and reuse widgets, sections and pages.

    2.5.2, Mar 8 2018

    • Bug fix: fixed an issue with the Audio Player widget.

    2.5.1, Nov 8 2017

    • Bug fix: fixed the issue with broken images.

    2.5.0, Nov 6 2017

    • Added the ability to add and edit the images inside a text object.
    • Added the ability of deleting and duplicating rows and columns.
    • Interface redesign.


    • Bug fix: fixed a localization issue with 3d party plugins.


    • Plugin localization moved from JSON to WordPress native PO/MO format.
    • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


    • New version of plugin updater code.


    • Added the ability to save content without shortcodes when the plugin is deactivated.


    • Bug fix: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in MPCECustomStyleManager.php.
    • Bug fix: wp_get_sites is deprecated since version 4.6.0.
    • Added the ability to set background-size option for parallax image.


    • Improved the plugin launching time.
    • Bug fix: fixed the issue with the cherry-social plugin.
    • Bug fix: fixed the issue when a style preset may be overwritten on wpmu.
    • Bug fix: fixed the issue with Fixed Content Width option when there is only one object in a row.
    • Bug fix: fixed the issue when a backround video has incorrect size and position in the visual editor.
    • Improved compatibility with a popular Zerif theme.
    • Improved security.


    • Minor bugfixes.


    • Bug fix: fixed an issue with the link dialog.
    • Bug fix: fixed an issue when the content section was not found.


    • Improved plugin launching time, 2x faster.
    • Now you see the whole website while editing page or post.
    • New Style Manager. Create, save and reuse styles.
    • Added the ability to live preview website on different devices.
    • Added the ability to set the full-width and full-height of the row.
    • Added the ability to control the frequency of opening a Splash Screen widget.
    • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


    • Added the ability to set HTML ID for row.
    • Added the ability to duplicate widget.


    • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


    • New Posts Slider widget.
    • New Download Button widget.
    • New Splash Screen widget.
    • New Popup widget.
    • New Countdown Timer widget.
    • New List widget.
    • New Icon widget.
    • New Call To Action widget.
    • New Button Group widget.
    • Added the ability to filter by categories and tags in Posts Grid widget.
    • Added the ability to load next posts with Load More button in Posts Grid widget.
    • Improved compatibility with WordPress 4.3.
    • Improved compatibility with WPMU Domain Mapping plugin.
    • Improved compatibility with WordPress multisite.
    • Improved compatibility with MooTools framework.
    • Minor bugfixes and improvements.
    • Added Finnish.
    • Code is licensed under GPL.


    • Bug fix: fixed an issue with Image widget.


    • Bug fix: fixed an issue with YouTube row attribute.


    • New highly customizable Service Box widget.
    • Added the ability to show any posts with the Custom Query option in Posts Grid widget.
    • Added the ability to show posts by ids in Posts Grid widget.
    • Added the ability to set icon of Button widget and use stretch option.
    • Added the ability to set Instagram link in Social Buttons widget.
    • Added the ability to use shortcodes in Members Content widget.
    • Added the ability to show caption of the image in Image widget.
    • Added the ability to set slideshow and full-width tabs navigation style in Tabs Widget.
    • Added the ability to make Vertical Tabs.
    • Added the ability to add addons settings into the MotoPress Settings section.
    • Bug fix: fixed an issue with multiple comma-separated slugs in Posts Grid widget.
    • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


    • Nested shortcodes API.
    • New public actions, filters and javascript events. See docs for more information.
    • Theme integration actions and filters.
    • Added the ability to filter custom taxonomy in Post Grid widget.
    • Minor bugfixes.


    • Bug fix: fixed issue with link dialog box.
    • Improved compatibility with plugins.


    • Minor bugfixes.


    • Bug fix: fixed issue with text selection.
    • Bug fix: fixed issue with Google Maps.


    • Improved compatibility with WordPress 4.1.
    • Added Croatian.


    • New Grid Gallery widget with open in a lightbox feature.
    • New styles of the Space widget.
    • Added the ability to use Google Fonts.
    • Added the ability to build your pages and posts from the predefined layouts.
    • Added the ability to show posts by tag or category in Posts Grid widget.
    • Added the ability to select image size in Posts Grid and Slider widgets.
    • Added the ability to use custom shortcodes for rows and columns.
    • Improved compatibility with WordPress Multilingual Plugin.


    • Improved compatibility with HeadwayThemes.


    • Added the ability to select size of the Image (full, large, medium, thumbnail, custom).
    • Added the ability to link the Image to the full size image or open in Lightbox.
    • Added the ability to set Google Charts colors and transparent background.
    • Improved compatibility with WordPress.
    • Improved compatibility with HeadwayThemes.
    • Added an option to hide MotoPpess Options page at subsites of WPMU.
    • MotoPpess License page is available at the main website of WPMU only.
    • Added Brazilian Portuguese.
    • Minor bugfixes.


    • Video and parallax background of the row.
    • Added German.


    • Minor bugfixes.


    • New Style Manager.
    • Ability to style rows and columns.
    • New widget Social buttons.
    • Minor bugfixes.


    • Minor bugfixes.


    • New widget Posts Grid.
    • New widget Accordion.
    • Ability to set custom CSS class for each object.
    • Minor bugfixes.


    • Improved compatibility with WordPress 3.9.


    • Improved compatibility with StudioPress, Headway, PageLines, WooThemes, Theme Hybrid, Mysitemyway.


    • Spell-checking.
    • Ability to control excerpt and more tag to a post.
    • Minor bugfixes.


    • New widget Chart.
    • Minor bugfixes.


    • Bug fix: fixed issue with the Page Builder plugin.
    • New widget Table.
    • Video help and tutorials.
    • Added the ability to change a post title right in the editor.
    • Added the ability to set 50 and 100 pixels for the space around an element.
    • Added new controls for better user interface.
    • Minor bugfixes.


    • Minor bugfixes.


    • New widget Tabs enables to create tabbed content.
    • New widget Audio enables to embed audio files from the Media Library and external URL.
    • Bug fix: fixed issue with html attributes which were removed while switching between Text and Visual tabs in the editor.
    • Bug fix: fixed issue with the Pockets plugin.
    • Bug fix: fixed issue with ejs files.
    • Feature request: implemented feature request to hide MotoPress for certain user groups.
    • Feature request: implemented feature request to hide the License Key.
    • Feature request: implemented feature request to add the ability to open link in a new window for the Image object.
    • Feature request: implemented feature request to add a quick link to open MotoPress under the post title in the table of posts.


    • Updated the text editor, improved selection of link and color.
    • Added Spanish.


    • Bug fix: fixed errors with javascript libraries.
    • Bug fix: fixed inactive controls of WordPress Text object.
    • New widget Social buttons added.


    • New License and Updates policy.


    • Improved the time of plugin launching.
    • Shortcodes API: added the ability to insert your shortcodes to the plugin.
    • New settings panel look with the \\\'style\\\' tab and the ability to set spaces between objects.
    • Added the ability to minimize the settings panel for small screens.
    • Bug fix: fixed the bug with additional spaces and tags in content.
    • Bug fix: Content Editor button is available for users with none administrative privileges at multisite.


    • Minor bugfixes.


    • Multisite compatibility.
    • New widgets: Embed, Members-Only Content, Quote.
    • Dark preview area for better visibility of light content.
    • Ability to resize content on-the-fly.
    • Custom CSS section at the settings page.
    • Native WordPress update process.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.


    • Drag and drop improvements.


    • Release.