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An outstanding WordPress food menu plugin to build your restaurant or cafe website and sell food and beverages online. Stunning tasty designs, ultimate item description with nutrition info, and the Food Delivery and Toppings extensions for extra functionality.
WordPress restaurant menu plugin

WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin Highlights

Easily build online menus for restaurants, cafes and other typical food establishments on any WordPress website. The MotoPress WordPress restaurant menu plugin is absolutely free! More than 6 thousand installations on WordPress.org.

Restaurant Menu AddonsWordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin Addons

Thanks to the WordPress Restaurant Menu plugin add-ons you are able to offer extremely beneficial and suitable options and make customer experience really valuable. Moreover, it’s easy to raise clients’ loyalty and improve retention due to the simplicity and convenience of this WordPress food menu plugin.
Restaurant Menu Addons

sell food and beverages onlineSell Food and Beverages Online

Take your sales to the next level allowing the visitors to make a purchase online via a secure and popular payment system.

Placing an order, your customers will be able to choose a payment method: PayPal or Cash on delivery. Both registered and unregistered users can make a purchase thanks to the restaurant menu WordPress plugin. The system also provides your buyers with the order statuses (processing, shipping and shipped) and confirmation/notification emails.

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responsive design WordPress restaurant menu pluginResponsive Design

This is the Food and drink menu plugin WordPress users love because of a beautiful design. It’s highly important for your online menu to look awesome on each device of everyone on the go.

The Restaurant menu plugin guarantees optimal viewing on all mobile devices including small ones. The images of the menu items and categories look sharp and the texts are fully readable without scrolling.

custom categoriesUnlimited Custom Categories

Construct categorically-organized lists of food and drinks with our five star restaurant menu – WordPress ordering plugin (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner; drinks menu, desserts menu; breakfast on the go) for easy search and navigation through the menu.

The admin tools allow for customization of each category by adding an appropriate image, title, description and icon (standard or custom). You are also free to create a child category for each parent one if there are a lot of menu items.

various menu designsVarious Menu Designs

With this great menu maker WordPress sites employ across the web it’s absolutely up to your taste how to present an online menu. We made sure the WP restaurant menu plugin works perfectly for any design. Grid or list layout can be applied to menu items and categories allowing you to find the best way to display your menu depending on the number of items or categories, website design and width.

Several settings in the shortcode parameters will do all this magic for you to display a beautiful and simple restaurant menu.

 WordPress restaurant menu pluginimport|export menu itemsImport & Export Menu Items

All the necessary tweaks of moving your site to a new host or simple backup won’t affect the data created with the help of the WordPress Restaurant menu plugin in any way. You can safely export and import all the menu items and categories to further use on other websites and continue making your updates. With this quick restaurant menu plugin, it’s quite a simple process and involves a couple of clicks within your WordPress admin panel.

WordPress restaurant menu plugin unlimited delicious imagesUnlimited Delicious Images

The photos of your dishes are a true reality each customer is looking for. Spice up the online presence of your restaurant or cafe with attractive images to conquer each visitor at a first glance. The functionality of the restaurant menu plugin WordPress allows you to set a featured image for any menu item, menu category, and to supply each menu item with an individual image gallery. A picture is always worth a thousand words, show how tasty your items are with the unlimited number of images and await for a lot of fans!

helpful widgetsHelpful Widgets

Add a carefully organized menu as a sidebar widget and let it always be at hand of any website visitor. You can choose whether to display the entire menu or just some particular hot offerings. It will look perfect on desktops and will be automatically adjusted for proper mobile viewing. A great way to keep your sidebar useful and clutter-free at the same time and this can be fulfilled thanks to this food menu plugin WordPress.

Integrated with MotoPress BuilderIntegrated with MotoPress Builder

Can you name any better alternative for editing the website than WYSIWYG solution? Thanks to the full integration of the WordPress Restaurant Menu plugin with the MotoPress WordPress Page Builder you are free to play around with each setting online and choose the best way to show your menu much faster and easier than through default shortcode added in the TinyMCE. Setting up the menu via the Content Editor you’ll see all the menu elements directly in the site area and will edit the appearance of the menu visually. Works perfectly with MotoPress WordPress Slider.

WordPress restaurant menu plugin professional supportProfessional Support of WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

If you noticed any bug or have a scarcely useful proposition on how to improve the plugin, let your voice be heard! MotoPress support representatives are always ready to answer your questions and discuss ideas in a timely manner. Professional tech guys always keep looking for better options and are eager to put into use everything they learn from the users.

You may also follow the quick video guide by Kori Ashton on how to use WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin for your website.

If you are looking for more extended and purpose-oriented addons for Restaurant Menu plugin, pay your attention to the following ones:

Demo Content of WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

Download Demo Content (xml)


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Restaurant Menu Plugin is an open source software that distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL and hosted on wordpress.org.

110 Replies to “Restaurant Menu Plugin

  1. I’m trying to implement this wonderful plugin. If I upload a feature image in the menu item, the image is the same in the listing that the one that is shown on the item page when is opened. This means that if I upload big images thinking on the item page then the listing page will take forever to load. There is a generic plugin to solve this in WordPress o any workaround?

    1. Hi Sebastian, Thanks for your question. WordPress allows your theme and customer plugins to add predefined sized for the images and each image is resized according to those sizes. You may learn more by reading posts about add_image_size function

  2. Is there any option to manage the settings via a REST API. If for example I would like to build a separate live dashboard for the restaurant so they would have more efficient managing?

  3. If my customer/client’s restaurant does not do online ordering, does this plugin work without a cart? It is overkill for their needs.

    1. Hello Jefferis!

      Could you please explain what you are hoping to achieve with this scenario? It seems to contradict the main purpose of the plugin.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thanks for your question. There is no geolocation feature in this plugin so it can not disallow the delivery for specific areas. You may just describe the rules of the delivery somewhere on your site.

    1. Hi, This plugin works like any other e-commerce tool when a client adds various dishes to the cart and pays for them on the checkout page. The plugin is free so you may install it, import sample data, and try it out.

  4. Is it possible to use this plugin with hotel booking plugin ?
    Meaning customer making a reservation through hotel booking plugin should be able to select restaurant menu plugin service.
    And obviously the invoice generated should include hotel reservation and restaurant menu item for the same customer.
    Pl let me know on how we can achieve this ?

  5. Hi,

    does the plugin work with Divi theme?
    I installed it and tried to create menu items – everything went correctly.
    But I am not able to insert the menu to the page (no icon in Divi builder menu)… is there any Divi integration plugin like for your Hotel Booking plugin?

    1. Hi Peter,
      There is no special integration addon for Divi Builder at the moment. It is possible to use shortcodes to add menus or categories to the page.

  6. Hi,
    I am using this plugin for my multisite project and I want to modify the view of “LIST VIEW ” on menu item page , I have styled menu item as a “Card item” but the problem I am facing here that only “Name and Image is clickable ” I want to make the whole card clickable which will take to item page. Is there anyway we can do it?

    1. Hi, Unfortunately, there is no such option yet. We have added your request to our list of features and let you know if we have any news.

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